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Merry Christmas!

I have decided to not completely slack off and leave at least a little blurb here.  Yes, the stress level has been high and the sleep level has been low (dangerously low, actually), but today is Christmas Eve and we will have our traditional Christmas with the family here, minus one of Mike’s sisters but with the addition of his Grandma, which is a treat.  Our traditional Christmas doesn’t look like that of most other families but I have come to love it thoroughly as I don’t get to spend Christmas with my own family.

I grew up with two homes to go to for Christmas; my dad’s family on Christmas eve and my mom’s family on Christmas day.  My Christmas Eve somehow always felt more magical, although I can’t explain why.  So when I married Mike and found that his family opened all their presents and even their stockings on Christmas Eve, I didn’t mind one bit joining this tradition.  One of the obvious upsides is that the next morning isn’t full of rushing or waking up at the crack of dawn.  We start our celebrating late – after the Christmas Eve service..which for the record, we don’t attend – and sing carols, eat tons of food and open gifts.  This means the night is late for all of us, so a late start Christmas morning is much appreciated.  We may add our own traditions at home eventually, perhaps having the kids open their stockings on Christmas morning, but for now, while our house is completely undecorated, we enjoy sticking to what we have at Mike’s parents’ house.

I finished my shopping yesterday and may only need to go to the post office today.  I’ve been bad and have had my mom’s, sister’s and nephew’s gifts done for some time but haven’t mailed them.  I’ve been even worse in that I haven’t even started my dad’s and brother’s gifts.  Crafting nearly everything for Christmas takes a lot more time than I imagined it would so I still have work to do.  I shopped for groceries yesterday, though, so they are out of the way for the next week or so.   And now we’ll be off to meet the family at McDonald’s (not to eat, but to visit) to see the sister and brother-in-law who will not be here for Christmas.  Mike is still at work but will be one when we meet him there and so we’ll have the rest of the afternoon and evening while the rest of the family is at church to rest and have fun with the kids.

So, with all that said, Merry Christmas!  I hope your holiday is just as lovely as I’m sure ours will be!

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