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What could have been…

This is going to become an exercise in free writing, because while I had something very witty to write earlier today, I have forgotten it entirely.  However, I will start out with a point.  This is what I’ve been up to:

I have learned, in the last few weeks, that listening to books on CD helps me to get laundry and housework done without realizing that I’m working.  Really, I can do an hour of work and at the end of it, I only really remember the story line on the book.  I have done something like this in the past, but it has never been quite this successful.  I was using the strategy of listening to music and sometimes talk radio on my MP3 player while doing laundry and other things, but I really do think this works better.  Also, I think my library has eBooks that can be downloaded for free, so I may try this and then I can put on some headphones and work all over the house rather than being stuck in one place.  Because of this strategy, I have been keeping up on my laundry and on Friday, I managed to clean out one whole corner of my living room – this is progress, even if it seems like only a small step.

I spent nearly a week thinking I was pregnant – being more or less convinced that I was – until I took a test and it was negative.  Don’t tell Mike that, though.  He requested that if I take a test and it comes back negative, I not tell him, because he just cannot bear the thought of wasting money on negative pregnancy tests.  I have a history of negative results at various times, and we had previously agreed that I wouldn’t take a test until I talked to him about it, but I decided that I might like to surprise him next time and I had to find out if that was okay.  He said he didn’t mind if I didn’t tell him I was taking a test, but to please not tell him if it was negative.  He blames it on being Mennonite, my Grandpa would say it’s because he’s Scottish.  It has one explanation unrelated to ethnicity – he’s cheap.  It’s okay – he knows this.  It’s not offensive to him to be accused of thrift.  For the record, I bought the cheapest test at Wal Mart.  It was five dollars.  My mom said that my peace of mind is worth five bucks, and I agree.

There is more, but now I’ll talk about what’s going on right now.

I gave the kids a choice tonight.  Once Erik was in bed, they could either keep watching their movie or they could go to bed.  Elias picked bed (seriously! what a great kid!) and Jenny is finishing the movie.  It is past her bedtime, but this just means that she may sleep in later than eight o’clock tomorrow morning.  Please, oh please. 

And as usual when I write, I have been interuppted.  Jenny is in bed now, but I imagine I’ll have to go in there at least once before they actually go to sleep.  It’s usually something amazingly important that they need – Jenny tosses her blankets off and needs “covered up”, as she puts it; Elias needs a kiss – we don’t mind this one so much, it is awfully cute; Jenny needs to blow her nose and has misplaced the handkerchief that is usually under her pillow.  It is usually found the next day under her pillow, but I guess in the dark she just can’t figure that out.

Mike is playing two back to back hockey games tonight.  In different towns.  Ah, the life of a hockey wife.  His first game was at 8:20, which means that it’s over by now and he’s probably gathering his things, taking off half of his equipment and driving ten minutes to get to his next game, which starts at 9:45.  I am so glad I stayed at home.  Not that I wouldn’t love to watch his games – I just really don’t want to do it with three kids tagging along.

Tomorrow is our English Corner potluck.  With any luck (haha), there will be lots of Asian food carefully made by all those wonderful Asian students we have in English Corner right now.  And if I did my job right, I will have convinced Vivianna, our Colombian student, to bring something authentically Colombian.  I was all prepared to make Vietnamese salad rolls – a time consuming venture, but well worth it – but when I went grocery shopping, I couldn’t find any mint.  If I had more time, this would not have been a real problem – I would have just gone to another grocery store – but I had one shot at getting my ingredients and that was tonight, before Mike had to go to his game.  So, after some hemming and hawing, I decided on potato soup.  Not exotic, but incredibly delicious and very fattening (the way I make it anyway..it’s not something we eat often).  I also bought two boxes of couscous and two bags of Edamame, thinking I may make a few side dishes to bring along as well.  The invitations say to bring a main dish, appetizer or dessert, but I generally bring one or more of each.  After all, I make the invitations, and I am also aware that many of those attending are poor college students and, strapped for time, will just pick something up from Price Smart on the way to the potluck.  So I try to make enough to feed a good deal of them in case there isn’t much to choose from.  It doesn’t hurt that I LOVE to cook.

Oh, yeah, here’s another thing I’ve learned recently.  If I keep in mind that I will always be able to go out to eat on Sundays after church, it makes it easy to skip going out during the week.  We nearly got pizza twice this week, but me being Scottish and all (heehee), I held on and made supper at home.  And then, lo and behold, Mike’s parents bought our lunch today so we didn’t spend any money on going out the whole week!  Wow!  This is amazing!  But seriously, it is a step in the right direction as we were eating out more than is healthy for our bodies or our bank account.  I decided one Sunday afternoon, after a shared meal at A&W with the whole family, that I enjoyed eating out after church, even felt that it was something of a tradition I wanted to keep – for now, anyway, and that it was worth skipping meals out the rest of the week for that one treat on Sundays. 

Well, I’m starting to get dizzy watching the words appear on the screen (I know – I could never do this for a living :)).  I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead, or I might stop making any sense at all and just start talking about how strange it is that I get dizzy when I write and feel as though my hands are miles away from my body….oops, there I go.

Time to go do something productive.  Like build houses on the Sims. 😉

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New Addiction

Food blogs and craft sites are out right now, The Sims are in.  I’ve had updates that I could have written about, but I got The Sims 2 Double Deluxe (with Nightlife and Apartment Life) from Mike for my birthday.  I’ve been drooling over it for awhile, since The Sims game we bought at a neighbours’ garage sale crashed on me and refused to work again.  It cost us three bucks, so it was a big disappointment when it quit working (since it was such a bargain).  But now I have a more advanced game and I can’t quit playing it!  Along with that, I’ve also been working my way through a series of five suspense novels by Terri Blackstock, so blogging has not been at the forefront of my mind lately. 

So, what’s been happening with me? I turned twenty-five, had a major emotional breakdown, cleaned and re-cleaned my house as it got worse around me, and got really angry with my kids, to the point that I apologized to them for yelling so much afterwards (they’re two and three, so I’m not sure that the yelling or apologizing affected them much at all). 

I was trying to get my bedroom cleaned up, but that project has been scrapped as of late, since I can’t seem to find a good time to work on it.  I’m trying to get Erik napping at the same time as Jenny and Elias, so working in our room (where he sleeps) during nap time isn’t a good idea.  I’m sure I’ll get back to it eventually, and I have had intentions of working on it, but with Mike’s work schedule as busy as it has been – meaning his absence from the home being lengthy – it hasn’t been a priority in my mind.

I packed up so many toys and books that I expected things to dramatically improve in the kids’ ability to keep their room clean.  I was wrong.  I still have to clean up after them way too often, and when they don’t have lots of toys to play with, they find other things to do.  This was the root of my yelling episode, when they unloaded every drawer they could reach from the dresser in their bedroom.  There were clean clothes everywhere in a messy room, which meant some of them had to go back to the laundry basket anyway.  Jenny has since decided that putting all the toys in the playpen is a good idea, and Elias persists in pulling blankets off of shelves and out of baskets and dragging them around the house.  Elias likes blankets – he calls them “boppies” and has a particular attachment to two of them that he likes to sleep with.

The emotional breakdown I had occured when Mike got a call at five o’clock the day before my birthday saying that he had to work the wind farm job all day Monday, meaning that he wouldn’t be home to take me out for dinner like we had planned.  I freaked out – I do that a lot – and then later in the evening, we called his sister and figured out that if we put the kids down to bed, we could have her and her husband come over and we could still go out.  We just barely made it to the restaurant before they closed (who closes at nine, anyway?!), but we got in soon enough to order and have a nice meal. 

Along with the Sims game, I also got a big fabric cutting mat and rotary cutter from my mother-in-law, which was another thing I was really wanting, and a certificate of sorts from one of Mike’s sisters and her husband to keep the kids and buy us a meal sometime when we want to go out on a date.  If you’re ever wondering what to get someone who has kids, try this out – I know I really appreciate being able to go on a date without my kids, and it’s even better if I don’t have to feel guilty because of the money we’re spending.

Today was a productive day, which is really surprising to me, seeing that I’ve spent the last two days using nearly all my free time to play my new game.  I just decided that the house was bad enough, so I did the dishes, caught up on some laundry, picked up a few things in the living room and fully cleaned the kids room with their help.  All that’s left to be done is sweeping up everywhere, but I’ll save that for another day, maybe one when Mike is home.  My back can only take so much – not to mention the fact that my brain doesn’t seem to be wired to clean all day. 

So, that’s where I’ve been.  I’ve not disappeared yet, but the Sims are threatening to drag me down again as I write…I have to go…they’re calling….

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Cleaner Cupboards

My cleaner cupboards

My cleaner cupboardsThese may not look remarkable to you, but they are incredibly cleaner than they were yesterday afternoon. I went on a very big shopping trip and upon coming home, realized that I hardly had a place to put all those groceries. I then thought about all the times that things have randomly fallen out of my cabinets because I have had to shove things in to make them fit. You open a door and look, a box of baking soda has spilled all over the counter. I thought to do it right, I should start at the top and see what lovely things had accumulated there over the years that we've been in this house. One of the first things I found was a carton of molasses that had started to leak and left a nice big puddle of stickiness at the back of the cupboard. Fortunately, there was a liner on that shelf that I was able to tear up, since cleaning it out would have been quite time consuming. Along the way, I found things I had completely forgotten about and things that should have been thrown out months or even years ago. I found a bag of rice that I hadn't bothered to close up when I'd put it away, resulting in a big spill all over the shelves, counters and the floor. However, after all of that - two hours of work - they are much more organized. Admittedly, organization is one of the biggest problems I have in this house, primarily because I have nowhere to store things and also because I have so many things. I made an effort to put the things that I still need but don't use often at the back of the shelves and I was also able to organize by type of food - baking things on the top, spices on the second shelf, canned food on the bottom. I decided that I would get as much done as I could by midnight and then quit and go to bed. I worked hard, vacuumed up rice, scrubbed the counters, put away clutter and finally swept the floor and thought it must be long after midnight, but it was exactly twelve when I checked the clock in the bedroom. That I was able to get so much done in two hours was very encouraging. Now for the other three disasters - the laundry room, master bedroom and the kids room - it's hard to say when I'll get to them, but at least I know I can potentially get them done in a few hours. I am well aware that part of my success was my willingness to throw things away and I certainly will have to do that when I tackle the other rooms. I have clothes stored in our room that I haven't worn in years and it's time to say goodbye.I promised a picture, so here it is - my purple knitted pink lined purse. If I had to name it, I'd probably call it the Girly Girl, but maybe it's not as girly as they get. I'm still trying to come up with a good design name, just in case I decide to go all out and start selling on Etsy or at the Farmer's Market. My first knitted purse

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No telling!!

I did something yesterday that I haven’t done in a really long time.  I mean, a REALLY long time, like more than a year.  Now, don’t go calling the health department on me or anything, but I finally got up the nerve to clean my shower.  I have cleaned the bathtub many times in the past year and a half, but the little shelves and the walls of my shower had not been cleaned since we painted our bathroom in May of 2007.  I don’t know what inspired me, but I knew that I needed to clean the tub and decided I may as well clean the whole thing.  I was using a scrub-free cleaner with bleach in it and I just sprayed it on and left it for almost an hour.  I had to open a window and leave the door closed while it sat, but it did the trick.  I don’t know why I put it off for so long – it looks great!  I guess part of my reasoning is that it wasn’t hurting anyone and no one had to see it because the shower curtain hid it from guests, but now that I’ve done it I realize that it makes me feel better that it’s clean. 

I can’t say that this is a breakthrough, but maybe one clean thing will inspire me to clean a few other areas.

In crafting news, I diligently knitted yesterday; while the kids watched a movie and while they had their bath (I hate just sitting there in the bathroom while they splash, so I brought my knitting in with me).  I also bought the lining for the purse that I’m making – the outside is a very dark purple yarn and the inside will be pink.  I bought a big bag of buttons, too, and hopefully I’ll find a good one for the purse.  I mentioned it to my sister and told her that I didn’t know what I would be doing with it and she suggested that it could be her Christmas present, so I may just do that. 

One of my biggest problems with my crafting is that my supplies are rather disorganized.  I have a plastic drawer tower with most of my stuff in it, but my fabric is in two separate containers in two different locations in my house and my scrapbooking/card making stuff is all over the place.  Anybody have tips for craft storage in a small space??

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P is for Procrastination

P has previously stood for progress, but this week, it stands for that obnoxious, ugly step-sister to progress – procrastination. 

I actually have a saved draft of a post I started writing our first day back from vacation, but it was feeling too wordy to me, so I quit.  It took me a good three days to even attempt to unpack our clothes and start doing laundry and now the house is a mess again.  We were planning to have a birthday party for Elias on his birthday (the 6th), but I felt totally unprepared and wasn’t ready to have people invade my house, so we’re postponing until the 13th.  Now I just have to hope that I can get things done and feel ready for it by then. 

Our trip was good – my sister got married, I finally got to see my mother’s awesome house and yard (small house, huge yard that feels like a park…I’m so envious), we went to the zoo, hung out with some of my close friends who I haven’t seen in a long time, and ate a lot of good food (judging by my scale, a bit too much good food).  Our kids did pretty good, although we had a few days of misery with Elias over some pain in his mouth (so he said, by saying “owie” and pointing to his mouth over and over again).  My family went nuts over the kids – especially Erik – and nearly everyone said that Jenny is like me all over again.  I got a break almost the whole time from bathing and changing and general entertaining as my family is populated with kid-lovers who are more than willing to do all of that.  By the end of the trip, we were ready to come home, but I’m still glad we had as long as we did.  It sort of gets it out of my system better when we take more than a week.  I’m still thinking about my mom’s place, though, and I’ve decided that if I could go down by myself or just take one kid, I would go for a week and do a bunch of painting and other projects there.  There’s a lot of existing work there, but it felt like an artists’ paradise in the sense that you could just keep adding things to it and it would never be overdone.  There is a blank wall of fence over a pond in their backyard that I would love to paint some huge leaves and poetry onto.  I’m going to paint some rocks here and send them to my mom to put in the pathways in her yard – when you’re walking on the path, little bits of colour will look up at you.  It’s making my fingers itch just thinking about it.

Aside from the trip and the after effects of the trip, life has been pretty busy here.  Mike came back to a huge load of work and put in 76 hours between Tuesday and Sunday.  I don’t think he’s ever worked so much since we’ve been married.  The credit card bill from our trip is going to be steep, but this paycheck will more than cover it.  I’d be pretty happy if that was the end of the crazy overtime, but I’m sure there will be a bit of it left before work slows down at the start of winter.  I’m trying to be a good wife and put up with it, but if it was like this year round, I think Mike would have to change jobs.  Early in our marriage, we made a commitment to ourselves and our family that Mike would never work a camp job (for those of you not from these parts – a camp job is oilfield and often means that guys go out for weeks or months at a time without coming home at all).  He loves his job now and thankfully, it doesn’t require much travel and so far has not kept him away overnight. 

My friend brought something to my attention and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  She reads my blog and is amazed that I “have time” to write so much and yet my house is a mess.  She says she’s the opposite.  She doesn’t have time to sit down and write, but keeps her house pretty immaculate.  I guess it’s just a matter of how we spend our time.  I hate to clean and clutter doesn’t bother me immensely, so I spend a lot of my free time writing or working on some form of arts or crafts.  She hates a messy or cluttered house and so chooses to spend her time keeping her house clean.  The moral?  From now on, I’m going to make an effort never to say, “I don’t have time to clean,” because it’s simply not true on most days.  I’ll just be honest and say, “I don’t want to clean,” and leave it at that.  Because that’s the truth.

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The P word and illness

P for Progress

Yes, I made a bit yesterday due to the fact that my sister-in-law was coming over to stay here while I went to the doctor with Erik.  The kids were having their nap and she was just here with her son, playing sudoku, I think, while I was gone.  However, I have a terrible fear of people seeing my house at its worst, so I did some basics – dishes and counter tops, sweeping the floor, cleaning the toilet (which was almost pointless…I’ll explain later).

Deep down, I know she doesn’t care, because she has a two month old baby who is fussy quite often, so she admits that she can’t keep her house clean either.  I just know her mother and the way those girls were raised.  Their standards of cleanliness are much different than mine.  I was mostly raised by a single man who had to work full time and then some, so our house wasn’t very clean unless my grandmother had come to do her semi-annual cleanup, which was downright scary.  She did everything, including re-organizing our clothing.  That part always bugged us, but the clean window sills, spotless refrigerator and mildew free shower were nice. 

But I digress.  My apologies to those of you who have heard this story before.

Anyway, even though I tell myself not to worry about it, and that no one is going to care what my house looks like, I still push to get things done when under the pressure of company.  It’s one thing to have clutter, it’s another to have three day old spaghetti dried to the floor and to have completely run out of spoons because they’re all in the wash.  These seem to be weekly occurrences in my home.

On to the other half of my post (illness): I have another hindrance to cleaning – mastitis!  I had my first bout last week on Tuesday and then, last night (Tuesday), I got it on the other side.  I found that grapefruit seed extract (GSE) could be taken to get rid of the infection, so I took it for three days last week and that one was gone.  Apparently, I’m doing something wrong, though, because I have never had it twice within a week.  I did some reading and found out that anemia can contribute to recurring infections, so I’m going to start taking my iron again and see if that helps.  I think taking some sort of immune booster could help, too, but I’m not sure what I should take.  I’ve always assumed that the problem is my overabundant milk supply when I’m nursing and the fact that I can’t actually tell when I’ve emptied a breast.  I get the feeling that I always have milk and never have empty breasts, but I could be wrong, I suppose.

So, now I’m treating myself a second time with GSE and hoping this isn’t a weekly thing from now on.  The hard part is that it doesn’t just hurt (that’s bad enough as it is).  It makes me sick – like a really bad flu does.  Extreme fatigue, dizziness, aching muscles and sometimes fever.  The good news this time is that I’ve already started taking something, so maybe it will work before the flu symptoms set in.  Last week I had to deal with them for the better part of an afternoon.

I guess the progress I made yesterday can at least make me feel better today about what I don’t feel like doing.  I don’t feel like doing the dishes or cleaning up the basket of blankets and pillows that the kids unloaded in the living room.  I don’t feel like folding laundry, either, but I at least had to put a load in so the sheets would get washed.  Erik decided to pee and squirt-poop on the bed this morning before I could get a new diaper on him.  I guess that would be the benefit of a change table….but we do not have room for one, so the bed has to be good enough for now.  The irony of it is that I was sitting there thinking about how seldom he pees on me.  Okay, I was being cocky apparently.  I’ll be more careful next time.

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The first non-pregnancy post in a long while

While I have been devoting myself to weekly updates on my third pregnancy, today I felt the need to write and for once, it had nothing to do with being pregnant.  So I thought that this would be a better place for it to land.

I have two subjects: food and housecleaning.  For a messy housewife, these things are often connected by need, but lately, they have just set themselves against each other in a bitter feud.  Okay, I’m getting a little overly dramatic now – moving on.

I’ll start by saying that my food obsession (yes, I know, you know about that already) is interfering with my need to clean.  And when I say “need to clean” I don’t mean that I crave cleaning…I mean that my house needs to be cleaned, no matter how reluctant I am to do it.  My food obsession has found its satisfaction in reading restaurant reviews on various blogs.  Some of these are restaurants that I may actually get to eat at someday (i.e. those in Seattle), but most are places that are not on my list of desired destinations (Delaware, Philadelphia, etc).  If anything, these blogs just make me want to eat better food than I’m eating already, and unfortunately, prove to me yet again that the restaurants in this town suck.  If I wanted to write restaurant reviews for Fort St. John, I’d have something to do for a few months – until the ten or so restaurants worth eating at ran out.  Then I could pretend to be “cool” by writing reviews on the breakfast at A&W or the late night service at Humpty’s (for you Americans..Humpty’s is like Denny’s..but sort of cheaper and with a better menu).

Alas, I’m confined to my little town (that I happen to love, actually) and have to be content with living vicariously through a number of foodies who don’t know or care who I am. 

The latest gem in my collection of food blogs is Mac & Cheese – the girl who is writing from Delaware and Philadelphia.  She’s a vegetarian, which is why this makes it so great reading her reviews.  She also has recipes, but I haven’t gotten to them yet.  I was previously in the habit of randomly selecting entries to read when one looked good, but then I found that I was forgetting which ones I had read – so now I do it by date or restaurant/recipe name, depending on the blog.

Some of the blogs I’ve been reading are interesting, but I would never try the things they are eating or making.  For instance, over at The GastroGnome, Naomi recently made duck prosciutto.  That just doesn’t appeal to me at all.  My dirty little secret (shh) is that occasionally poultry of some kind sounds okay, but the truth of the matter is that every time I’ve attempted to re-introduce it to my diet, I just haven’t been impressed enough.  I’d rather eat fish any day.  However, duck, rabbit, veal, beef, pork, etc. don’t appeal to me at all, and I don’t expect them to anytime soon.  Even with the raving reviews that some of these dishes get, I can’t imagine sinking my teeth into Ethiopian raw ground beef (kitfo) or bone marrow.  Bleck. 

Anyway, finding a vegetarian foodie is terrific…but it won’t be long and my obsession will have lead me to reading all of her entries, at which time I will, with a great deal of hope, check back each day to see if there is anything new, only to waste more time because often, there are no new entries on food blogs for a week or so.

So, as for the rest of it, I have three projects – no wait, four – in my house that need to be completed, preferably before the baby is born.  One: the living room.  This isn’t even such a huge task, although the entry way is going to need some serious sweeping up and mopping to look like actual floor surface again.  The living room has been slowly getting better, but only because I got rid of a few things and finally moved some bins to the shed (or rather, had Mike move them for me).  At this point, there are some various things that need to be picked up and put away – kids clothes, winter clothes, shoes that don’t fit anymore, blankets, books, etc – and a whole lot of sweeping or vacuuming.  I tend to enjoy sweeping better, but it is a bit back breaking when you have a whole room to do and it’s as bad as mine is.  The reason it doesn’t get done more often is because my children have decided that things look better on the floor than where they belong.  Pillows, blankets, toys, books, mail, clothes, etc. all end up there, where they collect dust and dirt and crumbs.  One of the goals I have in cleaning my house is organizing it as well and making it less likely that the kids things will be left all over the place every day.  So far, my kitchen cleaning is sticking.  All I have to do is keep up on sweeping the floor when it needs it and making sure to wipe up spills when they happen.  Keeping toys out of the kitchen is another part of it, but at least Jenny can be told to take things back out as soon as she brings them in.  Elias may understand, but it doesn’t mean that he learns from it.

Okay, so I went off track a little bit there.  My second project is my laundry room.  It’s ridiculous.  It’s gotten to the point where I can barely walk into it, and the kicker it is also the furnace/hot water tank room and the hallway to the back door.  We have a baby gate between the hallway and laundry room because there is no way I would want my children going in there.  Who knows what they might eat or step on.  At the moment, my mental image of this room includes at least a dozen pop bottles that Mike has so graciously thrown into it, various items of clothing that are either dirty or need to be repacked in the shed somewhere, a diaper pail that is currently not being used, my tool box, with contents spilling out, various bags and boxes and loose items for recycling and some shelving on the floor that hasn’t been put up yet (well, obviously).  All that in a room with floor space measuring approximately four feet wide by eleven feet long.  My dad put up a shelf, but it serves now to hold paint that we haven’t used yet, rather than it’s original purpose of holding some of the cleaning supplies and tools stored in this room.  It needs serious work and is possibly the most daunting of the projects I have set out.  Unfortunately, you also can’t avoid seeing it if you’re walking down the hall, so it should be the second room on my list.

As for three and four – I’m not yet sure which I ought to tackle first, although our bedroom is certainly in greater need of cleaning than the kids’ room.  The thing is, if I have people over with kids, they will inevitably play in the kids’ room, which means that it gets seen and used more often and should be safe and clean for that reason.  Our bedroom is really bad – hasn’t been vacuumed in who knows how long, because I haven’t been able to see the floor for that long.  Again, lots of things that need to be washed or taken to the shed. 

It is at times quite daunting to think about the remaining work to be done, but then I can be thankful for the size of my house that I don’t have more to do.  This is one time when having a small home pays off.  The downside is that we have no where to put so much of the junk that’s making a mess, and if we had a little more room (a basement, perhaps), we would have that available.  I can also look forward to getting these projects done because I have managed to clean my kitchen and bathroom quite thoroughly (okay, except for my desk) and am proud of them.  I still don’t want people coming over because the first thing they see is the living room, but at least if they glance in, they might notice the clean kitchen counters and the lack of dirty dishes scattered around.  If they had to use the bathroom, they would be using a much cleaner bathroom than the one that existed a few weeks ago.

Well, I’ve carried on long enough to waste a good deal of time that could have been used to clean my living room.  I’ve also satisfied my need to write, so I think I can end it there.  Until the next time I fool you into reading something I wrote – good day. 

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Moving, Weddings and Houseguests

Well, apparently, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote.  How do I let it get so bad?!  Life, I suppose, keeps me from staying on top of most things. 

My house has gone the way of six months ago…my husband’s grandmother moved south and basically cleared out half of her possessions and either gave them to family or threw them away.  So we came home with a number of new things for our house, many of which don’t actually fit in our house.  For instance, we inherited an upright freezer.  Thankfully, it can be kept on the back porch…all the food Grandma was giving away has to fill my kitchen, though.  She decided not to take any food at all with her.  No spices, no canned food, no nothing.  So we came home with an awful lot – which is great for us – but we hardly have room for it all.  I had to reorganize a few things to fit most of it, then ended up getting even more when she cleaned out her fridge just before moving.  My refrigerator is packed at the moment, mostly with things like teriyaki sauce and mustard.  

Add to all of that the fact that I agreed to help bake for my sister-in-law’s wedding this coming Saturday.  My mother-in-law called me one day last week and said she was coming over with supplies for lemon squares.  The perk was that I got to keep everything I didn’t actually use for the lemon squares.  Quite convenient since I was nearly out of sugar and unbleached flour before she brought them to me.  It’s not so bad now that the six trays have been baked, sugared and frozen in the back porch freezer, but for a while it looked like I was attempting to start up a bakery in my little kitchen.  I still have a few things left to do in the kitchen before Thursday, but then, I swear I’m not touching a whisk or mixing bowl for two weeks.  (I’m also pretty certain that I’ll go back on that word)

Again, another wrench is that my dad is coming up for the wedding and staying with us Friday night through Tuesday afternoon.  We have no guest room and no basement and the mattress on our sofa bed is rather uncomfortable, so my dad will be sleeping on our extra bunk bed mattress in the middle of the living room floor.  This requires re-arranging of furniture because one of the things we acquired is a locking video cabinet, which is currently taking up space that we don’t really have.  A bit of moving around and I think we’ll be okay…but first I have to feel up to doing all that moving around…and, you guessed it – cleaning up. 

The FlyLady system has a term for what lurks in every corner of my house: Hot Spots.  My desk is a pretty bad one, and the plastic organizing towers to each side of the desk.  The table by the front door is a catch all and at the moment is hard to even see under all the junk mail, library books, church bulletins and shopping bags destined for return to the car.  My dresser top can be a pretty bad one, too, but I usually get to it before it is totally covered.  At the moment, I would love to have a day without my kids so that I could run through the house cleaning up all this mess.  Jenny is at the age where she greatly enjoys getting into things she knows she shouldn’t, and Elias has picked the last two weeks to be incredibly clingy.  I try to clean or bake or re-arrange while they are awake, but it’s futile.  And then I’m worn out from chasing or intervening or chastising by the time they have their naps that I don’t feel like doing what needs to be done.  Laziness?  Perhaps. 

Mike has a hockey game tonight at 10:45, which means he will be gone from 10:15 to sometime after midnight.  My body would greatly appreciate it if I went to bed, but I may have to take the opportunity to clean up after everyone’s mess.

Well, off I go…to attempt to do something productive.  Hmm…maybe if I just shut them in their room to play, they’ll leave me alone..Jenny doesn’t know how to open her door yet.

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