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Gingerbread house of doom

For the last three days, I have been working on one big project.  The city visitor centre (the same people who put on the photo scavenger hunt in the summer) is having a gingerbread house contest.  Extra points will be awarded for all-edible creations and for those that include sports themes – due to the upcoming winter Olympics in February.  So what did I do?  I made it all-edible and included a pretty huge sport theme as well.  When I was gathering supplies, I found out that Craftster is having a gingerbread house craft challenge in January.  This meant that I could make the house for the city contest, take photos of it and enter it into the online challenge.  The prizes for the challenge are pretty nice – this is one I really wouldn’t mind winning!  I have no idea what to expect of the city contest, except that they generally have some great prizes for the scavenger hunt in the summer.  As long as they don’t give me another cooler set if I win, I’ll be happy (that’s what I won for second prize in the scavenger hunt).

Anyway, fifteen hours or so went into this house along with four cups of flour, a whole bunch of spices, something like ten cups of sugar and/or molasses, nine egg whites, a box of sugar cubes and more candy than I can name.  What I have in the end is something quite lovely, if I do say so myself.  I’m only afraid that pictures won’t do it justice when I enter it online.  And, as much of a tease as it is, I’m not going to post pictures here out of fear that someone else who is entering the online contest will steal my ideas (yeah, I know, I’m way too paranoid).  As soon as the house is entered online, I’ll post a picture here.  If you’re my friend on Facebook,  you’ll be able to see photos there sooner, as I’m not really concerned about my friends stealing my ideas (primarily because as far as I know, none of them is a member of Craftster).

The hardest part in creating something like this is knowing when to quit.  I had all sorts of ideas and plans and Mike helped to contribute a few, too, but at some point (specifically, this morning around one o’clock), I had to quit.  I have had three nights in a row now going to sleep at two in the morning and I’m completely exhausted, but it’s done and looks good.  And Mike paid me a huge compliment on the first night I worked on it, when it was still pretty bare and said, “Baby, you’re going to win.”  I don’t know about that, but it was a great encouragement to keep working on it.  He came in a number of times and was pretty impressed with my progress, so I feel good about turning it in as it is.  In about twenty minutes, he’ll come home for lunch and drive me down to turn it in.  I don’t want to risk having it sitting on the floor of the van and turning a corner and breaking it, so I figure it would be a good idea to have him drive me so I can hold it.  It’s a bit more effort (namely, getting the kids dressed) but should be worth it.

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