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What could have been…

This is going to become an exercise in free writing, because while I had something very witty to write earlier today, I have forgotten it entirely.  However, I will start out with a point.  This is what I’ve been up to:

I have learned, in the last few weeks, that listening to books on CD helps me to get laundry and housework done without realizing that I’m working.  Really, I can do an hour of work and at the end of it, I only really remember the story line on the book.  I have done something like this in the past, but it has never been quite this successful.  I was using the strategy of listening to music and sometimes talk radio on my MP3 player while doing laundry and other things, but I really do think this works better.  Also, I think my library has eBooks that can be downloaded for free, so I may try this and then I can put on some headphones and work all over the house rather than being stuck in one place.  Because of this strategy, I have been keeping up on my laundry and on Friday, I managed to clean out one whole corner of my living room – this is progress, even if it seems like only a small step.

I spent nearly a week thinking I was pregnant – being more or less convinced that I was – until I took a test and it was negative.  Don’t tell Mike that, though.  He requested that if I take a test and it comes back negative, I not tell him, because he just cannot bear the thought of wasting money on negative pregnancy tests.  I have a history of negative results at various times, and we had previously agreed that I wouldn’t take a test until I talked to him about it, but I decided that I might like to surprise him next time and I had to find out if that was okay.  He said he didn’t mind if I didn’t tell him I was taking a test, but to please not tell him if it was negative.  He blames it on being Mennonite, my Grandpa would say it’s because he’s Scottish.  It has one explanation unrelated to ethnicity – he’s cheap.  It’s okay – he knows this.  It’s not offensive to him to be accused of thrift.  For the record, I bought the cheapest test at Wal Mart.  It was five dollars.  My mom said that my peace of mind is worth five bucks, and I agree.

There is more, but now I’ll talk about what’s going on right now.

I gave the kids a choice tonight.  Once Erik was in bed, they could either keep watching their movie or they could go to bed.  Elias picked bed (seriously! what a great kid!) and Jenny is finishing the movie.  It is past her bedtime, but this just means that she may sleep in later than eight o’clock tomorrow morning.  Please, oh please. 

And as usual when I write, I have been interuppted.  Jenny is in bed now, but I imagine I’ll have to go in there at least once before they actually go to sleep.  It’s usually something amazingly important that they need – Jenny tosses her blankets off and needs “covered up”, as she puts it; Elias needs a kiss – we don’t mind this one so much, it is awfully cute; Jenny needs to blow her nose and has misplaced the handkerchief that is usually under her pillow.  It is usually found the next day under her pillow, but I guess in the dark she just can’t figure that out.

Mike is playing two back to back hockey games tonight.  In different towns.  Ah, the life of a hockey wife.  His first game was at 8:20, which means that it’s over by now and he’s probably gathering his things, taking off half of his equipment and driving ten minutes to get to his next game, which starts at 9:45.  I am so glad I stayed at home.  Not that I wouldn’t love to watch his games – I just really don’t want to do it with three kids tagging along.

Tomorrow is our English Corner potluck.  With any luck (haha), there will be lots of Asian food carefully made by all those wonderful Asian students we have in English Corner right now.  And if I did my job right, I will have convinced Vivianna, our Colombian student, to bring something authentically Colombian.  I was all prepared to make Vietnamese salad rolls – a time consuming venture, but well worth it – but when I went grocery shopping, I couldn’t find any mint.  If I had more time, this would not have been a real problem – I would have just gone to another grocery store – but I had one shot at getting my ingredients and that was tonight, before Mike had to go to his game.  So, after some hemming and hawing, I decided on potato soup.  Not exotic, but incredibly delicious and very fattening (the way I make it anyway..it’s not something we eat often).  I also bought two boxes of couscous and two bags of Edamame, thinking I may make a few side dishes to bring along as well.  The invitations say to bring a main dish, appetizer or dessert, but I generally bring one or more of each.  After all, I make the invitations, and I am also aware that many of those attending are poor college students and, strapped for time, will just pick something up from Price Smart on the way to the potluck.  So I try to make enough to feed a good deal of them in case there isn’t much to choose from.  It doesn’t hurt that I LOVE to cook.

Oh, yeah, here’s another thing I’ve learned recently.  If I keep in mind that I will always be able to go out to eat on Sundays after church, it makes it easy to skip going out during the week.  We nearly got pizza twice this week, but me being Scottish and all (heehee), I held on and made supper at home.  And then, lo and behold, Mike’s parents bought our lunch today so we didn’t spend any money on going out the whole week!  Wow!  This is amazing!  But seriously, it is a step in the right direction as we were eating out more than is healthy for our bodies or our bank account.  I decided one Sunday afternoon, after a shared meal at A&W with the whole family, that I enjoyed eating out after church, even felt that it was something of a tradition I wanted to keep – for now, anyway, and that it was worth skipping meals out the rest of the week for that one treat on Sundays. 

Well, I’m starting to get dizzy watching the words appear on the screen (I know – I could never do this for a living :)).  I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead, or I might stop making any sense at all and just start talking about how strange it is that I get dizzy when I write and feel as though my hands are miles away from my body….oops, there I go.

Time to go do something productive.  Like build houses on the Sims. 😉

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