I’d love to sleep for a week.  My head feels heavy and unfortunately, it’s not just the physical demands of motherhood and pregnancy causing this feeling.  I’m having a bad week.  And baby does not like it when I’m down emotionally. 

I always reacted to physical stress (taking a walk, going shopping, doing housework, etc) when I was pregnant with the boys – I’d have nasty Braxton Hicks contractions.  With this one, not even walking like crazy at Break Forth did it.  I thought I was in luck, but then a really bad day and an awful lot of tears had me doubled over with the worst Braxton Hick’s I’ve had so far this time.  I’m sure post-partum depression is awful.  I’m thankful I’ve never had to go through it.  But depression during pregnancy is really no fun.  However, if it happened when I wasn’t pregnant, I might be more likely to either not eat or overeat, to potentially hurt myself in some way.  The baby is always on my mind, though, and I know that anything I would do to myself would hurt the baby, too.  So I just ache inside and wait for when a new baby will again pull my mind away from the bad things in life.  They’re always really good at doing that for me.


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2 responses to “Groan…

  1. Oh Katie, I’m sorry you’re feeling down.

    God’s got a way of working things out and strengthening us through the worst of times.

    Praying you will feel his peace and presence during this time,


  2. Carly

    Love you Katie. Sorry you have been feeling down lately. Thankfully we have our Lord to look after us and he feels our pain.

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