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Where to start?

I miss the old days – when words just floated through my fingers into the keyboard and extreme fatigue or nausea didn’t place a block in my head.  But I have to re-start somewhere as I’m not about to give up.  I’m getting a netbook soon and I’m planning great things with it – like spending one evening a week catching up on my writing – so I’m not going to quit blogging just yet.

Anyway, here is a recap of this past week (post-birthday entry).

Jenny got over her infection quickly, thank heavens, but all the kids are still a bit runny nosed.  Erik was in the ER on Friday night because his breathing was so wheezy and I didn’t really feel like leaving it alone was in his best interest.  He just now finished up a four day course of prednisone.  He’s still coughing up a storm and I’m a little bit concerned that he might need antibiotics to get rid of it.

Friday after the hospital, I went to watch Mike play hockey with his dad.  I don’t know who won.  I spent the majority of the time taking Elias to the bathroom.  I’m seriously thinking that he likes the bathrooms in the new arena so much that he’s peeing his pants just so we have to go there.  The third time I took him, we stayed there for nearly fifteen minutes, drying his pants and underwear under the automatic dryers.  Jenny kept saying she had to go again while we were there – I think this is because she really likes the sink and wanted an excuse to wash her hands one more time .  My kids are so weird sometimes.  The big perk to Friday night and that ER visit is that Mike set it up for the kids to spend the night at his parents’ house, since he was playing hockey and we didn’t know whether I would be going home or not.  They left the game a bit early and I just had Erik for the rest of the night.

We had a lazy start on Saturday, mostly because of our late night on Friday and the fact that this was the first Saturday that Mike has had off for about a month.  I honestly cannot remember much about the day, except that it was fairly surreal having only one child to deal with.  We headed over to Mike’s parents’ house around eleven and played games and napped for most of the afternoon (read: Mike played games, I napped).  We had a nice Mennonite meal for supper – corn, Farmer’s Sausage (don’t ask – I have no idea what to compare it to because I’ve never eaten it…it smells good cooking, anyway), homemade noodles and tilapia.  Okay, so the tilapia was mostly for me and not really Mennonite at all.  In fact, being blackened cajun tilapia, it was pretty much the total opposite of Mennonite food.  Mike had yet another game on Saturday night, this time with his rec. team and I decided to go because we were already out anyway.  Once again, I don’t know who won.  I spent most of that game telling my children not to play with the caution tape strung all over the arena and feeling frustrated that one woman there was letting her grandson do whatever he wanted with it.  And also, talking to my sister-in-law and her sister-in-law.  I haven’t had much time to talk to Marcy lately and it was a real treat.  She has the baby bug pretty bad so she’s enjoying our kids and my pregnancy and hoping to have a few more next year.

Sunday came too early as we had decided to go to the early service.  We did this because our Thanksgiving meal was set for 3:30 that afternoon.  Second service gets out after noon most weeks, which would give us about forty-five minutes to go shopping for salad fixings (since that was my offering to the meal), have lunch and get the kids home and to bed for a nap.  We decided that although we would inevitably be very tired in the morning, we would force ourselves to get up and get to church by 9:15.  Church was over by 10:30 and we headed out to get everything done.  The great thing is that the kids were down, I had the salad more or less ready to go and we were able to have a nap, too. 

Thanksgiving dinner went very well and we celebrated my birthday afterward.  Again, I can’t remember much except that my sister-in-law is making me a nice crocheted toque (a hat, Americans :)) and Mike’s parents gave me a nice bit of money to add to my computer fund.  We left in time to get home and put the kids to bed in a hurry before Mike went to yet another hockey game – this time a church game.  Three hockey games with three different teams in three days – yes, that’s my life.  This time I stayed home (obviously, since I didn’t feel that leaving the kids home alone was a good idea) and was determined to be productive.  I sat at the computer for at least forty-five minutes and suddenly started feeling sick to my stomach.  It got worse over the next hour and I wondered whether I should stick to the plan or avoid any work.  I finally decided that I would feel sick whether I folded laundry or swept the floor or laid on the couch reading.  I swept under the table (I think my kids think we have a dog – they leave plenty to eat for him under there…come to think of it, having a dog would make my job easier at times).  I noticed while I was sweeping that the walls were coloured on, spilled on, and scuffed up and decided that while I was at it, I should wash them.  So, totally against my nature, I grabbed a bucket and some towels and started scrubbing.  With the aid of a Magic Eraser (I love those things!), I got it looking much better.  They are still in sore need of a coat of paint, but at least now if I feel like painting, the walls will be clean.

I finished up the evening by folding about four loads of laundry and getting another two or three going.  In between the cleaning, I threw up a few times.  It never did make me feel better.

On Monday we managed to sleep in until nine and then Mike got up with the kids and fed them and entertained them until after eleven, when I finally got up.  The strangest thing is that with how sick I was on Sunday night, I expected to feel bad when I woke up.  I felt totally normal on Monday morning – go figure!  When we finally were up and dressed and fed, we went back to Mike’s parents’.  My sister-in-law from out of town had wanted to play a particular game all weekend and Mike and his dad finally played it with her that afternoon, just before she and her husband had to head home.  I played another game with my mother-in-law and brother-in-law while the kids napped (or rather, while they messed around and got into trouble about six times for not napping).

After more food, more dessert and a few more games, we went home and had supper.  I talked to my brother after not talking to him for a few months and Mike slept a bit while the kids were watching a movie.  This was also when Elias decided to somehow get the disk drive stuck open.  We really can’t figure it out and will probably be taking it somewhere to get it fixed.  Mike rented a movie that we didn’t like very much and we stayed up later than we should have.  Nothing new there, anyway.

This morning at around seven, I woke up to hear Jenny yelling, “Oh, my! Oh, my!  Oh, my!”  I ran in and she said something about her “breathe” and that she was going to throw up.  I rushed her into the bathroom and..nothing.  I figured taking her back to my room would be smarter than sending her back to bed, just in case the puking really did happen at some point.  It turned out to be a very good decision – although my sheets are now in the wash and my garbage can has vomit in it.  After throwing up, we both went back to sleep and slept until after nine when the boys woke up.  I’m now assuming that whatever was wrong with me on Sunday night is what was wrong with Jenny this morning, as she seems just fine now.  I guess it’s just a really short-lived bug.

Anyway, I should probably be having a nap right now, but like I said, you have to start somewhere and now seemed like a good time for it.  And anyway, I can always go to bed early tonight.  Oh, right, Mike has another hockey game.  Sigh.

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Early mornings, where is Christmas? Puke and pronuciation.

Yes, that’s what I said.  I will finish my thought from last time and explain the “cliff-hangers” I left (haha..the thought of people hanging on my every word just cracks me up), but then I have some new and ridiculously interesting things to say (laughter again).

Early mornings.  Jenny has decided that waking up before Mike leaves for work or just after he leaves is a great idea.  Elias doesn’t do so well with this, and so halfway through the day, he is grumpy and whiny..and Elias-y.  This morning I had to get up earlier than normal (way earlier, actually) because we went with my mother-in-law to the next town to do some shopping – she works there, it’s forty minutes away, and they have stores that we don’t, for some stupid reason.  Anyway, I was up before Mike was, and it seems that this is happening a little more frequently as of late.  I don’t necessarily get up and let the kids out when they wake up early – I usually wait for Jenny to say she has to go the bathroom before I do that – but it still makes it hard to keep sleeping when I can hear them laughing and yelling and throwing things in the next room.  Yeah, I could whine about this for a long time..next thought.

Christmas snuck up on me this year.  The lack of decorations is due to the size and layout of our house and the type of decorations we have.  We don’t have space for a tree unless we do major rearranging, and I don’t trust my kids with a tree anyway.  As for the rest of the decorations, I did manage to bring a few sets of lights in from the shed, as well as some things to hang on the wall to make it look just a little bit festive, but the farthest I’ve gotten is to hang a little wooden sign over the mirror by the door that says: “So many flakes, so little time.”  I had a good laugh over that one back when I bought it years ago…ah, good old double meanings.  This may be all that gets done.  The lack of planning for Christmas, on the other hand, is solely my fault due to laziness and procrastination.  I kept telling myself, “I have so much time!” and then suddenly it was a week before Christmas and nothing was done.  Because my family and a good number of my friends are in the states, mailing cards and gifts takes pre-planning.  It generally takes a minimum of a week to get things there, so by the time I had this light bulb above my head, it was too late to expect anything to get there on time.  Bah, humbug.

The thing about schedule conflicts is past, but I will at least leave a blurb about it.  Sunday: church, lunch, naps, employee/family Christmas party, Jenny’s stage debut at our church singing Away in a Manger.  Christmas party started at 5:30, performance started at 6:30.  We left the party after the kids got gifts from “Santa” and rushed to the church so that Jenny could stand on the stage NOT singing through the first verse of the song, and then stand with her back to the large congregation for the second time through.  She added a backwards glance and heavy sigh to make sure people knew this was so not cool.  Yeah.  Everyone expects some kid to do this, but I just didn’t think it would be mine.  Anyway, after that, we rushed back to the party to bowl.  It was not such a great party.  Then we came home, put the kids to bed, finished one movie and started another and Mike went to a hockey game.  He had the opportunity to play two games that night, but I put my foot down.  Two activities is not bad, three is more than enough and four is just silly.

Economy.  Things are expensive.  Gas is cheaper now, but groceries break the bank.  No more overtime + no promised raise = forced budgeting and putting savings on hold.  More humbugs.  That’s okay, we’ve seen worse times than this and made it through just fine.

Here comes the fun part.

I made chicken pot pie last night.  Well, veggie chicken pot pie, anyway.  It was good, Mike especially loved it, I ate just a bit too much, the kids ate just a bit too little.  One hour later (ish), I got the most terrible feeling in my stomach.  We went to bed early last night since I had to get up early this morning.  We were in bed by nine o’clock – a rare treat – but my stomach hurt so bad, it took me two hours to even drift off.  And then I got up and puked.  And went back to bed shivering.  And got up and puked.  And puked again.  At one point, I was wearing my nightgown (yes, I wear a nightgown…and no, I don’t mean an old lady one or a piece of lingerie..it’s a nice in-between), a pair of fleece pajama pants and a fleece housecoat.  I woke up feeling all right and made it through a day of driving and shopping just fine, but on the way home, it started to resurface.  Right now, after eating the only thing that sounded good to me – sticky white rice, miso soup and one piece of inari – I feel like puking again.  What a waste of…however much money I spent on it.  I should go to bed, but I get the feeling that it will just be a repeat of last night.  I’d rather stay up, get the puking out of the way and then go to bed.

So, this is the fun part. 

Mike said tonight, after putting Elias to bed, “Ah, my son’s two favourite things: beer and boobies.”


Elias is talking a lot lately, but his pronunciation is still something that only we really understand.  My family actually brought the second thing up when we were in the states visiting – they had noticed that Elias asked for “boobies” a lot.  I’m sure some of them thought he was still nursing or something, but what that actually means is “movies”.  As for the beer, no, we don’t get our two year old inebriated – he just likes his stuffed “bear” to be in bed with him at night.  That was what prompted Mike to say what he said – Elias’s request for his bear as he went to bed.

Anyway, I thought it was funny.  But then, he is my kid, and we generally think our kids are a lot funnier than other people find them to be.  So laugh, or don’t laugh.


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