Because I’d hate to leave you hanging..

Nope, no baby yet.  And, as of Friday morning, baby was not in a good position for birth anyway, so that’s not such a bad thing.  Head was on one side, the spine curved around the bottom of my belly, the bum was on the other side and the feet were at the top.  I thought it was head down because I was feeling kicks up high…apparently it just meant that this kiddo is a contortionist.  The tech also said the estimated weight as of Friday was seven pounds, six ounces.  That’s already bigger than Erik was at 41 weeks gestation.  Not that I would believe it 100% but I think they’re often not far off.  So, I have a big baby who is not cooperating.  And whom I would love to give an eviction notice to right about now. 

But there are upsides to still being pregnant.  Like helping Mike to get the shed cleaned out and reorganized.  It looks ten times better now even though we had to just throw things back in at the end of the morning (or rather, the early afternoon).  The weather started to turn on us and I didn’t want the dozen or so cardboard boxes packed with yard sale stuff getting soaked.  Of course, as soon as we got ninety percent of it back in, it got nice again.  Go figure.  We don’t exactly get downpours here…well, not often anyway. 

After the shed was done and we were all back inside with some lunch in our bellies, I thought I was done for the day.  And then I got inspired and thought it would be a good idea to clean my bathroom cabinet.  Wow!  If ever I have felt triumphant about something, this was it.  Okay, I’ve had that feeling lots of other times, but this was up there.  I now have a huge amount of empty space I can put towels in and everything is ordered and put away in a smart place.  The counter got cleaned up and I ended up with a big bag of garbage and a box full of bath things to give away.  A lot are brand new, but some just have a tiny bit missing – lotions and bubble baths and such.  I can’t handle artificial scents anymore so I decided it was finally time to get rid of all that stuff.  That freed up a ton of space.

After having a fairly restful Sunday, I did dishes, a bit of laundry and cleaned up my counter and stovetop before bed last night.  This morning, I finished up the laundry (not the folding..but I’ll get to it) and did the dishes before getting into anything else.  Then I made two freezer paper stencils for some baby gifts.  I have two baby showers this week and I want gifts ready now so that if I’m in the hospital (PLEASE!), I can send them along with someone else.  I’m pretty proud of my work…cute little white onesies, one with a tent and “Happy Camper” on it and the other with a turtle.  Okay, so not such a difficult thing to do, but I do like it when I’m particularly pleased with the outcome.

My sister-in-law, mother-in-law and nephews came over for about an hour this morning and we let all the kids play in the backyard.  The boys are now down for a nap and I made Jenny lie down to “rest” because she was so grouchy.  Well, the rest that wasn’t going to be a sleep (I told her she didn’t have to sleep!) turned into just that.  She’s conked out and now I just have to decide what to do with the next hour and a half.  I have three loads of laundry to fold, so I think I’d better take care of that.

My daily to-do list has gone out the window and been replaced with something a bit more logical – trying to get things done when I feel like it and reading books when I don’t.  I do want to stay on top of dishes, laundry and basic tidying because I don’t want to bring a new baby home to a pigsty.  The longer I’m pregnant, the harder that’s going to be to do…so, here’s my message to my child:

Get yourself into an appropriate position – head down, not posterior, please – and get moving!  Yes, I know, I still have two weeks until my due date and two of my children have been a week late, but I did have one that came two and a half weeks early.  So now would be fine.  As long as you listen to that first bit of instruction.  Do not try to come out sideways or feet first!  Mommy does not want a c-section!!

I promise that as soon as I have this kid and I’m home from the hospital (barring any strange complications), I’ll let you know.  I will not be blogging while I’m in labour or while I’m in the hospital….unless I have to be there for a week or something.  And that IS NOT going to happen. 🙂



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2 responses to “Because I’d hate to leave you hanging..

  1. Carly

    I’m so excited that your baby is going to come soon! And he or she WILL come soon, even though it seems like a long time. I will pray for your baby to get into proper position and for a safe birth. I am also glad that you won’t be blogging during labor but will update us soon afterwards! I’ll be waiting. Maybe you’ll just have your baby when I’m on my cruise next week. Let’s hope so. 🙂 Then when I come back I’m at your side for help!!!

    • Katie

      I can’t WAIT for you to be home!! And yeah, it would be great if it happened soon – or sometime after you get back so you can come see me in the hospital. 🙂

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