Drumroll please

Get ready for what might be the strangest thing you’ve ever heard from me.

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time.

Why, you ask?

Ready?  Are you sitting down?

I spent it cleaning.

Yep, that’s right.  I cleaned like a maniac.  Well, for me, anyway.  My kitchen was, to put it nicely, filthy.  It is now sparkly and clean.  Okay, so the counters, sink and stovetop are sparkly and clean.  I didn’t quite get to the floor. It felt so good to look at it after  hours of work (yes, hours) but the rest of the house was still trashed. I gave up for an hour or so and decided to put the rest off until another day.  Then Mike called at 4:45 and said he’d be home by 5:30 and I just knew I could finish it by then. 

So it’s still looking pretty cluttered in certain areas, but you can see the floor now and it’s not covered in crumbs and dust bunnies.

I get the feeling that regardless of what is wrong with me, this whole feeling down thing has become cyclical: I feel bad and so I don’t feel like cleaning my house.  I don’t clean my house, it gets messy, which makes me feel bad.  See what I mean?

Anyway, things aren’t perfect and I’m well aware that I’m still on a bit of a high from the results of my cleaning spree, but at least now I know.  Apparently a good bit of productive cleaning – not the kind where you just move the mess around – is good for my mood.

A small step.


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2 responses to “Drumroll please

  1. Anounymous

    YAY!! Glad to hear that you’re feeling better and all it took is some good cleaning 🙂

    Try to make it a habit to clean one thing a day, I do this in a cycle, so that once a week that thing gets cleaned… ie; Monday- laundry, Tuesday – kitchen, Wednesday – living room/dust & vaccuum, etc; I thin kthis helps with not feeling so overwhelmed by it & it all gets done! Which will continue to help you feel better every day because you accomplish something every day! Another thing that helps, si to put off FB or a book or show on TV until that days’ task is done, so that I don’t get sucked in & don’t get anything done 😉


    • Katie

      I do laundry every other day and try to fold on the off days…I just have a hard time doing it all in one day due to kids, etc. I keep up with the dishes every day so at least I don’t have huge piles in the kitchen. The kids make it very hard to keep the rest of the house clean – there are lots of them and not enough space! Plus Mike’s hockey equipment is under our dining room table so that makes it hard to clean there. Lots of things about this house I’m not crazy about….but it is cozy and I will miss it a bit when we move.

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