This blog is not dead!

..And neither am I. 😀

Break Forth was beyond amazing – God really spoke to me about a lot of things and one of them was the amount of time I spend on the computer and putting on movies for my kids to keep them busy.  Yes, right now, I’m on the computer and my kids are watching a movie, but we have been changing our habits.  One of the big things is not turning the computer on for a few hours after I get up.  I’m reading my Bible first thing most days (or after breakfast if I don’t manage before) and trying to sit with the kids and play or read to them every day.  Erik has been grouchy since we got back two weeks ago and that has made things a lot more difficult for me.  I’ve also been getting my house into shape and finishing up what I started before we left for Edmonton.  It’s looking better than it has in a long time and more importantly I’ve been keeping up on the maintenance side of things – making sure dishes are being done when they need to, even if it means a big deep breath and counting to ten in my mind in order to do it.  Yeah, nothing has changed there – I still don’t like doing it! 

We’ve also been on a written budget this month and are amazed  at how much money we have left over at the end of the month.  And it’s all going into savings for now.  When we get our tax refund, our line of credit will be paid off and we can finish our emergency fund of $10,000.  It feels like a TON of money but I’m feeling a bit better about how long it will take since I looked at the surplus for this month.  If Mike gets any amount of overtime this fall it will speed the process up even more.

Life is less busy outside the home but inside feels crazy lately.  But I feel like I have the peace that God wants me to have – that I’m focusing better on what should be my priorities.

I have had a few events outside my home in the last few weeks – one being another ultrasound.  This time I got a nice profile picture of the baby.  I feel so tickled and in love with this child when I look at the picture I brought home.  My ultrasound in December only showed the baby’s back and limbs – I never got to see its little face.  I was thrilled when the technician was able to show me this time.  We’re looking at it and wondering who it looks like and from what I can see, the head shape is most like Erik and the chin and lips are like Elias.  I just can’t wait to mee this little one!!  Three more months!

Here’s the picture, just because I can’t help but share it.


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2 responses to “This blog is not dead!

  1. Carly

    That’s so precious! I actually can see the face and fist I think right?

    • Katie

      Yes – profile of the face and its fist up above..then the belly sloping down at the bottom of the photo. I love these!

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