Sleep is precious

I’m not sure how much longer I can go on like this.  I feel like I’m barely sleeping at night with Ben eating as often as he is.  I thought that he might get better once I put him on solids, but if anything, he’s worse.  He woke up nearly every hour last night wanting to eat.  He doesn’t like his own bed and I don’t want to let him cry because there is no place to go to escape listening to it.  I don’t mind having him sleep with us; I’m a big supporter and believer in co-sleeping.  The issue is that he wakes up so often and I have to wake up at least a little bit to feed him.  I’m not at the point of wishing he didn’t feed at night at all, but it would be nice to actually be able to go to bed and sleep for a few hours before he wakes up.  Last night he went to bed at eight and was awake by quarter to ten.  We tried to calm him down and the only thing that worked was feeding him.  He’s six months old – he’s not supposed to be eating every two hours still!!

Anyway, the thing we need most is prayer that he would sleep better or that I would at least feel refreshed when I get up in the morning.  I’ll be considering myoptions if he doesn’t improve soon. At this point, my best option seems to be wearing earplugs or headphones with some music and letting him cry if he wakes up before midnight.  The big question is whether Mike would be able to sleep through it or not.

I’ve felt off for awhile now.  It could be a physical issue, an emotional one, or maybe as simple as a lack of sleep.  I am planning to go to my doctor for a physical and maybe bloodwork to make sure everything is working right.  I haven’t lost any weight at all since summer and I’m starting to wonder if I might have a thyroid issue (since it’s in the family).  I don’t really think I do – I think it’s more likely that I have an “I eat too much sugar” issue – but I just don’t feel right and I think it’s probably smart to rule out physical problems.

Anyway, that’s all.  Prayers appreciated.


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4 responses to “Sleep is precious

  1. I always have to wean my boys at six months because they start growing and eating every two hours and I start to feel like dying. I breastfed Gemma a long time and it was fine and easier with her. I also was getting no sleep and had to move Keiran to his own room because he would sleep until I went to bed and then he knew and would be up every two hours. I hated making the change but it worked and he started sleeping and then I weaned him as well as much as he resisted. I know you don’t have space to move him and I pray that you will have a bigger house soon! I feel for you. We are still rotating kids between our three rooms at bed and nap time in order to get sleep. Could you put him in the playpen and then wheel him into the kitchen/ living room when you go to bed??? I have a cheap playpen from Walmart that can fit through doors and we did that for awhile to I think!

  2. Carly

    I think it’s good you go to the Dr because you never know, even if it’s just lack of sleep or whatever. Praying for you Katie and please ask for help when you need it. We’re here for you.

  3. casse01

    I know this is heresy but have you thought about mixing breast milk with cereal for a night feeding to see if it lasts a little longer. I have three kids (11, 10 and 1) and I did this with all of mine. It’s not approved and looked down on but…I’m not saying he’ll sleep through the night but it should last a little longer than 2 hours. Also, honestly I think sleeping with mom makes them rouse easier too. I coslept with all of mine (and currently co sleeping with baby girl) and I’ve noticed if she is in the bed alone or w/daddy by herself she sleeps better. I think they smell us! Have you tried a sleep sheep in the crib? and also sleep with a cotton sheet for like a week and then put in the crib bed and maybe that will soothe him because he will smell you?

    • Katie

      The main issue with that is that I do not use bottles at all. I don’t pump at all. I don’t like it and I’m one of those people for whom it takes an hour to get a tiny little bit…even though my milk supply is good.
      I think that some of the problem is actually that he sleeps in a cradle still but is running out of room. Maybe once we get the playpen set up, he’ll stay asleep a little longer in his own bed.
      I have noticed that he sleeps well with my husband in the bed but will wake up at least partially when I get back into bed. I’m sure he smells food!

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