I’d break some dishes but mine are all Corelle.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation so frustrating that you just feel like screaming or breaking something? Or both? 

This is all about this mess of a house.  Thankfully my frustration has nothing to do with my husband or children.  Yes, a day alone with my house, a dumpster and a large empty shed would be nice, but the presence of Mike and the kids isn’t really making things worse.  They were already bad. 

We’ve been in this house for five years now.  Five years and three new babies brought home to this house plus one existing little girl with loads of stuff to begin with.  What that means is junk – lots of junk.

I’d like to keep some of it, maybe even most of it, but at the moment, we are out of space.  Not only that, but I need to paint the interior of the house and make it look far more appealing before we attempt to sell it.  I just can’t do that with all this stuff inside. 

I looked at sheds today when I went shopping.  One aluminum shed has promise – under $300 for the display model.  The shed we already have is pretty full now and we’ll need to store furniture  soon.  I looked into renting storage space but in the end, it makes far more sense to buy a cheap shed so we can have everything close to home and avoid paying $50 a month to rent.

See, it’s not about the laundry, dishes or general cleaning that this house needs all the time – it’s about all the stinking clutter.  I’d like about a hundred boxes to just pack it all up and put it away so I can see the space in front of my clearly instead of looking through stacks of papers, books, games, clothes, etc.  I’d post a picture, but it might make some of you vomit.

Anyway, priority spending for this month is on windows – we replaced one on Saturday and it cost us $200. We have three more to go and two of them will almost certainly cost more than the first did.  But that shed is calling my name.  If only there was someone selling one used for about $50 – then I could buy it now!  Unless I find one for under $100, it will have to be budgeted for specifically and waited on.  Windows are much easier to install in the summer, so it’s very important to get them done now.  It would be easier to put a shed in the yard before the snow comes, but we should have at least another two months until it comes to stay.

I think I’d better either pack something or go find something I can break.  Or take a nap and dream about a clutter-less home. 🙂


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4 responses to “I’d break some dishes but mine are all Corelle.

  1. Rigel

    Ummmm, Corel DOES break. You can break Corel plates. Umm humm. It is possible. 😉

    • Katie

      I’ve heard you can on tile floors…but I don’t have any. And I think it might take more effort than I’m willing to put out to actually find a way to break them. 🙂

  2. steph

    as always, your candor is so refreshing!!! i struggle very much with all of these issues….you are not alone. we are all cheering for each other and praying lots…when i win the 50 million dollar jackpot, i will replace all your windows for you AND buy you a shed 😀 and perhaps hire you a maid….LOL!

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