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Reader Beware

I’ll say it, just so you aren’t caught off guard. This might creep you out. For some bizarre reason, there are those who don’t like this sort of thing. ūüėČ

This is my original doll.¬† Her name is Sara. Somehow her head became detached from her body and the body was lost. I was probably fourteen when I gave her a pair of earrings. Then it just took off. What I would make now wouldn’t be much like this. I feel weird doing this kind of stuff since I’ve had kids.

However, the two or three dolls I’ve made since I got married are of a different¬†sort. A little more artistic, a little less teenage rebellion. And what I¬†might make now will be even less¬†like Sara. And, if it just doesn’t feel right or natural, I won’t do it. I’ll find some other form of creative expression to dabble in again.

I’ll let you know how it turns out. ūüôā


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Craft blog

Just a little blurb to say that my craft blog is up and running, and other than links from here, should hold all my creative stuff, rather than cluttering this blog up with project descriptions.  My first project Рa banged up nightstand.  Go see it here: Itchy Fingers.

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So far, so good.

My blog fast is going well so far.¬† Of course, I’m less than¬†a week into it right now, but I haven’t had any major temptations up to this point.¬† I have started doing online jigsaw puzzles, but I’m trying to limit myself there, too.¬† As far as progress goes, I finished my first knitted purse and a small coin purse/cell phone holder/whatever and am about four rows away from having the body of my second purse finished.¬† I’m planning to completely finish the second purse and then move on to finishing the sewing project I’ve been at for over a year.¬† It needs to be finished by Christmas, since it is a gift that was originally intended to be a birthday gift for someone way back when I started it.¬† I think it’s time to get it done and give it away, as it’s taking up space and I can’t wait to see the reaction it will get anyway.¬† After that, I should probably sew some tote bags from the plastic bag material I made.¬† I started doing that a long time ago¬†and it’s long overdue for finishing.¬†

Beyond all of those plans, I cannot say what I’ll be doing.¬† I may pick up a novel and decide I’d rather read for a few weeks than be artistic or crafty.¬† Who knows.

Just thought I should give you an update.  Pictures of the purses (or links to pictures) will be available soon.

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Craft blogs

Along with my food obsession, I also have quite an interest in crafting and art, especially all things handmade and original.¬† My problem is that I like too many things and would love to learn to do all sorts of things.¬† I think I’ve mentioned this problem before, but lately the solution has been awful – I do nothing¬†but just drool over all these projects that I’d love to take on.¬† I have been reading craft blogs today and exploring Etsy (I introduced my mother to Etsy today and she’s hooked, too).¬† I watched the teaser for Faythe Levine’s Handmade Nation documentary and drooled some more.¬† I check notmartha nearly every day for her links on craft, food, miscellany, shopping and tech (she’s awesome!) and often spend hours each week chasing the links she posts.¬† There is just too much out there to see – it leaves very little time for actual work.¬†

So, I am going to contemplate a hiatus from surfing.¬† I will still do my daily internet chores most days (email, checking the blog, etc), but if I don’t quit looking at other people’s stuff, I’ll end up even more frustrated.¬† As for the projects I have going at the moment, they will have to be finished or my house will only get more cluttered.¬† Right now I have a sewing project (blanket – started spring of 2007), a whole lot of plastic bag reuse projects (knitting and ironing layers to make material for totes – started summer 2007), some canvas that I painted on and decided I didn’t like and want to paint over, a beading project¬†and some scanography prints that I want to make into cards.¬†

On top of all that is the house, but that’s another subject.


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P is for Procrastination

P has previously stood for progress, but this week, it stands for that obnoxious, ugly step-sister to progress¬†–¬†procrastination.¬†

I actually have a saved draft of a post I started¬†writing our first day back from¬†vacation, but it was feeling too wordy to me, so I quit.¬† It took me a good three days to even attempt to unpack our clothes and start doing laundry and¬†now the house is¬†a mess again.¬† We were planning to have a birthday party for Elias on his birthday (the 6th),¬†but I felt totally unprepared and wasn’t ready to have people invade my house, so we’re postponing until the 13th.¬† Now I just have to hope that I can get things done and feel ready for it by then.¬†

Our trip was good – my sister got married, I¬†finally got to see my mother’s awesome house and yard (small house, huge¬†yard that feels¬†like a park…I’m so envious),¬†we went to the zoo,¬†hung out with some of my close friends who I haven’t seen in a long time,¬†and ate a lot¬†of good food (judging¬†by my scale, a bit too much good¬†food).¬† Our kids did pretty good, although we had a few days of misery¬†with Elias over some pain in his¬†mouth (so he said, by saying “owie” and pointing to his mouth over and over again).¬† My family went nuts over the kids – especially Erik – and¬†nearly everyone said that Jenny is like¬†me all over again.¬† I got a break almost the whole time from bathing and changing and general entertaining as my family is populated with kid-lovers who are more than willing to do all of that.¬† By the end of the trip, we were ready to come home, but I’m still glad we had as long as we did.¬† It sort of gets it out of my system better when we take more than a week.¬† I’m still thinking about my mom’s place, though, and I’ve decided that if I could go down by myself or just take one kid, I would go for a week and do a bunch of painting and other projects there.¬† There’s a lot of existing work there, but it felt like an artists’ paradise in the sense that you could just keep adding things to it and it would never be overdone.¬† There is a blank wall of fence over a pond in their backyard that I would love to paint some huge leaves and poetry onto.¬† I’m going to paint some rocks here and send them to my mom to put in the pathways in her yard – when you’re walking on the path, little bits of colour will look up at you.¬† It’s making my fingers itch just thinking about it.

Aside from the trip and the after effects of the trip, life has been pretty busy here.¬† Mike came back to a huge load of work and put in 76 hours between Tuesday and Sunday.¬† I don’t think he’s ever worked so much since we’ve been married.¬† The credit card bill from our trip is going to be steep, but this paycheck will more than cover it.¬† I’d be pretty happy if that was the end of the crazy overtime, but I’m sure there will be a bit of it left before work slows down at the start of winter.¬† I’m trying to be a good wife and put up with it, but if it was like this year round, I think Mike would have to change jobs.¬† Early in our marriage, we made a commitment to ourselves and our family that Mike would never work a camp job (for those of you not from these parts – a camp job is oilfield and often means that guys go out for weeks or months at a time without coming home at all).¬† He loves his job now and thankfully, it doesn’t require much travel and so far has not kept him away overnight.¬†

My friend brought something to my attention and I’m not sure how I feel about it.¬† She reads my blog and is amazed that I “have time” to write so much and yet my house is a mess.¬† She says she’s the opposite.¬† She doesn’t have time to sit down and write, but keeps her house pretty immaculate.¬† I guess it’s just a matter of how we spend our time.¬† I hate to clean and clutter doesn’t bother me immensely, so I spend¬†a lot of my free time writing or working on some form of arts or crafts.¬† She hates a messy or cluttered house and so chooses to spend her time keeping her house clean.¬† The moral?¬† From now on, I’m going to make an effort never to say, “I don’t have time to clean,” because it’s simply not true on most days.¬† I’ll just be honest and say, “I don’t want to clean,” and leave it at that.¬† Because that’s the truth.

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