Um, did I just jinx myself?

I just had to go and say something about not getting a bunch of Braxton Hicks contractions yet.  So much for that.  Coupled with back pain and baby getting into interesting positions that aren’t so comfortable for mommy.


Seven weeks left until my due date.  Could I please be two weeks early???  Please, please, please?!?  You know, full term but only five weeks away instead.  Five weeks just doesn’t seem so bad.  Not to mention that then the baby would be an April baby.  May is a busy month for our family.  April would be better.

Is it just me, or have I done this in all of my pregnancies?  Jenny, being my first baby, was expected late and came late.  I held out no hopes of being early – I was my mother’s first baby and I was nearly three weeks late.  I thought a May baby sounded nice and figured a week late would be fine.  In the end, I was induced on the last day of May and had Jenny in June.  On a Wednesday.  With Elias, I actually wanted to be late so my doctor could deliver him.  She was out of town when he was born two and a half weeks early – on a Wednesday in the first week of September.  Last time it was, “Please be born in the first week of June on a Wednesday.”   Erik was born one week late, early on a Sunday morning – Father’s Day, actually.  I really thought continuing that tradition was a good idea.  Erik didn’t seem to agree. 

My big stipulation this time (are you listening, little offspring??) is that this child not be born on the 5th, 8th, 9th or 10th of May.  The ninth is Mother’s Day (read: my day, not a day I want to be in labour on, thank you :)) and the rest are family birthdays.  It would be really great to have the baby in April, but otherwise, about a week late would be great – still two weeks before Jenny’s birthday and not crowded in with all the other family birthdays.  I’m due May 10th.  We’ll see what happens.

And yes, I know I’m starting to sound like a whiner.  Comes with the territory.  Another thing to whine about – I’m out of breath and dizzy nearly all the time.  Low blood pressure (not always a thing to be thankful for) and probably iron deficiency.  Yippee!!

😛  Let it be known that I’m not actually feeling depressed about most of this.  Just matter of fact.  These are the facts.


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One response to “Um, did I just jinx myself?

  1. LaSandra

    lol! It is crazy how these kids come at the most untimely times!

    I had Bella on Memorial Day in 2007. I was honestly dissapointed that I missed a cookout/bbq that was going on at a friends house that day!

    I usually try to plan for the baby being a week late so I don’t get myself worked up too soon. The end of the pregnancy is so emotional for me and I’m usually just plain old sick of being pregnant at some point.

    So, I totally think you’re entitled to a little whining at this point!

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