Still here

Since it’s been nearly a week and I never know when I will have the baby, I figured I’d just leave a quick update saying I’m still pregnant, still waiting.  I’m ten days late according to my doctor and six days late according to my dates.  If I base it entirely on my dates, six days doesn’t seem so bad because I’ve been a week late twice before (and induced one of those times, so who knows how late I could have been).  When I feel anxious, it’s because Mike’s parents are leaving tomorrow and won’t be home until Thursday – the day my induction is scheduled.  So unless I get this kid out today, they won’t be here when it’s born.  Not to mention that I would really just like to give birth right now.  I’m not sleeping well at all anymore and can feel my level of patience slipping with the kids and things around the house.

I’ve been reading a Proverb a day for awhile now and the verses that jump out at me the most are those referring to our plans vs. God’s plans.  There is a time for everything (yeah, I know, not in Proverbs) and only He knows when the right time for this baby to be born is.  I trusted when I was pregnant with Erik that I would be able to deliver naturally without any help – and I did.  I had a quick and relatively easy labour and no complications.  I think that if my in-laws were not leaving tomorrow, I might not be feeling like I am, but I know I’ll feel more comfortable if they are available to keep the kids for at least some of the time that I’m in the hospital.  The good news is that I’m not without help if I do have the baby when they’re gone.  My neighbour will take the kids just about anytime and while it would be hard for my sister and brother-in-law to keep them overnight, they could take them if necessary or possibly come here if needed.  When my mother-in-law was planning this trip, she made a comment something along the lines of, “Oh, of course you will have had the baby by then!”  I thought so, too!  I still have today…so we’ll see.

On a much lighter note, I went to a Welcome Wagon community baby shower yesterday and won a huge basket of toys and baby things in a draw.  I then won a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant – hooray for a free date night sometime after the baby comes!!

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