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Merry Christmas!

I have decided to not completely slack off and leave at least a little blurb here.  Yes, the stress level has been high and the sleep level has been low (dangerously low, actually), but today is Christmas Eve and we will have our traditional Christmas with the family here, minus one of Mike’s sisters but with the addition of his Grandma, which is a treat.  Our traditional Christmas doesn’t look like that of most other families but I have come to love it thoroughly as I don’t get to spend Christmas with my own family.

I grew up with two homes to go to for Christmas; my dad’s family on Christmas eve and my mom’s family on Christmas day.  My Christmas Eve somehow always felt more magical, although I can’t explain why.  So when I married Mike and found that his family opened all their presents and even their stockings on Christmas Eve, I didn’t mind one bit joining this tradition.  One of the obvious upsides is that the next morning isn’t full of rushing or waking up at the crack of dawn.  We start our celebrating late – after the Christmas Eve service..which for the record, we don’t attend – and sing carols, eat tons of food and open gifts.  This means the night is late for all of us, so a late start Christmas morning is much appreciated.  We may add our own traditions at home eventually, perhaps having the kids open their stockings on Christmas morning, but for now, while our house is completely undecorated, we enjoy sticking to what we have at Mike’s parents’ house.

I finished my shopping yesterday and may only need to go to the post office today.  I’ve been bad and have had my mom’s, sister’s and nephew’s gifts done for some time but haven’t mailed them.  I’ve been even worse in that I haven’t even started my dad’s and brother’s gifts.  Crafting nearly everything for Christmas takes a lot more time than I imagined it would so I still have work to do.  I shopped for groceries yesterday, though, so they are out of the way for the next week or so.   And now we’ll be off to meet the family at McDonald’s (not to eat, but to visit) to see the sister and brother-in-law who will not be here for Christmas.  Mike is still at work but will be one when we meet him there and so we’ll have the rest of the afternoon and evening while the rest of the family is at church to rest and have fun with the kids.

So, with all that said, Merry Christmas!  I hope your holiday is just as lovely as I’m sure ours will be!

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Dealing with stress

I’m not good at it.  Dealing with stress, trouble, illness, debt, etc.  Rather bad, actually.  My brain wants to shut down.  I decided this morning that what I’d really like to do is crawl into a hole for six months and just spend all my time writing songs about the hole.  Visitors are welcome, stress is most definitely not. 

My household is sick again.  Nothing but a head cold (so far) this time, but it’s bad enough.  I’m constantly wiping noses – my kids and my own – and my body just wants to stay in bed and recover.  I took Erik to the pediatrician yesterday and did not like the outcome – more pushing for us to get the H1N1 vaccine and the seasonal flu shot.  We had H1N1 – my doctor is quite sure of this – but it isn’t good enough because it wasn’t confirmed by a swab or blood test.  And so this insistence on injecting my entire family with a vaccine that has not been tested nearly enough and may quite possibly cause serious harm to a large number of people who have rushed out to get it.  Maybe we won’t see the effects right away, but what about five or ten years from now?  I’m up in the air about the seasonal flu vaccine – I got it quite often as a kid but am not sure how I feel about it in regards to my own children.  I will have to take Erik in next week for booster shots on immunizations he has already received and I know I’m going to get the same spiel from the public health nurses – if you did not have a confirmed case of swine flu, you MUST get the vaccine and you should get the seasonal because you’re pregnant and two of your children have breathing problems.

I ache to live in simpler times.  No, I don’t want the terrible diseases that people once died from regularly or the struggle to survive past a certain age, but I really wish for a time when the medical establishment was not so interfering.  When our decisions were respected instead of scoffed at.  I think perhaps I need to go live with a bunch of hippies because I know I wouldn’t have to deal with it there.  I have considered taking my children to a naturopath, but according to friends who have seen her, she recommends the same thing for all her patients: no more gluten.  Unless my child is suffering from celiac disease, I am not going to cut all gluten from our diet.  Not happening, end of story.  I want to find preventative things I can do – things I can add to our diet or take away without greatly altering our way of life.  You have to draw the line somewhere, after all.

Meanwhile, all this brain noise is coming one week before Christmas.  One week.  When my gifts to my family are not in the mail yet and therefore will not be getting there in time.  When my exchange gift for my sister-in-law is still not purchased, no baking has been done and no wrapping of gifts either.  We just got our kids through their church Christmas program on Sunday, so at least that is behind us – but all the other responsibilities of the season are upon me.  When did it become so complicated to celebrate the birth of Christ?!  When did it become so stressful?  And how on earth can I get to a place of peace and rest and simple appreciation for the holiday?

Anyway, as soon as I find a nice warm hole to crawl into, I’ll let you all know and send out the dinner party invitations.  Mind you, I won’t be preparing any of the said dinner, but you’re welcome to come over and bring me food.  Just remember – leave all stress and unwanted advice at the door.

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Gingerbread house of doom

For the last three days, I have been working on one big project.  The city visitor centre (the same people who put on the photo scavenger hunt in the summer) is having a gingerbread house contest.  Extra points will be awarded for all-edible creations and for those that include sports themes – due to the upcoming winter Olympics in February.  So what did I do?  I made it all-edible and included a pretty huge sport theme as well.  When I was gathering supplies, I found out that Craftster is having a gingerbread house craft challenge in January.  This meant that I could make the house for the city contest, take photos of it and enter it into the online challenge.  The prizes for the challenge are pretty nice – this is one I really wouldn’t mind winning!  I have no idea what to expect of the city contest, except that they generally have some great prizes for the scavenger hunt in the summer.  As long as they don’t give me another cooler set if I win, I’ll be happy (that’s what I won for second prize in the scavenger hunt).

Anyway, fifteen hours or so went into this house along with four cups of flour, a whole bunch of spices, something like ten cups of sugar and/or molasses, nine egg whites, a box of sugar cubes and more candy than I can name.  What I have in the end is something quite lovely, if I do say so myself.  I’m only afraid that pictures won’t do it justice when I enter it online.  And, as much of a tease as it is, I’m not going to post pictures here out of fear that someone else who is entering the online contest will steal my ideas (yeah, I know, I’m way too paranoid).  As soon as the house is entered online, I’ll post a picture here.  If you’re my friend on Facebook,  you’ll be able to see photos there sooner, as I’m not really concerned about my friends stealing my ideas (primarily because as far as I know, none of them is a member of Craftster).

The hardest part in creating something like this is knowing when to quit.  I had all sorts of ideas and plans and Mike helped to contribute a few, too, but at some point (specifically, this morning around one o’clock), I had to quit.  I have had three nights in a row now going to sleep at two in the morning and I’m completely exhausted, but it’s done and looks good.  And Mike paid me a huge compliment on the first night I worked on it, when it was still pretty bare and said, “Baby, you’re going to win.”  I don’t know about that, but it was a great encouragement to keep working on it.  He came in a number of times and was pretty impressed with my progress, so I feel good about turning it in as it is.  In about twenty minutes, he’ll come home for lunch and drive me down to turn it in.  I don’t want to risk having it sitting on the floor of the van and turning a corner and breaking it, so I figure it would be a good idea to have him drive me so I can hold it.  It’s a bit more effort (namely, getting the kids dressed) but should be worth it.

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Back to reality

It’s amazing what one afternoon, evening, night and morning can do for you when you don’t have to take care of your children.  We dropped the kids off before their nap time on Saturday, went and had a small lunch together and bought some snacks before checking into our hotel.  Yes, it was right here in town and no, it wasn’t a luxury hotel.  But it had a corner jacuzzi tub.  And that speaks volumes about a hotel room.  I filled up the tub and had a good soak first thing and then we ordered Julie and Julia to watch in our room.  Mike thought he was giving in and letting me watch a foodie flick but in the end he liked it just as much as I did.  We watched some tv, laid around relaxing and went to a late supper just across the parking lot.  I had clam chowder, asparagus with hollandaise and crab legs.  Sigh…  We went back, watched some more tv, had another soak in the tub and played Phase 10 at about eleven o’clock.  We fell asleep in a huge comfortable bed.

In the morning, we had a bit of the hotel breakfast and went back to our room until checkout.  Another soak in that lovely tub and a shower and we packed up and checked out at eleven.  I wasn’t quite ready for more food yet so we did a little shopping and then went to a brunch buffet.  And then, after all that, we went to get our kids.  I think I floated until we got home and I saw the mess. 

No matter how good it is, you always have to come back to reality.  No matter how long you’re gone, real life will intrude eventually (unless, of course, yo’ure dead).  But one night was enough to make me even more excited for going to Edmonton in January without the kids.  Then we’ll have three, possibly four, nights to ourselves.  And Christmas and New Years in between, which should help the time go by a lot quicker.

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Where to start?

I miss the old days – when words just floated through my fingers into the keyboard and extreme fatigue or nausea didn’t place a block in my head.  But I have to re-start somewhere as I’m not about to give up.  I’m getting a netbook soon and I’m planning great things with it – like spending one evening a week catching up on my writing – so I’m not going to quit blogging just yet.

Anyway, here is a recap of this past week (post-birthday entry).

Jenny got over her infection quickly, thank heavens, but all the kids are still a bit runny nosed.  Erik was in the ER on Friday night because his breathing was so wheezy and I didn’t really feel like leaving it alone was in his best interest.  He just now finished up a four day course of prednisone.  He’s still coughing up a storm and I’m a little bit concerned that he might need antibiotics to get rid of it.

Friday after the hospital, I went to watch Mike play hockey with his dad.  I don’t know who won.  I spent the majority of the time taking Elias to the bathroom.  I’m seriously thinking that he likes the bathrooms in the new arena so much that he’s peeing his pants just so we have to go there.  The third time I took him, we stayed there for nearly fifteen minutes, drying his pants and underwear under the automatic dryers.  Jenny kept saying she had to go again while we were there – I think this is because she really likes the sink and wanted an excuse to wash her hands one more time .  My kids are so weird sometimes.  The big perk to Friday night and that ER visit is that Mike set it up for the kids to spend the night at his parents’ house, since he was playing hockey and we didn’t know whether I would be going home or not.  They left the game a bit early and I just had Erik for the rest of the night.

We had a lazy start on Saturday, mostly because of our late night on Friday and the fact that this was the first Saturday that Mike has had off for about a month.  I honestly cannot remember much about the day, except that it was fairly surreal having only one child to deal with.  We headed over to Mike’s parents’ house around eleven and played games and napped for most of the afternoon (read: Mike played games, I napped).  We had a nice Mennonite meal for supper – corn, Farmer’s Sausage (don’t ask – I have no idea what to compare it to because I’ve never eaten it…it smells good cooking, anyway), homemade noodles and tilapia.  Okay, so the tilapia was mostly for me and not really Mennonite at all.  In fact, being blackened cajun tilapia, it was pretty much the total opposite of Mennonite food.  Mike had yet another game on Saturday night, this time with his rec. team and I decided to go because we were already out anyway.  Once again, I don’t know who won.  I spent most of that game telling my children not to play with the caution tape strung all over the arena and feeling frustrated that one woman there was letting her grandson do whatever he wanted with it.  And also, talking to my sister-in-law and her sister-in-law.  I haven’t had much time to talk to Marcy lately and it was a real treat.  She has the baby bug pretty bad so she’s enjoying our kids and my pregnancy and hoping to have a few more next year.

Sunday came too early as we had decided to go to the early service.  We did this because our Thanksgiving meal was set for 3:30 that afternoon.  Second service gets out after noon most weeks, which would give us about forty-five minutes to go shopping for salad fixings (since that was my offering to the meal), have lunch and get the kids home and to bed for a nap.  We decided that although we would inevitably be very tired in the morning, we would force ourselves to get up and get to church by 9:15.  Church was over by 10:30 and we headed out to get everything done.  The great thing is that the kids were down, I had the salad more or less ready to go and we were able to have a nap, too. 

Thanksgiving dinner went very well and we celebrated my birthday afterward.  Again, I can’t remember much except that my sister-in-law is making me a nice crocheted toque (a hat, Americans :)) and Mike’s parents gave me a nice bit of money to add to my computer fund.  We left in time to get home and put the kids to bed in a hurry before Mike went to yet another hockey game – this time a church game.  Three hockey games with three different teams in three days – yes, that’s my life.  This time I stayed home (obviously, since I didn’t feel that leaving the kids home alone was a good idea) and was determined to be productive.  I sat at the computer for at least forty-five minutes and suddenly started feeling sick to my stomach.  It got worse over the next hour and I wondered whether I should stick to the plan or avoid any work.  I finally decided that I would feel sick whether I folded laundry or swept the floor or laid on the couch reading.  I swept under the table (I think my kids think we have a dog – they leave plenty to eat for him under there…come to think of it, having a dog would make my job easier at times).  I noticed while I was sweeping that the walls were coloured on, spilled on, and scuffed up and decided that while I was at it, I should wash them.  So, totally against my nature, I grabbed a bucket and some towels and started scrubbing.  With the aid of a Magic Eraser (I love those things!), I got it looking much better.  They are still in sore need of a coat of paint, but at least now if I feel like painting, the walls will be clean.

I finished up the evening by folding about four loads of laundry and getting another two or three going.  In between the cleaning, I threw up a few times.  It never did make me feel better.

On Monday we managed to sleep in until nine and then Mike got up with the kids and fed them and entertained them until after eleven, when I finally got up.  The strangest thing is that with how sick I was on Sunday night, I expected to feel bad when I woke up.  I felt totally normal on Monday morning – go figure!  When we finally were up and dressed and fed, we went back to Mike’s parents’.  My sister-in-law from out of town had wanted to play a particular game all weekend and Mike and his dad finally played it with her that afternoon, just before she and her husband had to head home.  I played another game with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law while the kids napped (or rather, while they messed around and got into trouble about six times for not napping).

After more food, more dessert and a few more games, we went home and had supper.  I talked to my brother after not talking to him for a few months and Mike slept a bit while the kids were watching a movie.  This was also when Elias decided to somehow get the disk drive stuck open.  We really can’t figure it out and will probably be taking it somewhere to get it fixed.  Mike rented a movie that we didn’t like very much and we stayed up later than we should have.  Nothing new there, anyway.

This morning at around seven, I woke up to hear Jenny yelling, “Oh, my! Oh, my!  Oh, my!”  I ran in and she said something about her “breathe” and that she was going to throw up.  I rushed her into the bathroom and..nothing.  I figured taking her back to my room would be smarter than sending her back to bed, just in case the puking really did happen at some point.  It turned out to be a very good decision – although my sheets are now in the wash and my garbage can has vomit in it.  After throwing up, we both went back to sleep and slept until after nine when the boys woke up.  I’m now assuming that whatever was wrong with me on Sunday night is what was wrong with Jenny this morning, as she seems just fine now.  I guess it’s just a really short-lived bug.

Anyway, I should probably be having a nap right now, but like I said, you have to start somewhere and now seemed like a good time for it.  And anyway, I can always go to bed early tonight.  Oh, right, Mike has another hockey game.  Sigh.

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Another year gone

Yesterday was my twenty-sixth birthday.  I had a pancake in the morning, lasagna for lunch and a really wonderful meal for supper.  My husband bought me a jigsaw for my birthday.  Yeah, a saw, not a puzzle.  I’ve been saying I want one for awhile now – he’s becoming a better listener all the time.  I had a long nap in the afternoon and went to bed before midnight.

My meal in the evening was too good to not write about.  We went to The Uptown Grill, which is our “never bring the kids” date restaurant.  They use local products at least some of the time, seasonal produce all of the time and have a changing menu for each season.  They also have a different theme each day – Mexican Mondays, Thai Tuesdays, Indian Wednesdays, Caribbean Thursdays and Surf and Turf Fridays.  Those menus have one item per course – an appetizer, soup and entree as well as a drink special.

I started with sweet potato fries with chipotle aioli from the fall menu – I cannot resist trying sweet potato fries (or yam fries, as most of them actually are) whenever they are new on a menu.  They were good – crisp with a thin batter on them, but the aioli was not as good or spicy as I’ve had before.  I ordered soup with my meal and again chose from the fall menu.  It was wild mushroom and leek soup, and while it had the fatty feel of mushroom soup, the leeks gave it a very nice flavour that mushroom soup doesn’t usually have.  It was so satisfying that I wished later I had just had the soup to start and skipped the fries.  I was pretty satisfied after the soup but still had an entree to at least start on.  I ordered the black bean and corn enchiladas, which I have had before and which are not really anything like authentic enchiladas.  They are amazing, though – made with corn tortillas, cilantro cream cheese filling and black bean and corn throughout, topped with lettuce, tomato and pickled red onions.  I think I managed about four bites of that and decided I’d better quit.  But then Mike asked whether they did anything for birthdays.  They do the traditional free dessert and I couldn’t resist.  I went with the Italian tartufo – espresso ice cream rolled in nuts and toffee bits, served with chocolate and caramel sauce and whipped cream.  Ahhh, what a dessert.  I didn’t get even close to finishing it, but it sure was good while it lasted.  My pregnant stomach manages to fit a bit more than normal, but there’s always a point when one must stop, no matter how good it tastes.  The sad thing is that I was hungry again within an hour and a half.  I had a few cookies and some milk at home before bed. 

It was a good birthday and I’ll still get to celebrate a bit more this weekend with the family.  I did wake up yesterday morning with a nasty head cold, but thankfully, it didn’t manage to drag me down much. 

On Monday night I took Jenny to emergency because she had been breathing fast all afternoon and evening – she has a chest infection and needs antibiotics and an inhaler – but they let us go home and she’s better already.  I was thinking then that I just couldn’t handle it if they made us stay overnight or something.  We had a late night, but at least got to sleep in our own beds.

Anyway, there is another year gone, and time just seems to keep going faster.  At the moment, I wish it would speed up a little bit so I can get past the stomach issues of early pregnancy, but thankfully things seem to be getting better.

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Vacation planning

This year, Mike and I decided that a kid-free vacation was a good idea.  Erik is weaned and walking, we have no set use for our tax refund and we haven’t managed a kid-free vacation since Jenny was born. 

We were talking about going to Nova Scotia and driving into nearby provinces and possibly even Maine, but with recent stresses, I decided that if I could do anything for a vacation, I would take a cruise.  Stress-free, work-free and abundant in food sounds great to me.  Mike was not totally sold on a cruise at first unless we could go to the South Pacific, as it is a bit more out of the ordinary.  A tiny bit of research proved that South Pacific cruises are way out of our price range and a little bit of sweet talking got Mike to agree that a Caribbean cruise for less than half the price and flights totally covered by air miles would be worth it, even if it was something that lots of other people do. 

Nothing is set in stone, but Mike’s parents told us last night that if we waited and went in January (rather than November or December), they could help us out more with the kids.  We figured it would be good to go first thing in the new year, but low season airmiles flights don’t start until the eighth of January.  The first cruise after that is leaving on the tenth of the month, which gives us a day to travel and an extra day just in case something goes wrong.  We’ll make sure to get the insurance so that if we don’t make it, we’ll get credit or money back for the cruise, but otherwise, we’ll just hope that nothing goes wrong.

The big decision now is whether to go with a Norwegian cruise out of Miami like Mike’s parents have advised, which will cost us more airmiles and money, or go with a Royal Carribean cruise leaving from Texas that is cheaper and actually has better reviews, but not as many ports of call.  I think I’d almost go with the latter just to see how different it is from the experience on Norwegian that my in-laws had. 

Anyone been on a cruise and have opinions??  I didn’t expect we’d ever be doing this so early in life, but it’s just as affordable (or more so) as flying somewhere and staying in a hotel for a week.

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Nine days ago…

Or was it eight..?  Anyway, I committed myself to staying off the computer for one week, focusing instead on getting my house in good order and getting some projects done.  I let people know where I needed to last Monday and shut the computer down.  And about an hour later, Mike called to tell me that he was being sent four hours north of here for work, probably for five days or so.  Had it been two or three days, we may have stayed home, except that Mike’s sister and her husband live there and we had been promising a visit.  Mike would be staying there anyway because his work there was in their garage (the house is company owned, he works for the same company as our brother-in-law..yada, yada).  So we packed up and left Tuesday afternoon for a town a good deal smaller than ours, to a house with two Great Danes and no children.  And stairs.

Six days later we came back, worn out and so glad to be home after a rough week.  Erik fell down the stairs twice, I found myself in tears at least three times, we were perpetually covered in dog hair and constantly telling the kids to not do this or not do that.  As far as good things?  Jenny learned to swim by herself..with water wings.  Previous to this trip, she wouldn’t even let us let her go at all, and in two trips to the pool, she was all over the place by herself.  We did try taking the water wings, but the thing that worked best was just giving her a pool noodle to put under her arms.  Elias, on the other hand, spent his time in the pool clinging to us in total fear.  Erik sat in his little baby float with his face smushed into the front of it, looking completely relaxed and rather unamused by anything.  We walked to the pool twice out of three times and took lots of walks – in fact, I determined that I had some form of exercise every day we were there.  It helped my mood, but certainly didn’t prevent the inevitable clashing between families.

Anyway, it is wonderful to be home and yet my children insist on being a pain in the neck even though they are back in their own space.  I’ll be glad for the long weekend coming up and a bit of a break from being on my own.

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Well, it could be worse and I’m certain that my tonsillectomy will be worse.  At the moment, it’s mostly the pain in my jaw and cheeks that’s bothering me – I’m assuming from all the stretching, pulling, etc. that they had to do to take my teeth out.  Yesterday my lower lip and chin were numb for nearly seven hours and I was starting to worry that they had hit my nerve and damaged it.  It was back by bedtime, though, so I went to bed pretty relieved.  I also had three nosebleeds yesterday, which are apparently a by-product of the surgery.  I’m still icing my face twenty minutes at a time because I’m a bit puffy.  I really don’t like it when my face is puffy – like…at the end of pregnancy, but it’s a bit more centralized around my jowls…I don’t really like the idea of having jowls.  I have all sorts of lovely instructions for the next few days, like brushing my teeth without going too far back, swishing with nasty prescription mouthwash for a few days, then nasty salt water for another few days.  I’m just hoping that I’ll be done with all those things by the 29th. 

Good news about the 29th is that everything seems to be falling into place for childcare and rides to the hospital – I still have to arrange for someone to pick me up from the hospital, but it may be late enough in the day to have MIke come for me.

Today is Father’s Day and it does suck to not be able to really give Mike a nice Father’s Day.  We’ve always had a deal that on Mother’s Day, I get to do pretty much whatever I want while still fitting in time with his family, and vice versa on Father’s Day.  I will still have to rest as much as possible today, especially with my next surgery looming eight days ahead of me.  I already gave Mike his gift and just have to write in a card for him.  I realized with a bit of dread that I didn’t send my dad a card, so I will just have to call him and maybe send an e-card.  I vow that I will not forget to do one of those things today (as I once forgot to call him on his birthday…and didn’t even know it was his birthday until three days later!).

There is a Father’s Day fundraising brunch this morning at church to raise money for a team going to Zambia in September.  We’re up earlier than normal and going to be heading out in less than an hour, so I suppose I’d better have a shower or get dressed..or something, since I’m sitting here writing in my pjs. 🙂

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Day 12: Ephesians 2:4-5

For a reminder of what I am doing this month, read this post.

Ephesians 2:4-5

…But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved)…

I hope all of you had a relaxing and refreshing Easter holiday – we spent most of our at my in-laws, playing games and eating way too much.  More on that later…

I like the descriptive nature of this verse.  It does not just tell us what God did for us, but tells us why – because of the great love with which He loves us.  His love is not a shallow, self-serving love (although this kind of love can hardly be called love at all), but a GREAT love.  How blessed we are that even if we are utterly alone in the world, our Creator loves us greatly.  Not only does He love us, but while we were still full of sin – dead in our trespasses – He made a way for us to live with Christ.  Wouldn’t it be something if everyone could know the feeling of real life that He provides for us with salvation? 

I had intended to relate these verses to my life as a housewife, but many of them in the last week have been more broad – relating to salvation.  I am thankful that I am saved, and it should be something that permeates even my life at home.  It was interesting trying to explain to Jenny yesterday why we celebrate Easter.  I don’t think she understands the concept of sin, salvation or even God entirely yet.  She knows how to pray, and does so often before meals or when she wants to remind God about that sister she doesn’t have yet.  I just don’t think she gets it yet.  I’m okay with that, and will just keep telling her about God’s great love and His sacrifice until she is old enough to understand. 

The Duggars are expecting a grandchild – if you haven’t heard about them, here’s their story.  I watched an interview with the family today and at the end, Meredith Veira asked Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar what parenting advice they would give their son and his wife and their first response was to bring up your children teaching them to love God with all their hearts.  I was so impressed that they spoke so boldly for Christ and that they stressed the importance of this one thing in parenting.  No matter what we do wrong with our kids, if we teach them this one thing, it will have been worth it to see them grow up knowing that God loves them and they ought to love Him as well with all they have.

As I said before, we had a great Easter weekend – we ate meals at Mike’s parents Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I’d be amazed if I didn’t put on a pound or two from all the good stuff we ate.  We had our fair share of issues over there, as it’s not quite as kid friendly as our house and Elias doesn’t seem to get that he can’t touch certain things.  But all in all, it was fun and relaxing (the hot tub doesn’t hurt in that department).  I’m going to have a bit of trouble getting back in the swing of things at home, particularly having to cook meals again after getting a three day break.  Speaking of which, I should probably start planning for supper tonight before I break down and go out to eat.

This verse of the day comes from VOTD.

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