Yes, that’s right, folks, that age-old housewife’s love: Tupperware.  I am hosting a Tupperware party tomorrow night.  I’m not having it in my matchbox house, though, since my sister-in-law was kind enough to offer her house (I know she doesn’t read this, but THANK YOU, ALAINA!!).  I made gingersnaps and hummus today (no, not to eat together..gross!) and tomorrow will cut veggies and make a fruit tray and brownies.  And then haul myself and all that food over to Alaina’s and hopefully get some good deals.  I have plans for organization: freezer storage containers.  Particularly for frozen veggies: those plastic bags they come in, even when they are resealable, only last so long.  After awhile, they start to let in the air and your peas end up freezer-burned.  So I’m going to try to get my hands on a good hostess deal and buy some containers to store all that stuff in.  With any luck, I won’t end up spending a fortune, but getting discounts instead.  I hope…

I have no idea how many people to expect – so far I have just three people who I know are coming for sure.  If they remember. 🙂  Wish me luck!!



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3 responses to “Tupperware

  1. Becky Fehr

    Oh sounds nice! I really like Tupperware! Haven’t had a party for a while but did so well at my last! I enjoy checking their site all the time for sales too.

  2. Carly

    If I had been there I would have come!

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