Please pray for Haiti and those whose lives have been drastically changed due to the earthquake.  Mike’s family spent seven years there when he was young and so this really hits close to home.  No word on whether his parents know anyone personally who was injured or killed but seeing the photos and hearing the stories is enough to move me to tears, regardless of whether anyone is familiar.  The photos here are graphic at times but eye opening – this earthquake has completely devastated Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas!  I’m sure it will be weeks, maybe even months before there is any sort of knowledge about how bad this really was – thousands are trapped in collapsed buildings and may not be rescued before time runs out.

I am often not moved enough by national disasters when they don’t touch us in North America, but Haiti always catches my eye or ear in news stories because of the family connection.  I hardly know how to pray, but I’m trying and hope anyone reading this will, too.


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