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Because I’d hate to leave you hanging..

Nope, no baby yet.  And, as of Friday morning, baby was not in a good position for birth anyway, so that’s not such a bad thing.  Head was on one side, the spine curved around the bottom of my belly, the bum was on the other side and the feet were at the top.  I thought it was head down because I was feeling kicks up high…apparently it just meant that this kiddo is a contortionist.  The tech also said the estimated weight as of Friday was seven pounds, six ounces.  That’s already bigger than Erik was at 41 weeks gestation.  Not that I would believe it 100% but I think they’re often not far off.  So, I have a big baby who is not cooperating.  And whom I would love to give an eviction notice to right about now. 

But there are upsides to still being pregnant.  Like helping Mike to get the shed cleaned out and reorganized.  It looks ten times better now even though we had to just throw things back in at the end of the morning (or rather, the early afternoon).  The weather started to turn on us and I didn’t want the dozen or so cardboard boxes packed with yard sale stuff getting soaked.  Of course, as soon as we got ninety percent of it back in, it got nice again.  Go figure.  We don’t exactly get downpours here…well, not often anyway. 

After the shed was done and we were all back inside with some lunch in our bellies, I thought I was done for the day.  And then I got inspired and thought it would be a good idea to clean my bathroom cabinet.  Wow!  If ever I have felt triumphant about something, this was it.  Okay, I’ve had that feeling lots of other times, but this was up there.  I now have a huge amount of empty space I can put towels in and everything is ordered and put away in a smart place.  The counter got cleaned up and I ended up with a big bag of garbage and a box full of bath things to give away.  A lot are brand new, but some just have a tiny bit missing – lotions and bubble baths and such.  I can’t handle artificial scents anymore so I decided it was finally time to get rid of all that stuff.  That freed up a ton of space.

After having a fairly restful Sunday, I did dishes, a bit of laundry and cleaned up my counter and stovetop before bed last night.  This morning, I finished up the laundry (not the folding..but I’ll get to it) and did the dishes before getting into anything else.  Then I made two freezer paper stencils for some baby gifts.  I have two baby showers this week and I want gifts ready now so that if I’m in the hospital (PLEASE!), I can send them along with someone else.  I’m pretty proud of my work…cute little white onesies, one with a tent and “Happy Camper” on it and the other with a turtle.  Okay, so not such a difficult thing to do, but I do like it when I’m particularly pleased with the outcome.

My sister-in-law, mother-in-law and nephews came over for about an hour this morning and we let all the kids play in the backyard.  The boys are now down for a nap and I made Jenny lie down to “rest” because she was so grouchy.  Well, the rest that wasn’t going to be a sleep (I told her she didn’t have to sleep!) turned into just that.  She’s conked out and now I just have to decide what to do with the next hour and a half.  I have three loads of laundry to fold, so I think I’d better take care of that.

My daily to-do list has gone out the window and been replaced with something a bit more logical – trying to get things done when I feel like it and reading books when I don’t.  I do want to stay on top of dishes, laundry and basic tidying because I don’t want to bring a new baby home to a pigsty.  The longer I’m pregnant, the harder that’s going to be to do…so, here’s my message to my child:

Get yourself into an appropriate position – head down, not posterior, please – and get moving!  Yes, I know, I still have two weeks until my due date and two of my children have been a week late, but I did have one that came two and a half weeks early.  So now would be fine.  As long as you listen to that first bit of instruction.  Do not try to come out sideways or feet first!  Mommy does not want a c-section!!

I promise that as soon as I have this kid and I’m home from the hospital (barring any strange complications), I’ll let you know.  I will not be blogging while I’m in labour or while I’m in the hospital….unless I have to be there for a week or something.  And that IS NOT going to happen. 🙂


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Thirty-seven weeks…but hey, who’s counting?

Oh, right, I’m counting!  Three weeks until my due date…twenty-one days.  I’m not going to go into hours or minutes – that would be overkill.

Full term is nice, but a baby in my arms would be nicer.  🙂  I’m getting quite impatient and there is only one way to combat that – stay busy!  Forced nesting, novel reading, movie watching, solitaire playing – whatever works.  I came up with an idea last week that I hope will work for me – I’m going to give myself two options each day on a weekly to-do list.  My options for today are installing the baby carseat or finishing up on our bedroom.  Both need to be done before baby gets here and if I have the energy, I’ll actually do both today.  I was going to just have one thing to do each day, but then I realized it would be all too easy to feel too tired or overwhelmed by one task and skip it, leaving the whole day wide open.  Installing the seat today would be quick and I could do it while the boys sleep this afternoon.  It would take a good deal less effort than cleaning my bedroom but is also something that Mike could do, while the bedroom is definitely my job (only because I want it a certain way and it’s mostly my mess, not his – sheepish grin).  I got about halfway done last week while Mike was gone (more on that later) and it won’t take too much time but I want to do it thoroughly and not just rush through it.  It’s hard to say what I’ll decide on today, but I will have to make up my mind in the next half hour.

So, yes, Mike was gone from Wednesday morning until Friday night.  We survived, but just barely.  Wednesday offered a bit of time alone while my mother-in-law watched the kids, and then lunch with her and my sister-in-law (and all the kids).  That night was smooth and Thursday morning went just fine, too.  It all went downhill halfway through naptime on Thursday.  The boys woke up and Erik was having a hard time breathing.  We’d all had colds for some time so it wasn’t a big surprise, but still a pain.  I put the kids down at seven that night and watched a movie to unwind after a rough afternoon.  I should have gone to bed.  I had just fallen asleep around eleven when Erik woke up for the first time.  What followed was a very long night.  I was up once an hour with one of the kids – Jenny ended up sleeping with me half the night and throwing up twice in my bed – thankfully she’s old enough to wait for the garbage can to be strategically placed before puking.  Elias was only up once to go to the bathroom but then realized that Jenny wasn’t in bed and freaked out.  Meanwhile, I developed pain in my head and nose that felt like a sinus infection, which really didn’t help.  Erik and Jenny both had their inhalers twice overnight and by morning I felt ready to crawl under my bed and hide until Friday night.  We struggled through the day and when Mike pulled in around nine-thirty, I was practically euphoric.  The good news is that we got better over the weekend.  We stayed busy enough but had a nap both days.  We still all have runny noses and I’m still getting a sinus headache now and then, but we are better.  The best news is that Erik never had to go into the hospital.  I’ve gotten used to taking him in nearly every time he has any sort of cough or cold because his breathing gets so laboured.  We just went through that a few weeks ago and I was really not looking forward to it again so soon.

Anyway, now the boys are in bed and I’m fairly certain I’m going to go with carseat installation today.  There is also laundry to be done and I’ve had to turn Jenny down for three days in a row when she’s asked to help me fold laundry.  If she’ll keep up the colouring long enough for me to get the carseat in, I suppose we’ll probably take the laundry into my room and get that done.  It is never ending and there’s no point in letting it pile up for too long – it gets easier to leave it and harder to do when I don’t fold every load or two.

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Almost time for a break

I think for old time’s sake, I’ll go back and talk about what started this blog.  Housekeeping.  And my complete and utter loathing of it.

But first, I have THREE more sleeps before our trip!!  Woohoo!  It’s been a tiring week already and I’m so looking forward to the break from the kids, from housework (YAY!), cooking, etc.  We’ve been very disciplined with our money so we’ve eaten at home all month unless someone took us out for a meal or had us over.  That is since we read Dave Ramsey’s book, anyway.  We decided not to be too strict with an actual budget this month, though, because of our trip.  It wasn’t budgeted for so we’ve been skimping on everything to pay for the weekend in cash.  We may have to dip into our savings to help us out, but we’d rather do that than have more debt to deal with.  The hardest time with this plan seems to be the transition from using credit cards to using cash.   When you use a credit card, you’re buying things with next months money; when you use cash, it’s (obviously) this months money.  So we made the decision to pay for our credit card bill from last month with our line of credit and then transfer the whole thing to a 0% interest credit card.  I know it seems like going backwards by getting another credit card, but it seems to be the best plan because of the amount of money we’re paying in interest on the line of credit.  We’ll be able to pay the whole amount off in a few months with our tax refund anyway, so after that the card will be cancelled.

Anyway, back to the H word. 

My house is a wreck.  I wonder how many times I’ve said that on this blog?  I’m guessing at least a dozen times in those exact words.  Hard to say, though.  I could also say, “My house is a disaster.”  “My house is a gigantic pig sty.”  “My house is beyond all help.”  There are just so many options.  I know the reasons for a lot of it – my kids have too many toys and too many clothes and I haven’t taken the recycling in so they keep pulling paper and cardboard out and dragging it around the house.  When the floor is covered in clutter, it makes it pretty hard to sweep/vacuum/mop.  And to top it all off, I’ve been immersed in thoughts of money and crafts all month and cleaning just has not been my priority.  But here’s the thing: I DO NOT want to come home to a house that looks like this.  Generally after a weekend or longer away from home, I’m looking forward to coming home.  I won’t feel so great about it if I know that it’s a wreck/disaster/gigantic pig sty/beyond all help.  So clean I must.  But packing must also be done.  And the swap package I’m bringing with me has to be done since it’s all going to my partner on Monday (in person!).  So I have to fit things in where I can.  I’m doing fairly good keeping up with the laundry and dishes, although there are more dishes than normal thanks to eating all our meals at home.  The main issue is the clutter accumulating on the floors and any open surface.  If it can be cleared, it will be that much easier to do the actual cleaning.  Not that it will be any more fun, but I will admit a certain satisfaction comes about from scrubbing floors or vacuuming carpet.  Finding a place for all the junk is the part I enjoy the least.

Anyway, I’m going to make an attempt at it this week – in fact, in the next three days since that’s all I’ve got.  If I can leave the floors clean and the kitchen counters wiped down I’ll be pretty happy.  If the piles of clutter on the entryway table and desk are cleared up, even better!

I’ll let you know how it turns out…maybe. 😉

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At the moment, my head and heart actually feel quite peaceful.  My kids are all in their room playing nicely together and they had a big breakfast which means they won’t be begging for lunch for another hour or two.  Tomorrow afternoon, Mike and I are dropping the kids off at his parents, checking into a hotel and having nearly twenty-four hours alone!  So I’m feeling pretty good.  But I know if I turn around, my stomach will flip.  My house is a DISASTER!  And it’s an uphill battle – just last weekend, we actually had it looking pretty good.  The toys were cleaned up and the kids room was spotless on Friday, I vacuumed the living room and dining area thoroughly a few days after that.  Mike had picked up all the garbage, recycling and dirty clothes and put them where they belonged.  And now, you’d never know any of that had been done.  I hardly know where to start!!  I felt like cleaning yesterday but I only made it as far as doing dishes and folding laundry.  My desk needs to be cleared off and the floors desperately need sweeping and mopping.  Most of all, I need organization.  And space.  The organizing will take work, but the space is all used up.  The best thing I can do is to look around and try to figure out what can be moved, what I can get rid of, what I can pack away in the shed. 

Things I can pack away:

English Corner stuff.  We gave it up when no one came forward to help but we were first given all the materials and they are all sitting by my front door still, taking up precious space.  It will either go in the shed or go to the church to be stored.

Kids clothes.  I have one bin of Jenny’s too-small clothing and one or two of Erik’s that have no business being in the house.  Out they (should) go.

Unused household items.  Like my waffle maker.  The one that was last used by my father when he was here visiting in 2005.  The one I had never used before.  Also the rice cooker (I cook my rice on the stove and it works just fine!), mini food processor and probably a dozen other small things that I imagine must be packed in the back corners of my cupboards.  I know they are in there, but I have no idea what they might be because I haven’t seen them since we moved in four years ago.

Unused books that I’m not quite willing to part with.  This one is iffy.  I don’t really want boxes of books in my shed.  But my bookcase is totally full and I really want to clear the books out that are in the open window of the dividing wall between the living room and kitchen.  Some can certainly be given away and some even thrown away – can you say 2007 Sears catalogue?  But some I know I will probably have to pack up and save.

Things that can be given away, thrown away or recycled:

The growing pile of junk in my bedroom that is destined for the thrift store.  The one I started in June.

The masses of recycling all over the house.  This part is hard and is worth explaining.  The recycling depot here is in a not so nice part of town.  During the day, they are open to take things inside and recycle.  This requires all sorts of sorting – separating different kinds of paper, cardboard, plastic and tin.  If you wait until that part is closed – around six o’clock – you can use the outside bins which do not require so much sorting.  The other downside of having to go inside is that I nearly always have my children with me during the day.  I will not leave them in the vehicle while I stand inside sorting things.  It’s illegal.  And I don’t feel like having my children taken from me because I was sorting recyclables.  So, the answer is to go at night by myself.   The trouble with that is that now it’s dark at six o’clock.  The last time I dropped things off at night during the winter I was totally creeped out the whole time I was there.  So, there lies the reason that I have so much recycling lying around.  We’re talking two full small blue bins, two full diaper boxes of paper and cardboard, three full garbage bags of plastics and tin and one large blue bin full of the same.  It’s pretty bad.

Things that can be moved:

The nightstand sitting in the living room.  It should probably go into our bedroom, even though there is no room for it by the bed.  I don’t mind our bedroom being crowded as we mostly just sleep there and don’t generally invite our friends over to hang out there.  However, I greatly mind our living room being stuffed full of furniture. 

The masses of paperwork, books, craft supplies and goodness knows what else on the table by the front door, the dining room table, the kitchen counter and my desk.  It might not  all be destined for the garbage, but it does need to find a better home.

So, that’s about it.  I’m quite sure there’s more, but my mind is cluttered now and I can’t think of anything else.  There goes the peaceful feeling.

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The slacker returns

My apologies for my lengthy absence.  At least I think it was lengthy.  I was thinking about the blog recently and realizing that I’ve gotten pretty far away from my original purpose.  I had a plan with this one – to give other bad housekeepers the comfort that comes in knowing that you are not alone.  Now if I had miraculously changed and become the perfect little housewife, it would make sense that things would change, but things are more or less as they were when I started: messy.  I have about a dozen different areas in my house that need a LOT of work right now and about an ounce of motivation to work on them.  I am much more interested in reading, crafting or just lying around being lazy.  And pregnancy doesn’t help this lack of motivation.

Anyway, I don’t have time right now for a long post as I have to pack up a baby gift, clear all the snow off my van, have sandwiches ready for Mike and drive the gift to the church when he comes home for lunch.  I am going to a partylite party tonight so I won’t be able to make it to the baby shower happening at the church.  I don’t plan to buy a single thing at the party, but the hostess is a good friend and I told her I’d be a body for her so she has enough people.  

If I have a bit more time in the afternoon, I may write a bit more about the house then, but otherwise, it will probably be later in the week.

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Update – good news!

Well, I spent a good deal of time praying, worrying, and cleaning (yeah, I know…it was nice to stay busy) last night, and Mike and I stayed up playing Scrabble because I just couldn’t go to bed without any news.  I feared the worst for hours because we weren’t hearing anything about the situation.  Finally sometime close to midnight, Mike’s mom called and said that everything is okay.  We have another nephew and he is TINY!  4 lbs 11 oz and 17 in. long!  Being two and a half weeks early obviously has something to do with this, as his older brother was only two days early but weighed 5 lbs 8 oz.

The irony is that the crisis got me to clean my bedroom – it’s not done, but I made great progress last night while I was waiting for news.  I thought it we went to bed I wouldn’t be able to sleep.  Then after we had gotten the good news and finished our game, I couldn’t fall asleep.  I told myself that since the kids had been sleeping in until nine or nine-thirty the last few days, it wasn’t so bad – even if it was after two when I fell asleep, they’d sleep late and I could get seven hours of sleep at least.  Well, I was awake before eight and couldn’t go back to sleep – thinking about that new baby, of course.  They’re not here in town, but forty minutes away, so I was trying to determine how I might be able to see them while they are still in the hospital.  And…trying to figure out what to do about my midday appointment today.  It’s a pre-anaesthetic clinic and takes about an hour.  The original plan was to have Mike stay with the kids through his lunch break and then have my neighbour come over when he had to go back to work.  Now he’s working at the gravel pit for the day, which means he won’t be coming home for lunch at all.  So I have to do some thinking and calling around to figure something out.

Add to all this my own personal stress, swollen face and pained jaw and I seriously need a vacation.


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Katie’s no-good, very bad day.

Today is not a good day.  I have too much on my mind, too many things to do, not enough in my stomach and not nearly enough patience or clear thought to work through it all.  I have six days before I go for more surgery and I still have so much to do.  Meals must be made and frozen, the house must be cleaned decently, groceries must be stocked up. 

Erik won’t sleep because he had a short nap earlier today in the car and then when I brought him inside.  It’s my own fault.  I should have woken him up instead of letting him sleep.  This happened yesterday, too.  I have insane pressure in my head and pain in my jaw and this awful feeling at the back of my throat that will not go away.  I can’t decide if that part is something related to my wisdom teeth coming out, or my tonsils needing to.

I would love to do something really mindless right now.  Or relaxing.  But in the background is Erik crying and crying.  And I’m not really sure if I can just let him cry today. 

I also discovered that while Erik will not drink much milk from a cup, he will drink it from a bottle, which is nearly heartbreaking for me.  I am so not a bottle person and didn’t want to be.  Now I’m worried that if he needs something more than solid food when I’m having my surgery, he’ll have to be given a bottle.  I don’t want bottle-fed children!!!  My babies are breast babies!

In addition to all this, I am getting worried that my swap package is lost in the mail somewhere in the states.  I have insurance on it, but no tracking numbers, so I have no idea where it is.  My partner’s package for me is also not here yet.  I mean, it seems a little trivial compared to the rest of it, but getting my package or my partner getting hers would cheer me up a bit.

I’m not on serious pain medication, but I feel like I am because my brain doesn’t feel quite right.  I feel fuzzy, and I’m guessing it is from lack of sleep.  Erik slept with us last night and I think I’m just going to let him do it for the next six days.  I may have to wean him cold-turkey depending on how I’m doing after surgery, so I may as well give him what he wants now.  I end up sleeping more if I leave him in bed with us than if I keep putting him back to bed or refusing to feed him.

I think I’ll go get a book, bring Erik into the backyard and use my nice comfy chair for an hour or so.  I won’t have much longer than that because Mike will come home and I’ll have to come inside, do dishes, make supper and take care of things I’ve been avoiding all day.

Sorry this is such a downer.  I just needed to vent.

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Four years ago today….

At this time four years ago, I would have been enjoying more of my first day as a mommy.  Jenny is four today!  I can’t believe how fast time flies and how fun she is becoming the older she gets.  She talked all day about it being her birthday, but didn’t quite get that today is not the day of her birthday party.  That is happening on Friday, so she’ll have to wait for her cake and presents, although we did give her one thing today from us. 

As for other events of the day, I finished my craft swap items!!  I’m so excited to send them off!  And…drumroll please…

I cleaned my laundry room!  Actually, that happened yesterday, but got done.  It was probably the messiest room in my house, so this is a very big deal.  It is a hard thing to admit to some people, but for the last few years, it hasn’t been cleaned at all and we’ve barely been able to get out the back door.  Actually, when we’ve had people over for parties in the backyard, we’ve just moved everything into our room temporarily and then moved it all back afterward.  With Jenny’s party coming up, I didn’t want to do that all over again.  Two weeks from now, we’ll also be having a party for Erik, so it was doubly important to get it cleaned and organized.  I can’t believe how much better it looks now!  I’m so happy!  Now I just have to clean my desk, my bedroom (another big job) and the entryway to the house and I’ll be pretty happy with the way things are. 

All this cleaning has another purpose – ease in moving when the time comes.  It could be more than a year away, but when we bought this house, we moved very quickly on it – hearing about it at the end of the month and moving before the end of the next month.  And that was with one very small baby only – so moving with three active kids will be a different story.  I want to be ready to pack up and move if an opportunity comes up for us to buy a bigger place, and having a very messy house will not make that easier.

Well, I’m off to watch some Star Wars with Mike – I bought the special edition set of the final three episodes at a garage sale (as in, the old ones).  It’s been ages since I’ve watched them and this is our third day trying to get through episode four.  🙂  Goodnight!

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In my heart, I know that each day is new and that the things challenging me today may well be gone or changed tomorrow.  Each morning I can look at the day with optimism and motivation to get things done.  Motivation to be a better mother – to yell less and hug more.  To leave the house cleaner than when I got up.  To spend more time in creative outlet than laziness.

This all sounds so easy.  It sounds achievable.  However, life with three children under four doesn’t allow for such optimism on most days.  I can be as optimistic as I want, but it does not mean that my youngest will let me put him down all day, that my two year old will be nice to his siblings and not wet his pants and that my nearly four year old little girl will do as she’s told and clean her room without throwing a tantrum.

At the moment, I’m listening to Jenny crying about as loud as she can, Elias yelling something from under the crack in his door, and Erik whining while he jumps in the jolly jumper.  I’m drinking a chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie.  It just sounded good and I assumed I could drink it in peace.  Apparently I was wrong.

You wouldn’t know it, but my entries are frequently written over the course of the day, or at the very least, an hour or so.  Yes, there are time when I am uninterrupted and can dash one out in ten minutes.  This is not that kind of day.  I decided it was time to make lunch – mashed banana for Erik and Sponge Bob alphaghetti for the kids.  Their room is still not clean, but the plan at the moment is to take Erik in there with me and feed him while they clean.  They definitely do a lot better when there’s someone there the whole time to coach them a bit.  They can all go to bed just as soon as that’s all done and then I can hopefully have two hours to myself to do whatever I feel like doing.  Well, maybe not whatever, but almost.  First I’ll have to decide whether I’m awake enough to do anything, or if I’d rather just have a nap while they are. 

Erik has been very strange at night lately, waking up around his normal time (sometime around two) and eating, but then crying in his sleep and squirming terribly.  It seems to help if I put him back in his bed rather than keep him in ours, but then he’s awake an hour later.  I tried letting him cry last night, but it went on too long for me to ignore.  I don’t know if he’s teething, or what, but I really wish it would stop!  I can get more than eight hours of “sleep” and be quite tired in the morning because of it.

Well, nearly another hour has passed and the kids have had their lunch, Erik has been nursed and the room is clean…enough.  I couldn’t stay awake while I was in their room, though, and ended up sleeping curled up on the toddler bed while they were cleaning.  I think I’d better at least do dishes, but then I think I’ll be smart and have a nap.


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Life in these parts

Life as of late has been rather busy lately.  And a bit lazy as well.

Oh, you want more details, do you?

Okay, then.  I have had another bout of tonsillitis, thus the laziness, although it’s not really fair to call it that.  It’s very important laziness, leading to a full recovery.  I have also had sick children coming out of my ears (not literally – that would be really bizarre and I imagine quite painful).  As of my last post, Erik was sick.  I took him to the doctor and was told that he has asthma.  I was warned that he would probably develop it, but didn’t know it would happen so soon.  He now has an inhaler and a baby aero-chamber to get him to breathe it.  Thankfully it seems that he only has trouble breathing when he is sick, so it may not be something we deal with very often.  Jenny and Elias have both had ear infections, although Jenny’s seemed to clear up on its own without medication.  Elias is currently on antibiotics and a ridiculous schedule for taking them.  Whoever makes these things up has got to be missing part of their brain.  The amoxicillin I have to give Elias must be given every eight hours.  During the day, this is no big deal, but if I want to give it to him while he is awake, I would have to give it at six in the morning, two in the afternoon and ten at night.  I know there are people who keep their kids up late or get them up early, but who does both?!  I imagine that the person responsible for the dosing guidelines on this medication did not have children.

Anyway, rant over.  The productivity of the past few weeks has mostly been in crafting.  I’m signed up for a craft swap on Craftster..yes, I mentioned that already.  I’ve been working on the items for the swap with most of my free time.  I’ve now finished slightly more than half of my scavenger hunt.  I would give details, but in case my partner is stalking my blog, I won’t yet.

I haven’t only been crafting, however.  I have also dabbled in cleaning my house.  Dabbled is the word because I really haven’t done much other than upkeep.  However, last night, I cut the kids nails and didn’t bother putting them straight in the trash – this was a good way to force myself into cleaning the bathroom floor.  A simple vacuum or sweep turned out to be only the start.  I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and managed to clear out quite a few things that were really contributing to the mess in there.  When I’m on a roll like that, it doesn’t matter what time it is or how tired I get.  I didn’t go to bed until two in the morning, but my bathroom is practically sparkling.  Even better, I did it in a good mood, so it’s not a bad memory.  I have bad memories of cleaning parts of my house that are completely related to the mood I was in when I was doing the cleaning.

Anyway, that’s all for now as far as updates go.  Now that I’ve finished the most time consuming part of my craft swap, I feel like doing something a bit easier for a change.

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