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I finally – at long last – updated my links…my “blogroll” if you will.  I changed up the categories and basically listed all the blogs I regularly read.  They’re all on my Google Reader and I keep up with them weekly, if not daily.  If I’ve ever commented on your blog but didn’t have you linked and you’ve wondered why your blog wasn’t here – this is why – I’m lazy.  That’s all. 

I’m going to try really hard to keep up on adding new links when I find them and removing old links, particularly those that are no longer active.  There’s nothing worse then clicking on someone’s link and finding it either inactive or full of entries made three years ago.  Okay, there are lots of things that are far worse, but it’s still pretty obnoxious.

Yeah, that’s it.  Happy Monday!



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5 responses to “Updated links

  1. Carol

    Hey I made the list! Sorry I haven’t been blogging regualry lately… I have a lot going on emotionally that I just can’t even put into words.. but you know..so.. yeah.. 🙂

    • Katie

      I know – I doubt I would be blogging at all if I was in your shoes. Healing will come – God is good ALL the time!

  2. Carol

    And all the time, God is good 🙂

  3. Oh Katie, my blogger buddy, I miss thee:)

    Kate, life has been a bit crazy (we are trying to buy our first home through the slowest home buying program known to man)! The process has been stressful and tedious, to say the least. Nevertheless, we believe we will close and move this month! Be praying!

    Also, being preggo with number four while having the 3 little ones is a whole other level of mommydom! How have you pulled this off?!

    My kids are literally, and I do mean literally tearing our apartment up! Books, toys, clothes, stuff everywhere!

    Much of the chaos this week is due to the fact that hubby has been out of town for almost a week and I have been here trying to finish up a ton of errands for the home buying, going to my prenatal visit, and taking care of kiddos alone.

    At this point, I am convinced there should be a national holiday declared to honor single parents!

    Anyway, I thought you could appreciate and understand my rambling and griping;) But, I’m so out of touch with what is going with you and the fam, I have to go back and catch up on your blog! How have you been? Are things different after adding your newest bundle of joy?

    Hope all is well!


    • Katie

      I miss you, too!!
      Oh, I feel for you!! Buying a house is a big deal and moving is tough – when we did it last we only had Jenny. And having all the kids without your husband home is a pain!! Mike has only gone away for one or two nights at a time in the last year or so (and not really at all before that) but even those were tough. And I have to say that I can completely relate to the destruction that little ones seem to feel is their purpose in life.

      When I was pregnant with Ben, life was pretty tough – I was so sick and the kids (especially Erik at just over a year) were so needy. But the good thing is that November through April are fairly slow for Mike’s work, so he was at least home at normal times. The first half flew by for me and then it dragged… but now he’s three and a half months old already!!

      Things are different, but not really that much harder after having Ben. I think the toughest transition is from one child to two…after that it hasn’t made a huge difference. Jenny is old enough to be very independant and help out a lot and Elias is also pretty good at doing his own thing. They probably watch a few too many movies since Ben was born (since I have to sit and nurse him every two hours) but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal and it’s not forever.

      I am a little nervous about homeschooling since I should be starting this month. My basic goals for Jenny this year are for her to recognize letter names and hopefully sounds and be able to count past 20. She’s very dramatic and very strong willed so it’s been hard to get much into her yet. She can write all her letters but only recognizes the ones in her own name. When she counts, she skips numbers before 20 and when corrected, she rolls her eyes and says that’s just the way she does it (both dramatic and stubborn behaviour!). I know it will be challenging, but I’m not going to stress too much since it’s just kindergarten.

      We’re planning on getting our house ready to sell by the end of February and putting it on the market in March. When we sell, we’ll rent (or housesit – this would be GREAT) for awhile and build a house. It’s so exciting to think about having a brand new house and really, doing it through our brother-in-law, it’s cheaper than buying a 1,000 square foot house (the size we’ll be building) in really good shape.

      Anyway…life is busy of course and my house is still a mess – that much hasn’t changed!! 🙂

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