Do me a favour?

I read this blog.

It’s by a girl named Megan who has been trying to have a baby since 2007.  She has had one miscarriage and otherwise has had no success becoming pregnant.

I don’t know if it’s God’s perfect plan for her to have a baby of her own, but I do know that she obviously has a mother-heart and it hurts terribly to have been told that she is infertile.  She believes that she will never conceive and she and her husband seem to have decided against adoption. 

Maybe God wants them to open their hearts and homes to a child from another womb.  Maybe His plan is to open her womb and allow her to conceive.  Maybe she’s just meant to be at peace with her infertility and live a life free of bitterness and pain. I don’t know that part.  I do know that her life now is not free from bitterness and pain.

The first time I read her blog, I felt like my heart broke for this woman.  I cried, reached my hand to the screen and prayed that God would allow her body to carry a pregnancy to term.  That was months ago, but after the point that she seemed to give up hope.

So, the favour I ask is this: will you pray, even just once, for Megan?  I don’t know her in person, in fact at the moment I don’t even know where she lives.  I stumbled on her blog from the blog of another woman I don’t know – on one of those late nights, waiting for Mike to come home from hockey.

Pray that Megan meets Jesus – I have reason to believe that it hasn’t happened yet.  Pray that she would have peace, regardless of what happens.  I will continue to pray that she is able to conceive – it is my desire that every woman who is in a healthy marriage would be able to conceive if she wants to.  My babies have been such a wonderful blessing to me.

I don’t know why her blog of all the ones I’ve stumbled on broke my heart so easily.  I’ve certainly read other stories of women in the same situation.  It must be a God thing.

I’ve seen God answer prayers – I’ve prayed for infertile women before and have seen their wombs opened and healthy babies delivered.  I don’t take credit for that happening, but I do know that even a woman who has gone three years without conceiving still has hope of being blessed.

As I read something Megan wrote recently, I felt as though I should ask others to pray for her.  I won’t link to her blog or tell you any more about her because I want her to be able to retain her anonymity such as it is.  Anyway, thanks.


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4 responses to “Do me a favour?

  1. LaSandra

    I will be praying for her too.

  2. LaSandra

    …and here I was complaining.

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