Enough is enough!

Ever since I stopped losing pregnancy weight at eleven days postpartum, I’ve been incredibly frustrated with my weight. I gained fifty-five pounds while pregnant with Ben – which is far too much for me to shed effortlessly. I hoped it would melt off, but only twenty-five of it did – this would have been practically record breaking if I had only gained twenty-five pounds during pregnancy, but sadly this was not the case. I’ve thought about starting back up on a modified diet and going for walks or joining a gym. I’ve considered going to the extreme and really dieting or just changing a few things to see if something works. And then it dawned on me – I am eating WAY too many desserts. I’m hungry quite often, which is fine because I’m nursing, but I’m eating the wrong stuff. I never refuse dessert and often have seconds if I have room – which is not uncommon due to my big appetite. Even when I’m relatively full or satisfied after a meal, I don’t refuse dessert. And we’ve been having desserts in the house too often. It used to be that it was a big treat and required baking to have dessert in the house, but lately we’ve been buying it with our groceries. I won’t be doing that for awhile.

It’s not just the number on the scale that gets me; I feel weighed down, tired, lazy and unmotivated. I know that a good deal of this is from all the excess sugar in my diet. I need more protein and slightly less good carbs (since I’m a little heavy on the bread…whole wheat though it may be) but the big thing is that I need to cut the sugar completely off. The two week phase one of the South Beach diet works quite well for people, but is too extreme for me while I’m nursing (no carbohydrates at all, including fruit, dairy products and some vegetables). I plan to use the same idea, though, and just stop eating all desserts and other sweet things for two weeks. I’ve decided to keep eating fruit in moderation through the two weeks and not limit any other carbs as long as they are whole grain. This plan excludes traditional desserts, plus pastries, muffins, banana bread, etc. Things like jam on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will still be okay, but not more than once a day. Also, I have been drinking too many things other than water lately. I think milk, herbal tea and coffee without sugar are all still fine, but the occasional pop, slushies, juice, iced capps from Tim Horton’s, chocolate milk are all going to have to be out.

As of this morning, I am forty-five pounds over my ideal weight and thirty pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. I have no desire to weigh less than 150 – Mike likes me the way I am and when I hit 165 at one point, he started calling me bony. I just want to be able to wear my medium sized shirts and size 12 pants again. If I stayed that way, I’d be happy. I don’t need to be a twig, I just want to be satisfied with my weight. I’ve been there before and it feels great – when I’m carrying a bit less weight, I feel more like exercising, too. I won’t focus on having an exercise program for the next two weeks, but I will attempt to go for walks after the kids are in bed. If I go once a week, it will be an improvement!

I know that some people have never been in this position – they are always thin, always love to exercise and either eat whatever they want without gaining weight, or like to eat really healthy. I, on the other hand, have never particularly liked exercise and always really liked to eat. I love good food – food that is both very good for me and food that is terrible for me – as long as it appeals to me. The goal now is to eat way more of the good for me, good tasting foods, and way less of the bad stuff. When I did a modified South Beach diet in 2007, I stuck to not eating sweet things at home but would have dessert when we were out. I will probably go back to that after these first two weeks, but I need to jump start this by cutting out the sugar that I feel I need all the time. I know I don’t need it but every time I’m remotely hungry or just sitting doing nothing, I feel the need to eat something sweet. I’ll have to have good things to snack on and already have a good start – Laughing Cow cheese, string cheese, nuts and celery. I’ll chew gum when I’m satisfied or full so that I’m not so tempted to fill my mouth with more food. I’m excited to see how much weight I lose in these two weeks. Even two pounds would be encouraging as the scale has not moved down for nearly six weeks now. If I don‘t lose any weight, I’ll just keep going on the no-sweets and probably try eating more brown rice and less wheat products for a few weeks. The whole point of the first two weeks of the South Beach diet is to break yourself of the addiction to carbs. My goal is to first break my addiction to desserts in particular.

Wish me luck!



Duration: two weeks, July 21 – August 4

The rules: no desserts of ANY kind. No muffins, donuts, pastries, etc. Fruit is okay in moderation, berries are best. Fruit with cream is okay if it’s not at home – at home, fruit with milk is okay. No juice, pop, chocolate milk, sweetened coffee or tea; for drinks, stick to water (with pure lemon or lime juice added if desired), milk, plain tea or coffee with milk or cream. Eat otherwise as normal, avoiding all white flour (which isn’t hard as I hardly ever eat it anyway).


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2 responses to “Enough is enough!

  1. Rigel

    Wow, Katie! You have HUGE willpower to go cold turkey!

    You inspired me. Today, before work and during my breaks at work, I swam laps. I swam a total of 1/2 km. I know that’s not much to some people, but horribly out of shape me is really proud! And, yes, I set to it and stuck to it because I thought about this post here!

    BTW, *squeeeee*, coming soon to my blog — a big thank you to you!!!

    • Katie

      You’re welcome. 🙂 And yeah…this is going to be tough. I’m finding my addiction to sweets is worse than I thought! But my lovely sister-in-law agreed to do these two weeks with me…once the muffins I made her run out. 😉 She’s still got ten pounds to lose of baby weight that are giving her trouble so maybe this will help – who knows!

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