Nine days ago…

Or was it eight..?  Anyway, I committed myself to staying off the computer for one week, focusing instead on getting my house in good order and getting some projects done.  I let people know where I needed to last Monday and shut the computer down.  And about an hour later, Mike called to tell me that he was being sent four hours north of here for work, probably for five days or so.  Had it been two or three days, we may have stayed home, except that Mike’s sister and her husband live there and we had been promising a visit.  Mike would be staying there anyway because his work there was in their garage (the house is company owned, he works for the same company as our brother-in-law..yada, yada).  So we packed up and left Tuesday afternoon for a town a good deal smaller than ours, to a house with two Great Danes and no children.  And stairs.

Six days later we came back, worn out and so glad to be home after a rough week.  Erik fell down the stairs twice, I found myself in tears at least three times, we were perpetually covered in dog hair and constantly telling the kids to not do this or not do that.  As far as good things?  Jenny learned to swim by herself..with water wings.  Previous to this trip, she wouldn’t even let us let her go at all, and in two trips to the pool, she was all over the place by herself.  We did try taking the water wings, but the thing that worked best was just giving her a pool noodle to put under her arms.  Elias, on the other hand, spent his time in the pool clinging to us in total fear.  Erik sat in his little baby float with his face smushed into the front of it, looking completely relaxed and rather unamused by anything.  We walked to the pool twice out of three times and took lots of walks – in fact, I determined that I had some form of exercise every day we were there.  It helped my mood, but certainly didn’t prevent the inevitable clashing between families.

Anyway, it is wonderful to be home and yet my children insist on being a pain in the neck even though they are back in their own space.  I’ll be glad for the long weekend coming up and a bit of a break from being on my own.

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