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Ben can do fist pumps, too!

Psst…check it out: Ben is on Today’s Letters for Fist Pump Friday! If you haven’t given this blog a read yet, DO IT! It’s always fun and a bit sappy, which is completely appropriate for a happy, healthy marriage. 🙂

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Various photos of my beauties

I wanted to post a picture of both Erik as a baby and Ben, today, sleeping in the high chair. So I set about combing my files for the picture of Erik at about nine months, passed out after a meal. What I found were hundreds (thousands, actually) of pictures of my little ones.

I adore them.

In order of age, here are my babies in some pictures I just love.

Jenny, at ten months. We always had such a hard time getting her to smile for pictures. Or at all, really. But she was just so lovely. And she just gets prettier all the time.

Jenny, just a few months ago, being her goofy, smiley self. I cannot believe she’s going to be six this year. Six!

Elias, at nine months. I have always loved this close-up of my boy. One of my favourite kid pictures ever. Look at his pouty little lips!!

Elias, in November, aged four. This kid is gorgeous, and looks so much like his daddy.

Erik at five months. My itty-bitty boy. I always called him Munchkin back then.

Erik on New Years Eve, two and a half years old. Doing his cheesy grin. He’s possibly my least photogenic child at this point in his life. He runs away half the time I get the camera out, and does a big cheesy grin the other half. He’s still itty-bitty, by the way. 🙂

And finally, the kid you probably see the most of here, anyway, Ben. This is from August, so he was around three months old here. Chubby and happy.

This one is just after Christmas, making him seven months old. They change so fast.

Thanks for letting me overwhelm you with photos. I don’t usually post so many, but today was one of those days, and I need to look hard at these blessings and be thankful for them. And I am. Over and out.


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My kids are awesome

Yeah, they’re cool. People like them. I like them. A lot.

Ben had some frozen blueberries today in a little mesh feeder (that sounds weird, doesn’t it?).  Blueberries are messy. Ben is cute, even when covered in blue juice. Especially when covered in blue juice? 🙂

I tried to get a good picture of the oldest three at the table tonight. They were posed nicely, looking at the camera, when Erik got thirsty. Slurp, inhale, spill, cry. Comedic photograph as opposed to nice sibling love photograph. Even better!

Mike’s away for a few days for work so I’m hanging out by myself with the kiddos. I made a good meal tonight that he would not have liked but the kids and I loved, and I watched a chick flick that he most certainly would not have wanted to watch. Pat myself on the back for staying busy and trying to have a good time even though I hate being left alone.

Yesterday’s post was fun..and has me thinking more on number eleven  (if you didn’t read the list yesterday, check it out). I want opinions, people! Is it weird if a mother of four young children buys used dolls and paints/pierces them? Dresses them in strange things? Cuts off half of their hair? Tries to make a business out of it? It’s an art form I really and truly enjoyed when I was younger and even if I did some weird stuff back then, it would be a bit more tame now (no fake blood, for example). I just love the process of seeing them become something entirely different from what they began as. And I get the feeling that there are people out there who would pay money for them. For example, this doll is for sale on Etsy right now and the shop owner has had twenty-six sales of similar dolls. Some of the stuff I found on Etsy in this category is downright creepy, and I can promise that I won’t be doing demons or dead babies or anything along those lines. Ew. But still, it’s a thought.

Anyway, I told myself I’d go to bed early every night this week. Apparently tonight is going to be the exception (let’s hope). I need sleep! Ben doesn’t sleep well, but I could make things better by simply going to bed earlier. So that’s what I’m going to attempt for a few days while it’s just me calling the shots. And that’s what I’m going to do right now: go to bed. Night, world!


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Eight Months!

Ben is eight months old today and I finally gave him his first haircut!

Cutting an eight month old baby’s hair is HARD!

Yesterday I got some video of Ben in his jolly jumper – he absolutely loves it.  Plus, I caught him screaming like a little girl, which is also a favourite pastime. 🙂

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Just can’t get enough…

Of this kid.  This is his after-bath hair.  Everyone keeps saying he nees a haircut but I just can’t do it yet.  He’s a BABY, for goodness sake. 🙂


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