One of those days

I imagine that I must have half a dozen posts just like this one.  Today is just a lonely day.  Winter does not help, as going out just isn’t as fun as it was when we could go to the park and sit and play for hours in the sunshine.  No, now the ground is covered in snow and people are staying inside. 

I feel at a terrible disadvantage having three children.  Many of my friends from church have one or two, mostly because they are behind us in having kids, rather than being totally finished having them.  It is easy for two girls with two kids each to get together and visit – it is a lot harder when one has more than two.  Houses get crowded and things end up broken and eventually they stop inviting you because your kids are just too much.

I love my children.  I think they’re great.  They’re entertaining, smart, kind.  I don’t know why people are so afraid of them.  The other half of the equation is that my house is a matchbox.  If someone comes over with one mobile child, it’s not so bad, but even with two it’s noisy and crowded and uncomfortable. 

I would like to sit here, keep on crying and feeling sorry for myself, but my kids picked today to wake up after less than an hour of napping.  I so desperately need some rest, if only to get over this.  A half hour of sleep can clear even my worst moods.  But now it’s only an hour until Mike gets home and supper should be started soon.

I’m so exhausted.  I’m so terribly lonely.

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