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As I know that people still read this from time to time, I figured I would put this here instead of my new blog, as this felt out of place there right now.

I’ve purchased lots of things now from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and the deals are fantastic! Most recently, I renewed a subscription of Explode the Code online for Elias and bought Jenny a set of art DVDs (shhh..she doesn’t know yet :D). Check it out if you are homeschooling or just want some neat educational things for your kids!


The Homeschool Buyer Co-op is a free homeschooling organization for both new and veteran homeschoolers. Co-op membership is free and confidential, and entitles homeschooling families to GroupBuy discounts on high-quality curriculum. On the site you’ll find lots of free information, such as databases of free curriculum, field trips, and educational contests and scholarships. Highly recommended. Click here for more information.

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