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Dealing with stress

I’m not good at it.  Dealing with stress, trouble, illness, debt, etc.  Rather bad, actually.  My brain wants to shut down.  I decided this morning that what I’d really like to do is crawl into a hole for six months and just spend all my time writing songs about the hole.  Visitors are welcome, stress is most definitely not. 

My household is sick again.  Nothing but a head cold (so far) this time, but it’s bad enough.  I’m constantly wiping noses – my kids and my own – and my body just wants to stay in bed and recover.  I took Erik to the pediatrician yesterday and did not like the outcome – more pushing for us to get the H1N1 vaccine and the seasonal flu shot.  We had H1N1 – my doctor is quite sure of this – but it isn’t good enough because it wasn’t confirmed by a swab or blood test.  And so this insistence on injecting my entire family with a vaccine that has not been tested nearly enough and may quite possibly cause serious harm to a large number of people who have rushed out to get it.  Maybe we won’t see the effects right away, but what about five or ten years from now?  I’m up in the air about the seasonal flu vaccine – I got it quite often as a kid but am not sure how I feel about it in regards to my own children.  I will have to take Erik in next week for booster shots on immunizations he has already received and I know I’m going to get the same spiel from the public health nurses – if you did not have a confirmed case of swine flu, you MUST get the vaccine and you should get the seasonal because you’re pregnant and two of your children have breathing problems.

I ache to live in simpler times.  No, I don’t want the terrible diseases that people once died from regularly or the struggle to survive past a certain age, but I really wish for a time when the medical establishment was not so interfering.  When our decisions were respected instead of scoffed at.  I think perhaps I need to go live with a bunch of hippies because I know I wouldn’t have to deal with it there.  I have considered taking my children to a naturopath, but according to friends who have seen her, she recommends the same thing for all her patients: no more gluten.  Unless my child is suffering from celiac disease, I am not going to cut all gluten from our diet.  Not happening, end of story.  I want to find preventative things I can do – things I can add to our diet or take away without greatly altering our way of life.  You have to draw the line somewhere, after all.

Meanwhile, all this brain noise is coming one week before Christmas.  One week.  When my gifts to my family are not in the mail yet and therefore will not be getting there in time.  When my exchange gift for my sister-in-law is still not purchased, no baking has been done and no wrapping of gifts either.  We just got our kids through their church Christmas program on Sunday, so at least that is behind us – but all the other responsibilities of the season are upon me.  When did it become so complicated to celebrate the birth of Christ?!  When did it become so stressful?  And how on earth can I get to a place of peace and rest and simple appreciation for the holiday?

Anyway, as soon as I find a nice warm hole to crawl into, I’ll let you all know and send out the dinner party invitations.  Mind you, I won’t be preparing any of the said dinner, but you’re welcome to come over and bring me food.  Just remember – leave all stress and unwanted advice at the door.

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Early mornings, where is Christmas? Puke and pronuciation.

Yes, that’s what I said.  I will finish my thought from last time and explain the “cliff-hangers” I left (haha..the thought of people hanging on my every word just cracks me up), but then I have some new and ridiculously interesting things to say (laughter again).

Early mornings.  Jenny has decided that waking up before Mike leaves for work or just after he leaves is a great idea.  Elias doesn’t do so well with this, and so halfway through the day, he is grumpy and whiny..and Elias-y.  This morning I had to get up earlier than normal (way earlier, actually) because we went with my mother-in-law to the next town to do some shopping – she works there, it’s forty minutes away, and they have stores that we don’t, for some stupid reason.  Anyway, I was up before Mike was, and it seems that this is happening a little more frequently as of late.  I don’t necessarily get up and let the kids out when they wake up early – I usually wait for Jenny to say she has to go the bathroom before I do that – but it still makes it hard to keep sleeping when I can hear them laughing and yelling and throwing things in the next room.  Yeah, I could whine about this for a long time..next thought.

Christmas snuck up on me this year.  The lack of decorations is due to the size and layout of our house and the type of decorations we have.  We don’t have space for a tree unless we do major rearranging, and I don’t trust my kids with a tree anyway.  As for the rest of the decorations, I did manage to bring a few sets of lights in from the shed, as well as some things to hang on the wall to make it look just a little bit festive, but the farthest I’ve gotten is to hang a little wooden sign over the mirror by the door that says: “So many flakes, so little time.”  I had a good laugh over that one back when I bought it years ago…ah, good old double meanings.  This may be all that gets done.  The lack of planning for Christmas, on the other hand, is solely my fault due to laziness and procrastination.  I kept telling myself, “I have so much time!” and then suddenly it was a week before Christmas and nothing was done.  Because my family and a good number of my friends are in the states, mailing cards and gifts takes pre-planning.  It generally takes a minimum of a week to get things there, so by the time I had this light bulb above my head, it was too late to expect anything to get there on time.  Bah, humbug.

The thing about schedule conflicts is past, but I will at least leave a blurb about it.  Sunday: church, lunch, naps, employee/family Christmas party, Jenny’s stage debut at our church singing Away in a Manger.  Christmas party started at 5:30, performance started at 6:30.  We left the party after the kids got gifts from “Santa” and rushed to the church so that Jenny could stand on the stage NOT singing through the first verse of the song, and then stand with her back to the large congregation for the second time through.  She added a backwards glance and heavy sigh to make sure people knew this was so not cool.  Yeah.  Everyone expects some kid to do this, but I just didn’t think it would be mine.  Anyway, after that, we rushed back to the party to bowl.  It was not such a great party.  Then we came home, put the kids to bed, finished one movie and started another and Mike went to a hockey game.  He had the opportunity to play two games that night, but I put my foot down.  Two activities is not bad, three is more than enough and four is just silly.

Economy.  Things are expensive.  Gas is cheaper now, but groceries break the bank.  No more overtime + no promised raise = forced budgeting and putting savings on hold.  More humbugs.  That’s okay, we’ve seen worse times than this and made it through just fine.

Here comes the fun part.

I made chicken pot pie last night.  Well, veggie chicken pot pie, anyway.  It was good, Mike especially loved it, I ate just a bit too much, the kids ate just a bit too little.  One hour later (ish), I got the most terrible feeling in my stomach.  We went to bed early last night since I had to get up early this morning.  We were in bed by nine o’clock – a rare treat – but my stomach hurt so bad, it took me two hours to even drift off.  And then I got up and puked.  And went back to bed shivering.  And got up and puked.  And puked again.  At one point, I was wearing my nightgown (yes, I wear a nightgown…and no, I don’t mean an old lady one or a piece of lingerie..it’s a nice in-between), a pair of fleece pajama pants and a fleece housecoat.  I woke up feeling all right and made it through a day of driving and shopping just fine, but on the way home, it started to resurface.  Right now, after eating the only thing that sounded good to me – sticky white rice, miso soup and one piece of inari – I feel like puking again.  What a waste of…however much money I spent on it.  I should go to bed, but I get the feeling that it will just be a repeat of last night.  I’d rather stay up, get the puking out of the way and then go to bed.

So, this is the fun part. 

Mike said tonight, after putting Elias to bed, “Ah, my son’s two favourite things: beer and boobies.”


Elias is talking a lot lately, but his pronunciation is still something that only we really understand.  My family actually brought the second thing up when we were in the states visiting – they had noticed that Elias asked for “boobies” a lot.  I’m sure some of them thought he was still nursing or something, but what that actually means is “movies”.  As for the beer, no, we don’t get our two year old inebriated – he just likes his stuffed “bear” to be in bed with him at night.  That was what prompted Mike to say what he said – Elias’s request for his bear as he went to bed.

Anyway, I thought it was funny.  But then, he is my kid, and we generally think our kids are a lot funnier than other people find them to be.  So laugh, or don’t laugh.


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