April 19th, 2012

Estimated arrival date of baby number five. 🙂


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11 responses to “April 19th, 2012

  1. Congratulations Katie that is awesome.

  2. Rigel

    Anyone else completely UNsurprised? 🙂

    Gentle hugs to the mommy to be! YAY!!!

    • Katie

      I would imagine pretty much everyone is UNsurprised. 😉 My babies get to be a year old and people just wait for the inevitable announcement.

  3. Congrats, Katie! Another adventure in a bundle. Wishing you gentle loveliness the whole way!

    • Katie

      Thank you! I could definitely use some gentle loveliness right about now with the way my stomach is feeling. 😉

  4. Rigel

    Oh, I wish I could bring you a basket of crackers, Scottish short breads, a warm pan of cornbread, and a bag of chunked candied ginger to help settle your tummy.

    And, of course, an infinite supply of cold ginger ale. 🙂

    Could you get Mike to massage the acupressure points that are tied to digestion?

  5. Bridget

    What wonderful news 🙂 So happy for you and Mike. I hope you have an easy pregnancy , enjoy every minute of it. Will you be doing another pregnancy journal with this one?

    • Katie

      I wish I had time, Bridget! I’m home educating two kids this year (pardon my phraseology but I’m trying to break out of the term ‘homeschooling”) and lately just feel like sleeping when I have the time. I will attempt to keep this blog more updated with pregnancy info and other things, but I can’t make any promises right now! This kid is taking it out of me!

  6. Katie so pleased for you, wow 5 you will have your hands even more full, you truly are a saint. I’m also expecting (baby no. 2) due January 19th little Noah is 2 1/2 time sure does fly. Good luck with the pregnancy my dear.

    Emma (Mink_bikini from Craftster)

    • Katie

      Thanks, Emma! And congratulations to you, too! Your Noah is the same age as my nephew Noah, who just became a big brother two months ago (I’m holding my newest nephew Desi right now). Our family just keeps getting bigger – my in-laws will be up to nine grandkids under seven when ours is born. 🙂

  7. How is life with 4 (almost 5)? What is your due date?

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