Reader Beware

I’ll say it, just so you aren’t caught off guard. This might creep you out. For some bizarre reason, there are those who don’t like this sort of thing. 😉

This is my original doll.  Her name is Sara. Somehow her head became detached from her body and the body was lost. I was probably fourteen when I gave her a pair of earrings. Then it just took off. What I would make now wouldn’t be much like this. I feel weird doing this kind of stuff since I’ve had kids.

However, the two or three dolls I’ve made since I got married are of a different sort. A little more artistic, a little less teenage rebellion. And what I might make now will be even less like Sara. And, if it just doesn’t feel right or natural, I won’t do it. I’ll find some other form of creative expression to dabble in again.

I’ll let you know how it turns out. 🙂


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3 responses to “Reader Beware

  1. vanessa

    You are creative for sure.

  2. Rigel

    Do you have any pictures of the other projects we could see? *spiders … shudder*

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