Away in a Manger

The kids had their Christmas program tonight.  Jenny was part of the “big kids” program for the first time this year, but mostly just sat or stood on stage and sang along.  I missed a good deal of that part anyway.  However, Elias performed with the other preschoolers at the beginning of the program..

They walked onto the stage.  They lined up; the girls in their Christmas dresses, the boys wearing angel costumes or white shirts. 

Elias took a place right in front of one of the two microphones.

Hilarity ensued.

According to the children’s pastor, Elias actually tried to keep talking into the mic at the end of the song.  Sadly, I had already turned the camera off at that point.  Next time I’ll make sure to keep it on!



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2 responses to “Away in a Manger

  1. Robert

    Loved it!!!! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. ChapmansRus

    ❤ this!! little kids are super cute! especially yours!!

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