A list. Of stuff. Mostly about me.

Here you go: a bunch of useful and useless information about myself and my life.

1. I organize my closet by type and colour – in rainbow order. I know. Kind of weird for someone who claims to be a terrible housekeeper. It’s my firstborn perfectionist nature coming through.

2. I wake up nearly every morning to the sound of crying, laughing and various demands. Most recently it has been Erik asking for breakfast: “Eat. Now. Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat. Now, eat now. Eat now, eat now. Hungry, eat now. Eat. Now. Hungry. Eat, eat, eat, eat now.”

3. My husband is the kind of person who can eat and drink anything and never change. Sometimes this makes me feel a bit jealous, other times it just makes me worry that someday it will catch up with him. Oh, yeah, and when I say “drink” I mean pop. Lots and lots of pop.

4. My house is a mess. Not just cluttered and full of stuff, but messy. Like, crumbs on the floor and lots of random stuff that I hope no one steps in/ingests. I’m embarrassed by it most of the time, but just can’t bring myself to be the type of woman who sweeps the floor every day and mops once a week. Just thinking about it makes me feel like barfing.

5. I like the colour green. In fact, I love the colour green. I love it so much that I get this feeling of pride and satisfaction when I think about the fact that green comes before blue in the rainbow. I’m not a big fan of blue.

6. When I pre-pay for gas and swipe my card, the screen inevitably says “Please remove card rapidly.” This annoys me. I did remove it rapidly. Is the machine saying I didn’t do it fast enough? It’s insulting. I have issues.

7. I enjoy my cozy little home. I dislike my lack of storage space, but love being so close to my family. I also like small churches and small gatherings of people. I feel lost in crowds, and loneliest there.

8. I sometimes write poetry. I even think some of it is quite good.

9. I would like to keep on having babies until I stop. This doesn’t mean that I want a dozen kids, only that I’d love to just trust God to give me as many as I’m meant to have. So far, trusting Him has worked out wonderfully, and I hate the thought of changing the way we do things now.

10. When I was nine or ten, I had a lot of dolls. I carried them to church with me every Wednesday night. Most of them had names, some had middle names, and one doll had about fifteen names just to herself. My friends all thought I was nuts, but I was still popular enough there.

11. On the subject of dolls, I spent a number of years buying dolls from the thrift store and “redecorating” them. Some people thought it was artistic and even requested custom made dolls as birthday gifts, others thought I was a little bit off. I think it was a little bit of both. I still have about ten dolls and most are promised to friends. I’ve recently been thinking of taking up this practice again and selling my creations on Etsy. Any thoughts on this?

12. I really don’t like country music. The end.

13. We own a lot of games. Like, a lot. Mike gets a new game from some member of our family at nearly every birthday and Christmas. This adds up.

14. I would really love to be able to play the piano. I sometimes compose music in my head and whistle it. I wish I knew how to write it out and play it.

15. I love to cook. I really love to cook. I’m not so crazy about cleaning up afterward, but the creation and enjoyment of food is one of my favourite pastimes.
16. I am currently trying to learn how to use only one space after periods when I type. I have heard that this is technically the right thing to do. I was taught to use two spaces and it’s taking some time to change my habits.

17. I know that I can change this habit because I taught myself to spell like a Canadian when I moved here. See: favourite, colour, neighbour, centre, theatre. Nice, hey?

18. People call me crazy, busy, brave, etc. for having four kids born in five years. I don’t think I’m crazy, of course I’m busy, and I think brave is a stretch. I was born to be a mom and I enjoy my job. Big whoop.

19. Confession: I am a bit judgemental at times. Okay, a lot judgemental a lot of the time. I generally don’t say it out loud except to Mike, but I think it. I don’t really want to say exactly what I think, because I will inevitably offend someone, but it usually relates to babies and the choices their parents make in raising them. I’ll stop there.

20. I have never used birth control in my life. Not any form, ever. TMI? Sorry, but I like this about myself. It is the reason I have the babies I have and I wouldn’t change a thing. It has also proven to be incredibly freeing and much easier than people might think.

21. I think my kids are pretty much the coolest kids ever. And actually, there are a lot of other people who seem to think they’re pretty cool, too.

22. Someday, we’re going to have a dog. Maybe two or three. We like Huskies, Malamutes, Beagles, Mastiff/Shepherd crosses, and Great Danes, but personally, I’d be happy just to have a rescued mutt.

23. I like cats but I’m allergic. Sad for me, but not for Mike, who is not a cat person.

24. I love thrift stores. I think they’re just plain bomb-diggity. For real.

25. I think twenty five random facts about myself are probably enough for now. I’ve enjoyed this little exercise but it does make me feel a little bit self-centred. Self-reflection is a good thing at times, but it can be overdone. I will either start thinking too highly of myself, or feeling bad about my faults if I keep this up. Perhaps I’ll have another twenty-five on another day. Who knows.

Thanks for reading. And putting up with my issues. Over and out.


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8 responses to “A list. Of stuff. Mostly about me.

  1. ChapmansRus

    I think I’ll follow suit & copy you 🙂 I wrote one a year or so ago.. I may have to link to it to see how it’s changed… if at all..

    Fyi~ I love reading all about you!

    • Katie

      Sweet! I pretty much just wrote stuff that came to me as it came to me. I could do lots more, I’m sure. 🙂 Most of these are facts that I assume people know and then realize they probably don’t.

  2. Bridget

    I really enjoyed that I think I may do the same exercise for the same reason. ie feeling too bad about myself.
    P.S Did not know it was one space I was taught two as well

    • Katie

      The two space rule came in because of typewriters and the fonts they had – you needed two spaces to make an obvious change from one sentence to the other. Now the fonts for computers are made so that you only need one. I heard a debate of sorts on a radio talk show last week. Typographers use one space so technically we all should. I’m pretty good at teaching myself to change my habits so I thought I’d try this one out. I would imagine if I wrote a book and used two spaces they would edit one out for every sentence, so I may as well just get used to doing it this way.
      Thanks for reading, Bridget!

  3. Rigel

    Such a great list. No big surprise given that it came from such a great person.

    If I have to march up there and stick fabric, a paintbrush, or a piece of yarn in your hands I will. Craft woman! Craft! Remember that cross stitch I made a while back? “Crafting is a coping skill.” CRAFT. Please. For your own sake.

    • Katie

      I was thinking on this subject earlier. I keep saying that I’m not strong enough to create lately, but maybe part of this hard time is because I’m not creating. I’ll have to see what happens when I start.
      And I always loved that cross stitch. When it was your profile picture on Crafster, it always stood out to me, even before I really knew you at all. 😀

  4. vanessa

    Oh I so love that you wrote this, you’re awesome.

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