Pregnancy update: 24 weeks

Oh, right, I’m pregnant!  I forget on a regular basis although my stomach and the little legs and arms moving in there remind me throughout the day.  I’m just staying so busy with the rest of my life that this prenancy is flying by!  And that I do not mind at all!  While there are aspects of pregnancy that I love – especially the baby moving – I really go into it for the outcome – a new baby.  And now I just can’t wait for the next sixteen weeks (give or take) to go by so I can meet this little thing.

I have been having Braxton Hicks although they aren’t terrible yet.  The unfortunate thing is that I can’t walk far without being in pain.  This is a bad thing because in two weeks, I’ll be going to Breakforth and I’ll be walking back and forth from my hotel to the conference the whole weekend.  I do have a plan – going to the gym or the indoor walking track here if it’s open for the next few weeks – but I am not entirely sure that it will help all that much…and I  haven’t done it yet.

My womb is growing far beyond the stage of pregnancy I am in – when I saw a doctor other than my own at 21 weeks, he said I was measuring more in line for 26 weeks.  But it happened with Erik, too, so I don’t think I’m farther along than 24 weeks.  Still, I would love to have this baby in April since we don’t have any close family birthdays that month.  May and June are both busy, as are February and March, but April is wide open.

This pregnancy has been so different than my last – I feel huge right now and hardly have any pants I can fit into because of how I’m carrying.  I don’t want to have to shop but I may need maternity pants.  I hate maternity pants, but currently my most comfortable pants are my stretchy yoga pants with the high band.  Then there’s no hard waistband to dig in!

Anyway, just a quick update since I seem to never mention how things are going here.  I guess by baby number four, I just don’t have much of anything new to say!

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