Here’s a tip: when you feel like you ought to do something or that God is telling you directly to do something, do it. Whatever it is (as long as it’s a good thing :D), do it.

I don’t want to go into details, but I really felt led to help someone today. I have been feeling a bit down and lost lately, and not so great physically (the tooth that got pulled two weeks ago suddenly got infected….well, the gums, anyway).

I contacted a total stranger, asked if I could be of help in a specific way, and spent some money on something for this person. I decided ahead of time to get them what they wanted, not just the cheapest thing available.

Anyway, it feels good. It’s always good to give, but even better when it comes out of obedience to something God put in my heart.



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5 responses to “Obedience

  1. chanua

    It is even better to give when it is done in total privacy just between you and God. 😀

    • Katie

      Of course it is. I do that as well on a regular basis, but sometimes I find that sharing with others inspires them to do the same. Out of this came a bubbling over that was in no way meant to make myself look good, only to make a point. There are so many times when I ignore that voice, but in this case I have seen why it was so important to listen and obey. There is more to the story that I won’t share here (or possibly anywhere) but I felt led to share this small portion.
      I have been struggling with self-worth and depression for a very long time and this was incredibly helpful in making me feel useful.
      I hope that this does not offend people but inspire them. I’m sorry if you were offended by my sharing this act. I promise that nine times out of ten I keep these things to myself.

  2. vanessa

    very awesome 🙂

  3. I love that you shared this testimony of how God helped you out just by being obedient to Him. It encourages others to be obedient, even when we don’t understand why we are supposed to do what we are feeling led to do. I also think it is HUGE that this person just turned out to live down the street from you. That is God! I also had a little “contact this person moment today”, and I can’t wait to share:) Praise Him.

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