Almost time for a break

I think for old time’s sake, I’ll go back and talk about what started this blog.  Housekeeping.  And my complete and utter loathing of it.

But first, I have THREE more sleeps before our trip!!  Woohoo!  It’s been a tiring week already and I’m so looking forward to the break from the kids, from housework (YAY!), cooking, etc.  We’ve been very disciplined with our money so we’ve eaten at home all month unless someone took us out for a meal or had us over.  That is since we read Dave Ramsey’s book, anyway.  We decided not to be too strict with an actual budget this month, though, because of our trip.  It wasn’t budgeted for so we’ve been skimping on everything to pay for the weekend in cash.  We may have to dip into our savings to help us out, but we’d rather do that than have more debt to deal with.  The hardest time with this plan seems to be the transition from using credit cards to using cash.   When you use a credit card, you’re buying things with next months money; when you use cash, it’s (obviously) this months money.  So we made the decision to pay for our credit card bill from last month with our line of credit and then transfer the whole thing to a 0% interest credit card.  I know it seems like going backwards by getting another credit card, but it seems to be the best plan because of the amount of money we’re paying in interest on the line of credit.  We’ll be able to pay the whole amount off in a few months with our tax refund anyway, so after that the card will be cancelled.

Anyway, back to the H word. 

My house is a wreck.  I wonder how many times I’ve said that on this blog?  I’m guessing at least a dozen times in those exact words.  Hard to say, though.  I could also say, “My house is a disaster.”  “My house is a gigantic pig sty.”  “My house is beyond all help.”  There are just so many options.  I know the reasons for a lot of it – my kids have too many toys and too many clothes and I haven’t taken the recycling in so they keep pulling paper and cardboard out and dragging it around the house.  When the floor is covered in clutter, it makes it pretty hard to sweep/vacuum/mop.  And to top it all off, I’ve been immersed in thoughts of money and crafts all month and cleaning just has not been my priority.  But here’s the thing: I DO NOT want to come home to a house that looks like this.  Generally after a weekend or longer away from home, I’m looking forward to coming home.  I won’t feel so great about it if I know that it’s a wreck/disaster/gigantic pig sty/beyond all help.  So clean I must.  But packing must also be done.  And the swap package I’m bringing with me has to be done since it’s all going to my partner on Monday (in person!).  So I have to fit things in where I can.  I’m doing fairly good keeping up with the laundry and dishes, although there are more dishes than normal thanks to eating all our meals at home.  The main issue is the clutter accumulating on the floors and any open surface.  If it can be cleared, it will be that much easier to do the actual cleaning.  Not that it will be any more fun, but I will admit a certain satisfaction comes about from scrubbing floors or vacuuming carpet.  Finding a place for all the junk is the part I enjoy the least.

Anyway, I’m going to make an attempt at it this week – in fact, in the next three days since that’s all I’ve got.  If I can leave the floors clean and the kitchen counters wiped down I’ll be pretty happy.  If the piles of clutter on the entryway table and desk are cleared up, even better!

I’ll let you know how it turns out…maybe. 😉

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One response to “Almost time for a break

  1. LOL! You make me laugh!

    First of all, congrats on sticking to the budget and saving for the trip! Way to have a total money makeover!

    Hubby and I struggle with that not eating out( I am queen of the drive-through). Not good.

    Also, I am so excited about your going on the trip! Its probably better to set a few goals for cleaning, so you don’t tire yourself out before the trip(seeing that your body is still making a a baby;)

    I hate cleaning up too. This is the most cleaning and cooking I have ever done in my life! Nonetheless, I do like it when its clean.

    I’m SO looking forward to the day when someone besides me and hubby is old enough to wash dishes, clean the bathroom, mop the floor, run to vacuum.

    But, until then, I will be here…fighting the filth and clutter battle!

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