The post that never was

I had plans for a birthday post this year – reflecting back on twenty-seven years (or the twenty-five or so that I can actually remember, anyway) – but that day came and went and suddenly it’s been two weeks and it seems a bit pointless now.

However, I have been busy the last few weeks and some of that could be shared.

Starting with my birthday – I turned twenty-seven on the sixth of October.  I don’t feel older.  I had tempura for my birthday.  It was good.

Mike and I worked on the shed at some point..maybe it was on the 9th or 10th?  My brain doesn’t work as well as it did when I was twenty-six. 😉  We cleaned things up and brought in winter clothes and boots; packed summer things away and added a whole bunch of boxes and bags to the yard sale pile that takes up a corner of the shed.  I packed away the majority of my fabric and yarn – most crafting will be on hold until after we sell the house. 

The house had been a total disaster (isn’t that just bizarre?!) until we did the work on the shed and then early the following week I cleaned up inside the house.  All of this was because I was preparing for a trip on the 14th.  Did I ever even mention my plans here?  I’m such a slacker.

On the 13th, we drove to Grande Prairie (Mike, Ben and myself) for the night and at five-thirty the next morning, Mike drove us to the airport.  A forty-five minute flight took us to Edmonton where we stayed on the plane, and a thirty minute flight took us to Calgary, where we transferred planes.  This transfer required a trip through customs – where I nearly forgot Ben’s carseat and had to wait for someone to dive into the conveyor to get it un-stuck.  After customs was another trip through security and then a mad dash to gate C-28 to hop onto a plane to Phoenix, Arizona. 

My cousin got engaged early this year (or was it late last year?) and as soon as she did I started planning a trip to Phoenix for the wedding.  I figured it would be a nice break with just the baby along (this was before Ben was born).  It was a lovely trip – my dad and brother flew down as well and we all stayed with my dad’s brother and  his wife; a favourite aunt and uncle who I seldom see.  The weather was warmer than I like but I survived it.  It’s grey and cold and drizzly here now – not the best thing to come home to when you’ve been in 90F/30C weather for five days.

Flying with a baby was interesting…I’m not sure that I would elect to do it again if it was as long or longer than this trip took (just under four hours of total flying time).

I drank raw milk when I was in Phoenix.  I’ve always imagined raw milk to taste funny, but it tasted just like homogenized milk and it didn’t make me sick.  Too bad it’s illegal in Canada. 

I shopped a lot.  I put money aside starting in August and spent around $300 on clothes for the kids and myself, a few gifts and some fun things for the house.  It’s amazing to me how much farther money goes in a big city with lots of sales available.  I don’t think I bought more than one or two things that were regular price.

I missed Mike and the kids and was glad to be home, but now I feel lonely and cooped up.  I’ve been completely exhausted since I got home and I’m not entirely sure why.  I haven’t stayed up very late and have been sleeping until seven or later each morning.  If I was also feeling like puking, I’d be taking a pregnancy test right about now, but I have no indications of pregnancy other than total exhaustion.  For now I’m just going to chalk that up to a big trip that happened really quickly and an immediate dive back into full time motherhood upon my return.

I had other things to write about and I’ll probably remember them later today.  For now my brain just wants to shut down and curl up for a nap…along with the rest of my body.


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4 responses to “The post that never was

  1. LaSandra

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you have been one busy lady! That sounds like some shopping spree you went on too. How very virtuous of you to have saved money for the purpose of shopping for you and you fam:)

    We are finally in our new house and have been away from the internet more than I would like. We moved in on Oct 1st and I am still working on unpacking. But, I guess it is coming together slowly but surely.

    • Katie

      I was SO excited to hear about you buying a house!!! So cool! Isn’t it a great feeling being in something you own?!
      I will be saving money this way again – it worked so well and I didn’t have any buyers guilt when shopping because I wasn’t taking away from the budget. I came home with $14 left on the VISA giftcard and a bit of American cash as well. It made shopping so much more fun for me. 🙂

  2. Rigel

    Hmmmmmmmm, so what would it take to coax y’all into a visit down here with me and kiddo? 😉

    • Katie

      Maybe someday when we take a road trip? We’ll more than likely be using our vacation time to go visit family in Washington and Oregon early next year. My grandma is basically wasting away and I’d really like to see her again before she’s gone.
      I’d rather not travel at all with little kids…but driving is easier than flying (especially if we had all four – talk about expensive!!). It’s now been two years since I’ve seen my mom, grandparents and sister as well as my friends back home…time to head down soon.

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