Two things

One: For years now, my kids have referred to McDonald’s as “Old McDonald’s” and to spiders as “Spidermans”. They’re pretty much the coolest kids on the block.

Two: I’m a white girl…but man, some good dance music makes me want to move. It also makes me wish I weighed about sixty pounds less than I do and that I didn’t look so ridiculous when I dance. That’s why I dance in my kitchen, and not at clubs. Oh, wait, about the club thing…I don’t actually think that was an option to begin with. 😉

I know the blog has been a bit neglected..abandoned…um, sucky. But I am a mama, so I have the best excuse in the world.


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2 responses to “Two things

  1. ChapmansRus

    You DO have the BEST excuse in the world!! And that’s totally okay!! Love the little snippets from time to time 🙂

    • Katie

      What I should do is just post more little snippets! I could manage one every day or every other day if I remembered. Then I could save the big posts for when I have more time.

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