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Joyful birth

Remember that friend I wrote about the other day?  The one having a baby?  Well, she started having that baby on Saturday.  The baby was only born last night at nearly eleven o’clock.  Yes, three days of labour. 

Sometime today I’ll go down and get a look at the little girl.  Hopefully get to hold her, although going at the opening of visiting hours on the day after birth is never a good idea.  I may just have to admire her from afar until later today.  I can’t wait, though.  I can’t wait to hear how my friend survived three days of labour.  The very thought is completely insane in my mind.  Seven hours is the longest I’ve ever been in labour.  I can’t even imagine what she’ s just been with.  I think she needs a medal. A big shiny medal and a big, shiny, loud, terrifically fun party.  You know, as soon as she’s recovered a bit.


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