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Life in these parts

Life as of late has been rather busy lately.  And a bit lazy as well.

Oh, you want more details, do you?

Okay, then.  I have had another bout of tonsillitis, thus the laziness, although it’s not really fair to call it that.  It’s very important laziness, leading to a full recovery.  I have also had sick children coming out of my ears (not literally – that would be really bizarre and I imagine quite painful).  As of my last post, Erik was sick.  I took him to the doctor and was told that he has asthma.  I was warned that he would probably develop it, but didn’t know it would happen so soon.  He now has an inhaler and a baby aero-chamber to get him to breathe it.  Thankfully it seems that he only has trouble breathing when he is sick, so it may not be something we deal with very often.  Jenny and Elias have both had ear infections, although Jenny’s seemed to clear up on its own without medication.  Elias is currently on antibiotics and a ridiculous schedule for taking them.  Whoever makes these things up has got to be missing part of their brain.  The amoxicillin I have to give Elias must be given every eight hours.  During the day, this is no big deal, but if I want to give it to him while he is awake, I would have to give it at six in the morning, two in the afternoon and ten at night.  I know there are people who keep their kids up late or get them up early, but who does both?!  I imagine that the person responsible for the dosing guidelines on this medication did not have children.

Anyway, rant over.  The productivity of the past few weeks has mostly been in crafting.  I’m signed up for a craft swap on Craftster..yes, I mentioned that already.  I’ve been working on the items for the swap with most of my free time.  I’ve now finished slightly more than half of my scavenger hunt.  I would give details, but in case my partner is stalking my blog, I won’t yet.

I haven’t only been crafting, however.  I have also dabbled in cleaning my house.  Dabbled is the word because I really haven’t done much other than upkeep.  However, last night, I cut the kids nails and didn’t bother putting them straight in the trash – this was a good way to force myself into cleaning the bathroom floor.  A simple vacuum or sweep turned out to be only the start.  I cleaned the bathroom top to bottom and managed to clear out quite a few things that were really contributing to the mess in there.  When I’m on a roll like that, it doesn’t matter what time it is or how tired I get.  I didn’t go to bed until two in the morning, but my bathroom is practically sparkling.  Even better, I did it in a good mood, so it’s not a bad memory.  I have bad memories of cleaning parts of my house that are completely related to the mood I was in when I was doing the cleaning.

Anyway, that’s all for now as far as updates go.  Now that I’ve finished the most time consuming part of my craft swap, I feel like doing something a bit easier for a change.

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Craft blog

Just a little blurb to say that my craft blog is up and running, and other than links from here, should hold all my creative stuff, rather than cluttering this blog up with project descriptions.  My first project – a banged up nightstand.  Go see it here: Itchy Fingers.

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Cleaner Cupboards

My cleaner cupboards

My cleaner cupboardsThese may not look remarkable to you, but they are incredibly cleaner than they were yesterday afternoon. I went on a very big shopping trip and upon coming home, realized that I hardly had a place to put all those groceries. I then thought about all the times that things have randomly fallen out of my cabinets because I have had to shove things in to make them fit. You open a door and look, a box of baking soda has spilled all over the counter. I thought to do it right, I should start at the top and see what lovely things had accumulated there over the years that we've been in this house. One of the first things I found was a carton of molasses that had started to leak and left a nice big puddle of stickiness at the back of the cupboard. Fortunately, there was a liner on that shelf that I was able to tear up, since cleaning it out would have been quite time consuming. Along the way, I found things I had completely forgotten about and things that should have been thrown out months or even years ago. I found a bag of rice that I hadn't bothered to close up when I'd put it away, resulting in a big spill all over the shelves, counters and the floor. However, after all of that - two hours of work - they are much more organized. Admittedly, organization is one of the biggest problems I have in this house, primarily because I have nowhere to store things and also because I have so many things. I made an effort to put the things that I still need but don't use often at the back of the shelves and I was also able to organize by type of food - baking things on the top, spices on the second shelf, canned food on the bottom. I decided that I would get as much done as I could by midnight and then quit and go to bed. I worked hard, vacuumed up rice, scrubbed the counters, put away clutter and finally swept the floor and thought it must be long after midnight, but it was exactly twelve when I checked the clock in the bedroom. That I was able to get so much done in two hours was very encouraging. Now for the other three disasters - the laundry room, master bedroom and the kids room - it's hard to say when I'll get to them, but at least I know I can potentially get them done in a few hours. I am well aware that part of my success was my willingness to throw things away and I certainly will have to do that when I tackle the other rooms. I have clothes stored in our room that I haven't worn in years and it's time to say goodbye.I promised a picture, so here it is - my purple knitted pink lined purse. If I had to name it, I'd probably call it the Girly Girl, but maybe it's not as girly as they get. I'm still trying to come up with a good design name, just in case I decide to go all out and start selling on Etsy or at the Farmer's Market. My first knitted purse

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Let’s be more specific

Okay, I’ve thought it over and I think it’s a very good idea to take a break from blog reading.  So, for one month (yipes!), I won’t read craft or food blogs.  Taking a whole month off from the internet is a bit extreme for me (after all, I wouldn’t be able to blog if I did that), but I can at least use the time I’ve been spending reading blogs to finish some projects and do some cleaning and organizing.  I’ll try to keep you up to date on my progress.  My other goal is to finish at least some of the on the go projects before I start new ones.  I broke that rule last night when I started knitting something, but I needed something to do with my hands that didn’t require much attention because we were watching a movie.  Also, I have a plan for this knitting and it’s not a huge project.


Oh, another update – friend three didn’t make it to Monday’s secret Mom’s Meeting, so I can’t investigate what they’re doing yet.  😦  Maybe next week.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, that post is here.

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Craft blogs

Along with my food obsession, I also have quite an interest in crafting and art, especially all things handmade and original.  My problem is that I like too many things and would love to learn to do all sorts of things.  I think I’ve mentioned this problem before, but lately the solution has been awful – I do nothing but just drool over all these projects that I’d love to take on.  I have been reading craft blogs today and exploring Etsy (I introduced my mother to Etsy today and she’s hooked, too).  I watched the teaser for Faythe Levine’s Handmade Nation documentary and drooled some more.  I check notmartha nearly every day for her links on craft, food, miscellany, shopping and tech (she’s awesome!) and often spend hours each week chasing the links she posts.  There is just too much out there to see – it leaves very little time for actual work. 

So, I am going to contemplate a hiatus from surfing.  I will still do my daily internet chores most days (email, checking the blog, etc), but if I don’t quit looking at other people’s stuff, I’ll end up even more frustrated.  As for the projects I have going at the moment, they will have to be finished or my house will only get more cluttered.  Right now I have a sewing project (blanket – started spring of 2007), a whole lot of plastic bag reuse projects (knitting and ironing layers to make material for totes – started summer 2007), some canvas that I painted on and decided I didn’t like and want to paint over, a beading project and some scanography prints that I want to make into cards. 

On top of all that is the house, but that’s another subject.


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Seven Random Facts

I wasn’t tagged (I wanted to be, but it just didn’t happen) so I took the advice of the author of The Rotund and decided to do it just because I felt like doing it.

Seven Random Facts about me 

1. I may have a messy house, but my closet is organized by type of article of clothing and by colour in rainbow order.  Sleeveless first, short sleeve t-shirts, short sleeve dressy t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, long sleeve button ups, sweaters, shorts skirts, long skirts.

2. I have an awful habit of starting craft projects and not finishing them.  I started a scarf and it took me over a year to finish it because I put it away for six months or something.  I started a blanket for someone last spring (maybe as early as February) and quit around May.  I’m just now taking it up again to finish it (hopefully). 

3. My crafting habits come and go in regular rhythm.  For instance, in the fall, I am usually in the mood to knit, but that only lasts until just after Christmas most years.  Spring is sewing, summer is painting, with a number of smaller projects interspersed amongst those.  Card making and cross stitching are two things I would like to do better, but feel I don’t have the time for.

4. I hate the word blog and I hate when people on the internet do not use proper grammar and spelling (luv u 2, for instance YUCK).

5. I would like to write a book, but I get so fixated on what the topic or theme would be that I never get any further than the first chapter (if I get that far).

6. I have a major food fixation.  When people talk about their vacations, all I really want to hear about is what they ate.  When I talk about going to exotic places, it usually has a lot to do with the food.  I am put off by the idea of going to certain places (Germany, England, Russia) because the food doesn’t appeal to me (or is too meat based).  I don’t think of myself as an overeater (generally, I’m not) but good food lures me in and makes me feel so utterly satisfied.  Maybe this means I could have been a chef (that’s the positive take on it, anyway….staying away from gluttony and the like).

7. I genuinely like Wal Mart.  Some nights when I need a break from my kids, I go to Wal Mart and take my time.  I look at the fish, check out the women’s and kid’s clothing sections, see if there is anything cheap in the fabric and craft department, browse the food aisles to see if there is anything we could have for supper.  I’m not so happy when the aisles are blocked off because of stock sitting all over the store, but aside from that, I find it relaxing.

So if you read this and you haven’t done it and you feel like doing it, go do it.  It’s fun (and sort of a challenge, as it’s best to use things that most people wouldn’t know about you).

Happy Pondering!

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