I need a hobby

Yes, I know.  I don’t have time for one.  I’m really pregnant.  All that jazz.  But really, I need something to take me out of the house on a regular basis (once a week?  once a month at least).  Something that would allow me to meet people and have a break from my children.  At Break Forth, I attended an elective on restoring the human spirit – one of the tips the speaker gave was to spend time with people who like the same things as you.  She said this was hugely important for our well-being.  I know this is both mental and spiritual.  Some people find this by playing a sport, some find it in Bible studies, but for me, I know I need a place (in real life, not just the internet) where I can be creative with others who love being creative. 

Sadly, our town is not full of opportunities of this type – most cost a pretty penny.  But it may be worth it to take one class or something just as a way to find people with similar interests.  Maybe then I could find some other outlet that wouldn’t cost me money.  The big question is whether to try to do it before the baby is born or to just wait until I can safely leave baby with Mike for a few hours.  That means waiting until summer at least, but it might be better for me than trying to do it while I’m so pregnant.

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