Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, my birthday was a month ago.  I’m aware of that.  But, today I bought my birthday present!  When family members asked what I wanted for my birthday, I requested financial contributions to buy a netbook.  And after Mike checked with a guy he knows that sells them, we went with one online from Future Shop.  I got a great deal on a very small netbook – which is what I wanted – and in the end, we only have to pay $11 of our own money for it, even with taxes.  Shipping was free, which made it even better.

So, very soon, I will be able to pack up my netbook when I take Jenny to kids club, and I can go down to Starbucks or even just stay there at the church and WRITE!  Hopefully without major distractions.  Or, if I’m at home and Mike is using the computer and an idea strikes, I’ll be able to take it into my room and write in peace. 

I have been wanting a netbook for quite a long time and thought I’d be buying one with our tax refund next year, but with this deal and $214 in birthday money (thanks to parents, grandparents and siblings) I can have it now!!  If it was our money, I would feel guilty right now about using it, but since I asked for it instead of other gifts, it would actually be worse to use it for other purposes.  It has been my experience that birthday money not used for specific items for myself within one month of my birthday, gets directed into the bill-paying fund and disappears forever.  Sad, but true.  And sometimes not such a bad thing when we’ve really been in need and the money wasn’t given for a certain purpose.  But if I did that with this money, the whole family (or those who contributed) would be asking all the time when I was going to get that computer.  So, yay!  I got it! 🙂


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