Goodbye, Gramme.

When I was a kid, we called my mom’s parents “Gramme and Grampe” and my dad’s parents “Grandmama and Grandpapa”. My Gramme finally let go this morning at 2:50 and went to be with Jesus. I suggested to my mom that maybe she was just soaking in all that family in one place, one last time. She always loved it when she had us all around her, all her kids and grandkids and quite often a few strays thrown in as well. I can imagine her hearing everyone around her and wanting a few more hours of it. She lasted much longer than they expected, which was in some ways a very hard thing, especially for my Grandpa.

The rather miraculous thing about this is that a few months ago, I made a decision that we would head to the states for a visit in the new year, but not specifically for a funeral. I would rather have seen my grandma when it really mattered to her, before she died. I expected I would get the chance to see her one last time.

It didn’t work out that way, but as it turns out, the memorial is being planned for when we were already going to be visiting in the states. Not only that, but my aunt and uncle from Texas and their kids are all going to be there, which means more family that I wouldn’t have been able to see.

Our lives may take us north in the next few years. When that happens, our trips to the states will probably be even more infrequent. This may be my last chance to see a lot of my family for a very long time.

This is bittersweet. My grandma had been declining for quite some time. She was not herself. She was ready to go.  But we will miss her so very much.

This picture was taken the last time I saw my grandma, two and a half years ago, at my sister’s wedding. I love how she holds on to my grandpa’s arm. They had a long marriage and while we teased them a bit for their quirks, we all knew they loved each other. They took care of each other.

Goodbye, sweet, goofy Gramme.


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2 responses to “Goodbye, Gramme.

  1. I am choking on my kraft dinner while I read this. It is so sad to say goodbye.
    I am glad that you get to see your family all together. I am glad that all your ducks are lining up before you go North…

  2. Carly

    So sorry Katie but I’m glad you’ll be able to be there with family to mourn her and to remember all of the great memories you have.

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