Vacation planning

This year, Mike and I decided that a kid-free vacation was a good idea.  Erik is weaned and walking, we have no set use for our tax refund and we haven’t managed a kid-free vacation since Jenny was born. 

We were talking about going to Nova Scotia and driving into nearby provinces and possibly even Maine, but with recent stresses, I decided that if I could do anything for a vacation, I would take a cruise.  Stress-free, work-free and abundant in food sounds great to me.  Mike was not totally sold on a cruise at first unless we could go to the South Pacific, as it is a bit more out of the ordinary.  A tiny bit of research proved that South Pacific cruises are way out of our price range and a little bit of sweet talking got Mike to agree that a Caribbean cruise for less than half the price and flights totally covered by air miles would be worth it, even if it was something that lots of other people do. 

Nothing is set in stone, but Mike’s parents told us last night that if we waited and went in January (rather than November or December), they could help us out more with the kids.  We figured it would be good to go first thing in the new year, but low season airmiles flights don’t start until the eighth of January.  The first cruise after that is leaving on the tenth of the month, which gives us a day to travel and an extra day just in case something goes wrong.  We’ll make sure to get the insurance so that if we don’t make it, we’ll get credit or money back for the cruise, but otherwise, we’ll just hope that nothing goes wrong.

The big decision now is whether to go with a Norwegian cruise out of Miami like Mike’s parents have advised, which will cost us more airmiles and money, or go with a Royal Carribean cruise leaving from Texas that is cheaper and actually has better reviews, but not as many ports of call.  I think I’d almost go with the latter just to see how different it is from the experience on Norwegian that my in-laws had. 

Anyone been on a cruise and have opinions??  I didn’t expect we’d ever be doing this so early in life, but it’s just as affordable (or more so) as flying somewhere and staying in a hotel for a week.


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