Drumroll please….

Okay, you’re expecting it, so I’m sure it’s not a surprise…or you’ve already heard it somewhere else, but I’m pregnant!  I’m really tired and sick as a dog (or as sick as a really sick dog who has a sore stomach all day every day and can’t even throw up to feel better).  I still can’t figure out why my morning sickness gets worse with every pregnancy….or at least it was worse from my second to my third and now from my third to my fourth.  I was sick with Jenny, but nothing like this, and with Elias I just had to eat all the time and I felt pretty good.  I actually feel like that would almost work with this one, but I can’t stay on top of eating all of the time.  I think I’m okay and then suddenly I’m hungry and in trouble again.

We found out on September 6th, which was Elias’s third birthday, making it an even more memorable day.  I was a little bit late and coffee was making my stomach hurt a bit, so I thought I’d just take a test since I have a bunch of cheap ones.  I was actually quite surprised to get a positive result.  It was fun to surprise Mike – calling him into the bathroom telling him there was something he’d want to see.  🙂  Because I wasn’t feeling too bad, I figured it would be a good opportunity to keep it a secret for a while.  And then I hit week six and things got nasty on me.  We told my family right away just because they don’t live here and finally told Mike’s parents on Thursday when we were talking to them about the timing of our cruise.  We have to go by the second week in January or I’ll be too pregnant to be accepted on the ship.  Not only that, but if we go this in November or December, there is a risk of still dealing with morning sickness.

Anyway, that’s my big news.  I’m due May 11th (or thereabouts) and while my boys don’t get it, Jenny is thrilled with this news.  It’s nice that someone is jumping up and down about it, since no one has really reacted that way since I was pregnant with Jenny.  It’s nice news, but never quite as exciting as the first (to other people, anyway).  But Jenny wants a sister so bad and is determined that this is a sister…I don’t know what she’ll do if it’s another boy!


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3 responses to “Drumroll please….

  1. Tara Lokstet

    so fun. I am always excited. It is so fun to see the new look and personality of each child. I fonly we didn’t have to wait nine months:0

  2. YAAAYYY!!! Congrats again!

    Jenny, I hope this is your sister!:)

  3. Bev

    Katie..if it helps any…I am jumping up and down excited for you! How wonderful to have a new little life on the way….they are all so very precious. Treasure every moment, it really does all go by in the blink of an eye.


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