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Eight Months!

Ben is eight months old today and I finally gave him his first haircut!

Cutting an eight month old baby’s hair is HARD!

Yesterday I got some video of Ben in his jolly jumper – he absolutely loves it.  Plus, I caught him screaming like a little girl, which is also a favourite pastime. 🙂

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Time to keep the floors clean

Well, with how much this boy loves to eat paper, I guess it’s time to start making sure there isn’t any in his way, because he’s finally moving!!

And, in other news, a recent Pioneer Woman post sent me over to and a new addiction was born.  Okay, so addiction is a strong word, but it is pretty fun. Answer questions correctly (mainly English vocabularly, but there are other subjects, too), donate 10 grains of rice to feed the hungry.  Corporate sponsors do the actual donating for every correct answer.  Pretty sweet, hey?


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Just can’t get enough…

Of this kid.  This is his after-bath hair.  Everyone keeps saying he nees a haircut but I just can’t do it yet.  He’s a BABY, for goodness sake. 🙂


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Something to be thankful for

It’s Thanksgiving this week in the old USA – we had our Thanksgiving a long time ago now…six weeks ago or so.

But anyway, I just figured I’d mention that I now only have one child in diapers.  In my book, that’s pretty sweet, and something I can be thankful for.

Okay, so Erik has been wearing a diaper to bed and for naps, but he wore the same one for like three days without wetting it, so I think we can phase that out as well.  And he’s only had two accidents in the last week and a half.  Possibly my easiest child to potty train yet.  Yay, Erik!!

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Solid food

Ben is six months old today.

Seriously!!  Time flies.

He had some rice cereal this afternoon.  It’s the first time he’s had anything other than Mama’s milk.  First bite from a spoon.  He rocked it.

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Love at first sight

I’m willing to bet that there are hundreds – no, thousands – of blog posts with this title and that a good number of them relate to exactly the same subject as mine.  Still, I had to do it.

I don’t believe in love at first sight between two adults – love is more complicated than that.  However, there is one form of love at first sight that is completely real.  If you have children (especially if you are a mother), you probably know this feeling. 

Anyway, the spirit of the post is remembering that love because it’s too easy to watch your kids grow up and become argumentative and strong willed and start to forget what that overwhelming love felt like.

Here’s my first baby-love on her birthday.

And my second.

My third.

 And my fourth.

I hope that God will bless me again with more of these love at first sight experiences, but if this is all I ever have, I’m glad to have it.  They are beautiful, unique and precious.  There has always been enough love in my heart for new babies, and the overwhelming love is just as strong with each as it was with the first.


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My Kids

There are plenty of things I could write about today.  I could complain about certain aspects of my life and home.  I could go on and on about money, health, parenting issues and homelife. 

But today, I just want to remember why I do what I do.  I’ve done this here before, but it’s been awhile.

These are my kids.  They’re goofy, loving, friendly and fun.  They’re great, even when they’re not.  😉

Kid Number One

Kid Number Two

Kid Number Three

Kid Number Four (this is the goofiest look he would give me)

I love them.


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Big deep breath

Today Elias turned four. 

Tomorrow would be Jenny’s first day of kindergarten.  If I were sending her to public school, anyway.

The big deep breath is needed because tomorrow I become teacher. 

This year will be an experiment in homeschooling.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t intend to continue after this year – I intend to homeschool all my children through middle school and give them the option of public high school when they get there.  But this is year one.  I will have to learn what kind of teacher I will be and what kind of student my daughter will be. 

We will not be using set curriculum this year.  It is, after all, kindergarten.  I have goals for this year to keep Jenny on track or just slightly ahead of her public school friends: recognition of letters, counting past 20 (she’s struggling with that for some reason), knowing letter sounds.  It would be fantastic if we could get her reading by the end of the year, but I’m not counting on it.  She is a challenge to teach already so we’ll have to work out the kinks between now and next year.  At some point, I will probably do distance learning for my kids so that they have a teacher they can communicate via email and I can focus on the younger grades. 

Anyway, that’s that.  I’ll try to post now and again about how things are going.  Jenny is very excited about school but has also expressed a desire to have a “class” like kids in movies.  I don’t think this will be a problem now but I will have to make sure to engage her in learning so that the lack of other students doesn’t bother her.

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Ben is two months old now.  He weighs 14 lbs 8 oz.  That’s pretty big. 

He’s a doll.


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Making things work

I can’t explain it, but somehow my house is not currently destroyed.  It may not be perfect, but I don’t feel as though I’d be embarrassed if someone just came by unexpectedly (after all, that mess in the living room with all the couch cushions and blankets and pillows was made by the kids just this morning).  Even with Ben at the breast every two hours throughout the day and Mike working overtime so he’s not able to do much around the house when he gets home – I’m managing.  People with fewer than four children all seem to think I’m nuts or brave or sick in the head (okay, no one has actually used that phrase on me), but I don’t see how it’s all that different than before.  You know, aside from having a little human attached to my chest for half the day.

Okay, so how am I doing it?  One little bit at a time.  At the moment, I do have three loads of laundry to fold and my sheets badly need to be washed (mostly thanks to Ben spitting up all over them every night).  But my bathroom is in pretty good shape – the toilet and sink recently cleaned – my kitchen will be easy to tidy up – just the dishwasher to unload and reload and the counter to wipe down.  The floor needs sweeping again, but I did it yesterday which means it won’t be a big job.  Cleaning up often means pulling myself away from mindless net-surfing or choosing not to crash on the couch in the middle of the day.  But even a few minutes here and there make a difference.

I will say one thing – the tradition of “lying in” (see my friend LaSandra‘s post on her church’s take on it here) feels mighty tempting to me at times.  To have someone come even once in awhile to help me out with housework or older kid stuff so I could just relax and recuperate sounds pretty good.  The catch is that people literally go nowhere other than to the doctor (or they’re not supposed to) for six weeks.  I think I’d have a hard time not taking my baby to church the first Sunday after birth, like I have with all my kids, or not going to my in-laws the day we get out of the hospital, something we’ve done with three of our kids now.  On Monday of this week, I met my sister-in-law and nephews at the park – it was a bit of work getting everybody out by myself, but it was good for the kids.  I went to Wal Mart that night with Ben and picked up a movie on my way home.  Last night we went to supper at my sister-in-law’s house – it was her turn to make me a meal and she decided to have us over instead of bringing it to us.  I just think I’m too social to be confined completely.  But hey, staying home during the day most of the week and having someone here to help me some of the time?  Sure, that would be great.  As much as I’m saying keeping the house clean isn’t that hard, I will admit that I would probably feel even better right now if I didn’t have to do it.  If I could just rest with Ben and get to know him one on one.  Sleep in, take naps in the afternoon instead of baking birthday cakes.  Maybe I don’t understand the concept very well, but if I could have it my way, lying in would mean spending about 75% of the time at home, being helped by another woman (no, not by my husband…it would just make him grumpy to stay home for weeks and do housework :D) and going out on occasion when my sanity demands it. 

But lying in is something I doubt anyone up here has ever heard of (at least anyone under the age of sixty) and aside from a few days of Mike being home and a week of suppers that ladies from our church bring over, I’ve always been expected to take up the housewife role within a week or so of giving birth.  Who knows if I would actually be healthier by resting more – I think I might be in a better mood, but only if the house was clean and meals were made in addition to my being more rested.  Maybe I wouldn’t be losing weight so fast (twenty-three pounds down after eleven days – nine of those between the 28th and the 1st).  Anyway, just a thought.

I’ve been at the computer long enough this morning to give me a bit of a headache – or at least aggravate the one I was already starting to get when I woke up.  I have my citizenship test one week from now and have been studying and taking an online practice test over and over again hoping it will work to prepare me enough that I’ll pass it.  A twenty question multiple choice test should be easy, right?  Well, my brain HATES history…so we’ll see.

Oh, as for my “little” boy – he’s up to 9 lb 10 oz and 21 1/4 inches – twelve ounces and a quarter inch up from birth twelve days ago.  Go, Ben, go!! 🙂  Hooray for breastmilk!

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