Clever Title Sorely Lacking

I made a menu. Actually, I’ve done it before, but this time I did it so that I wouldn’t be tempted to go out to eat before our vacation. We’ll be eating out more than half the time we’re gone, so it makes sense to avoid it as much as possible this week (and last week, too). So far I’ve been sticking to the menu pretty well.

Certain events this afternoon have left me feeling completely worn out, so the menu is not going to work. We’ll be eating leftovers and homemade tortilla chip nachos. Maybe I’ll even make popcorn.

I came across a lovely and terrifically awful recipe today. Brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Yeah. Really. I think I’m going to try them this week. Even if it means a heart attack 😉


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One response to “Clever Title Sorely Lacking

  1. ChapmansRus

    ooo let me know how they turn out!!

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