Yes, today is my due date.  Well, according to my long cycle, anyway.  My doctor’s little wheel says that I was due on the sixth, but they apply that to everyone, regardless of that fact that we are all different. 

I spent the weekend quite busy and uncomfortable for a good deal of it.  So uncomfortable that I was sure I was in labour more than once.  My contractions were bad enough Saturday night to invade my dreams and wake me up.  Bad enough Sunday morning during church to send me to a rocking chair in the nursery because the pew felt so hard and I thought I might moan with how much pain I was in.  No, they were like real labour – or at least not like real, active labour.  But they were strong enough to make me think I was in the early part of labour.  Which apparently I wasn’t. 

The good news is that when they got this bad with the boys (I never had contractions at all with Jenny until I was induced), they were born within a few days.  At this point, this kid has to be born within a few days – or within ten at least.  My induction has been set for the 20th of the month – I was hoping to push all the way to the 24th but my doctor gave me two weeks from her due date for me, rather than mine.  This is, of course, after letting me believe my whole pregnancy that we could go two weeks from my dates.  I like my doctor, but she still has to follow the rules..and those say that you can’t give a woman more than ten days with a big baby.  Or something like that.

I’ve been feeling good today – too good.  I wish I was still having contractions.  At least then I could figure on having the baby really soon.  Or maybe this will be like it was with Elias – nothing but tiny cramps all morning on the day he was born and when I went in to the hospital with something weird going on (something falling out of me that wasn’t baby), I was six centimetres dilated.  I hadn’t even felt any of that! 

My sister-in-law came over this morning with her boys – we stayed in the backyard for more than three hours and the kids had a good time.  It’s nice having a backyard and children who don’t mind playing in it – it means I don’t have to pack them up to go to the park unless I’m up for it.  The downside to this morning is that it got hot, I changed into shorts, and ended up with a sunburn on my thighs.  Not a nasty one, but I’m sure it will bug me a bit for the next few days.  My arms may have actually gotten a bit tanned, though.  The kids don’t show any sign of being out there, amazingly enough.

Here are the boys looking through the fence at the neighbour’s dogs.  We found out after I took these pictures that Erik can fit all the way through the fence.  Guess we’ll have to train him out of that!  Or build a better fence.

Auntie put all the kids (except the youngest) into the wagon and took them on a few laps around the yard – they loved it and she said it was a good workout. 🙂

I’m going to say optimistically that I won’t be writing until the baby is born.  We’ll just pretend I didn’t say that if it takes another week.

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