Things I need on a Saturday

Today, I need peace.  I need my house to smell like butter melting with chocolate chips.  I need quiet.  I need my children to sleep a sound sleep.  I need my stomach to calm down and my head to clear.

I need to focus my efforts creatively and wipe another to-do off the list.  I need a deep breath of clean air.  I need my husband to come home and talk to me.  I need to make it through the day without spending any money.

I need a wholesome and satisfying meal in the evening that everyone will find enjoyment in.  I need a deep sleep through the night, with sweet dreams and without interruptions.  I need a day of rest tomorrow.

And yes, I will acknowledge that basically all of these things that I “need” are in reality just wants.  But today makes me feel these things so strongly that I can’t bring myself to call them wants, even when I know that’s all they are.

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One response to “Things I need on a Saturday

  1. Naomi

    Exactly what I need today! That’s right – need, not want!

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