Coordination…sorely lacking.

Well, perhaps this was not an issue of coordination.  More like, not following my instincts to move something out of the hallway in the morning and paying for it later.  I cleaned quickly Friday morning but didn’t bother with a few things left in the hallway.  One was a lei that Jenny got at church.  It has beads between the flowers and is rather slippery if you step on it.  But I didn’t move it, even though something told me to.  Laziness said…what can it hurt? 

I put the boys down in the afternoon and put in a load of laundry.  That’s when everything went bad.  I stepped my left foot over the baby gate between the hallway and laundry room – right onto the lei.  I could do nothing about my leg starting to slide, and soon my right leg was slamming into the gate and taking it down.  I landed backside on the gate and back and head hard on the floor.  And it HURT.  I had a moment lying there, wondering if I was okay, making sure nothing hurt terribly and that I wasn’t bleeding.  It was brief and I even shed a few tears, confusing Jenny (why would Mommy cry from falling down?  She’s Mommy!).  I dragged myself up and laid down on the couch for most of the afternoon.  I’m just now starting to be able to ignore the pain in my neck and shoulders, although turning around reminds me of it. 

The moral of the story?  First, if you have a feeling about something that you should do, do it.  Even if it’s something simple, like moving an object to where it belongs rather than ignoring it (especially if it is potentially hazardous).  Second, don’t step over baby gates when pregnant, particularly when hugely pregnant like I am at the moment.  Move them.  It might take a minute more, but if you’re going to fall, it’s best not to have a gate in the way to make things worse.

And no worries, everything baby-wise is fine.  I paid careful attention to make sure baby was moving normally..but falling on my back, I wasn’t really worried.  I’m still terribly anxious to get this kid out of me as it seems there’s always something hurting lately – not always due to an accident.  To make matters worse, Mike hurt his shoulder somehow (hockey, maybe?) and can’t really help me much, so I’m left on my own for most of the household chores.  In another week, I’ll officially be full term and Mike will be back from his short trip to Edmonton.  This means that I’ll be jumping into “do everything I possibly can to go into labour”  mode.  I’m looking forward to it, even if I actually have to wait another three or four weeks after that.  Never hurts to try, right?


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3 responses to “Coordination…sorely lacking.

  1. Robert

    That must have been scary. I am glad you are OK.

  2. Carly

    You’re full term in a week? Exciting 🙂

    • Katie

      Yep – I hit 37 weeks next Monday. I recently learned that staying busy, especially digging into a novel, is helping time to go a bit faster. If I had the baby at the same time as I had Elias (gestation-wise), I’d be having it in a week. But I’m not expecting that or anything. 😛

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