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Week in review, week in advance

This week has been stressful enough for me.  Yes, that’s right, I’m done with stress.  No more for me, thanks.

Oh, wait, there’s more that cannot be avoided.  Great!

First the week in review.  Sounds nice – like a radio show – doesn’t it?

Monday: Erik’s birthday and party.  Went well, didn’t cause me too much stress in the end, weather was good enough to eat outside.  I did, however, have a small run-in with a door frame.  In which my toe collided quite painfully with it.  And a later incident where I put a steak knife into my middle finger while trying to get frozen pudding out of a small thin plastic cup.  But otherwise, it was a good day.

Tuesday: Erik’s one year check-up.  Found out he is seriously under-weight and has swollen lymph nodes…or something like that.  And also that he doesn’t have enough “words”.  He’s only a year old, for heaven’s sake!!  How many normal one year olds have a three word vocabulary?  Well, not mine, anyway.

Wednesday: Jenny had a dentist appointment.  Found out that her thumb-sucking is starting to morph her jaw.  Great.  Had a lovely picnic in the park, though, after her appointment and the kids got rub-on tattoos (of Spiderman and My Little Pony..you can guess which child had which), face painting and got to use sidewalk chalk (the city was putting on some sort of free thing for kids there).

Thursday: Bible study in the morning where only one other person showed up.  We took advantage of the babysitting for half of the regular time.  I wrote a poem, we talked, I held her baby and then we went home.  I then fed Mike some lunch, fed the kids, put them to bed and left with Erik to the hospital when my babysitter got her.  We sat through a very long pre-surgery appointment where I learned all the risks of having your wisdom teeth removed, like nerve damage or death!!  Erik didn’t help as he decided to be grouchy the entire time.  Groucy and sick and wheezing.  We then went to another part of the hospital where Erik had blood drawn to test his kidney function and a number of other things I don’t really understand.  Went to the bank and the grocery store and rushed home to relieve the babysitter who could only stay so long.  Went shopping after supper by myself, but somehow didn’t feel much less stress.

And, deep breath, for the finish.

Friday: Erik had his one year shots, rather uneventful, Elias fell and scraped his knee in the parking lot leaving the clinic.  Had a phone call soon after getting home, finalizing my TONSILLECTOMY.  Yes, that’s right, my swollen, diseased tonsils are coming out on the 29th of this month.  That’s like, ten days away.  And Mike and my mother-in-law are both working and cannot get out of working on that day.  And my sister-in-law will be eight days from her due date on that day.  The good news is that I have a friend who offered to help me with the kids.  With any luck, I can send Jenny and maybe Elias to another friends house and then the one who offered would only have one or two of the kids rather than all three.

I guess I skipped right into next week without even realizing it. 

Yeah, so the week to come holds lots of planning and probably cleaning.  Getting ready to be on my back for a good deal of the time and in pain for the rest of it.  Tomorrow morning I get my wisdom teeth pulled.  Sunday I’ll attempt to say “Happy Father’s Day” to Mike and call my dad…at the very least.  Monday I’m still supposed to be resting from the wisdom teeth surgery.  Tuesday through Sunday will be making and freezing meals, stocking up on sore-throat friendly foods (pudding, anyone?) and arranging the details of the 29th so that everything happens just right.  I can feel the stress already.  The good news is that I only have one appointment (as of right now) on Wednesday and not much else going on.  I should be able to get things done without having to go out much during the day. 

In other, somewhat unrelated news, I was hoping to join another Craftster swap once I have feedback from the one I just finished, but it looks like I should take a break until I’m recooperated from my tonsillectomy.  Depending on the swap theme, it could be easy enough to do while I’m still a bit under the weather, but I’d rather wait until I’m totally out of the water as far as post-operative bleeding goes (doesn’t that sound like fun?).  So as fun as the swap I just did was, I will have to wait.. 😦  Oh, well. 

All this busy-ness may also mean a break from blogging, just to give you a heads up.  Just because I don’t write for a week or so doesn’t mean I died on the operating table.  I mean, I suppose it could mean that, but it’s pretty unlikely.

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What could have been…

This is going to become an exercise in free writing, because while I had something very witty to write earlier today, I have forgotten it entirely.  However, I will start out with a point.  This is what I’ve been up to:

I have learned, in the last few weeks, that listening to books on CD helps me to get laundry and housework done without realizing that I’m working.  Really, I can do an hour of work and at the end of it, I only really remember the story line on the book.  I have done something like this in the past, but it has never been quite this successful.  I was using the strategy of listening to music and sometimes talk radio on my MP3 player while doing laundry and other things, but I really do think this works better.  Also, I think my library has eBooks that can be downloaded for free, so I may try this and then I can put on some headphones and work all over the house rather than being stuck in one place.  Because of this strategy, I have been keeping up on my laundry and on Friday, I managed to clean out one whole corner of my living room – this is progress, even if it seems like only a small step.

I spent nearly a week thinking I was pregnant – being more or less convinced that I was – until I took a test and it was negative.  Don’t tell Mike that, though.  He requested that if I take a test and it comes back negative, I not tell him, because he just cannot bear the thought of wasting money on negative pregnancy tests.  I have a history of negative results at various times, and we had previously agreed that I wouldn’t take a test until I talked to him about it, but I decided that I might like to surprise him next time and I had to find out if that was okay.  He said he didn’t mind if I didn’t tell him I was taking a test, but to please not tell him if it was negative.  He blames it on being Mennonite, my Grandpa would say it’s because he’s Scottish.  It has one explanation unrelated to ethnicity – he’s cheap.  It’s okay – he knows this.  It’s not offensive to him to be accused of thrift.  For the record, I bought the cheapest test at Wal Mart.  It was five dollars.  My mom said that my peace of mind is worth five bucks, and I agree.

There is more, but now I’ll talk about what’s going on right now.

I gave the kids a choice tonight.  Once Erik was in bed, they could either keep watching their movie or they could go to bed.  Elias picked bed (seriously! what a great kid!) and Jenny is finishing the movie.  It is past her bedtime, but this just means that she may sleep in later than eight o’clock tomorrow morning.  Please, oh please. 

And as usual when I write, I have been interuppted.  Jenny is in bed now, but I imagine I’ll have to go in there at least once before they actually go to sleep.  It’s usually something amazingly important that they need – Jenny tosses her blankets off and needs “covered up”, as she puts it; Elias needs a kiss – we don’t mind this one so much, it is awfully cute; Jenny needs to blow her nose and has misplaced the handkerchief that is usually under her pillow.  It is usually found the next day under her pillow, but I guess in the dark she just can’t figure that out.

Mike is playing two back to back hockey games tonight.  In different towns.  Ah, the life of a hockey wife.  His first game was at 8:20, which means that it’s over by now and he’s probably gathering his things, taking off half of his equipment and driving ten minutes to get to his next game, which starts at 9:45.  I am so glad I stayed at home.  Not that I wouldn’t love to watch his games – I just really don’t want to do it with three kids tagging along.

Tomorrow is our English Corner potluck.  With any luck (haha), there will be lots of Asian food carefully made by all those wonderful Asian students we have in English Corner right now.  And if I did my job right, I will have convinced Vivianna, our Colombian student, to bring something authentically Colombian.  I was all prepared to make Vietnamese salad rolls – a time consuming venture, but well worth it – but when I went grocery shopping, I couldn’t find any mint.  If I had more time, this would not have been a real problem – I would have just gone to another grocery store – but I had one shot at getting my ingredients and that was tonight, before Mike had to go to his game.  So, after some hemming and hawing, I decided on potato soup.  Not exotic, but incredibly delicious and very fattening (the way I make it anyway..it’s not something we eat often).  I also bought two boxes of couscous and two bags of Edamame, thinking I may make a few side dishes to bring along as well.  The invitations say to bring a main dish, appetizer or dessert, but I generally bring one or more of each.  After all, I make the invitations, and I am also aware that many of those attending are poor college students and, strapped for time, will just pick something up from Price Smart on the way to the potluck.  So I try to make enough to feed a good deal of them in case there isn’t much to choose from.  It doesn’t hurt that I LOVE to cook.

Oh, yeah, here’s another thing I’ve learned recently.  If I keep in mind that I will always be able to go out to eat on Sundays after church, it makes it easy to skip going out during the week.  We nearly got pizza twice this week, but me being Scottish and all (heehee), I held on and made supper at home.  And then, lo and behold, Mike’s parents bought our lunch today so we didn’t spend any money on going out the whole week!  Wow!  This is amazing!  But seriously, it is a step in the right direction as we were eating out more than is healthy for our bodies or our bank account.  I decided one Sunday afternoon, after a shared meal at A&W with the whole family, that I enjoyed eating out after church, even felt that it was something of a tradition I wanted to keep – for now, anyway, and that it was worth skipping meals out the rest of the week for that one treat on Sundays. 

Well, I’m starting to get dizzy watching the words appear on the screen (I know – I could never do this for a living :)).  I think I’d better stop while I’m ahead, or I might stop making any sense at all and just start talking about how strange it is that I get dizzy when I write and feel as though my hands are miles away from my body….oops, there I go.

Time to go do something productive.  Like build houses on the Sims. 😉

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Not sure whether to laugh or cry.

I’ll try to make this short because I don’t want to become obnoxious.  Then again, I write for me more than anything else, so if it gets long, so be it.  It’s a release for me, which I definitely need.

What would I like to do right now?  If I had a lawn chair or a hammock, I’d go outside, away from the chaos of my house and go to sleep in it.  I would sleep for hours and just enjoy the feeling of the sun on my skin when I woke up, not rushing inside to work, but taking my time.  I would be able to afford for someone to come in and fully organize and clean my house and when I came back inside in three or four hours time, it would be done and I could start supper in peace, not worrying about being without certain dishes or utensils because the sink was full of dirty ones.  Wait – I’m starting to focus on the negative.  Stay with the dream..

Mike would come home and play with the kids in the backyard while I fed Erik on the deck and snapped pictures of all the fun they were having.  We’d sit down after that for a nice healthy supper where everyone eats proper portions of things and doesn’t whine or complain.  After that, the kids would go and play in their room while Mike was cleaning up the dishes.  We’d sit together for awhile and maybe watch a movie with the kids before bed.  Then they would get ready for bed and go to sleep within minutes of closing their little eyes.

Mike and I would then have time to spend together – playing a game or watching a movie or just talking.  Erik would go to bed and sleep a nice long stretch before waking me up to eat.

Okay, so the part about someone coming in and cleaning has got to be the most outlandish thing I’ve ever heard..or written.  However, aside from that, the rest of these things aren’t totally out of reach.

Today was Bible study at Tara’s.  The kids played quietly in the yard almost the whole time, but at one point when I went down to check on them, Jenny had taken off her pants and underwear.  Further inspection led me to find said items of clothing discarded and very wet.  Fortunately, I had spare underwear and Tara had pants that she could wear while hers dried.  She later got dog food thrown at her and ants crawling all over her and sand in her mouth and eyes.  Not such a good day for Jenny.  We came  home and had a package from my mother (Thanks, mom!) with clothes for the boys and three new dresses for Jenny, including a fairy dress with a wand and a halo.  I managed to keep Jenny from trying it on because she was so dirty and sat them down for lunch.  They didn’t feel like eating.  Jenny may have had five bites of soup and I’m not sure that Elias ate anything at all.  I gave them a bath after lunch and made the mistake of putting baby oil in their hair.  Jenny has had some flaking on her scalp that looked like cradle cap, and what I always did when they were babies was put baby oil on their heads and then wash it out.  I washed Jenny’s hair twice and it’s still all greasy.  This probably means that she’ll have to have multiple baths in the next week just to get the stuff out of her hair.  Because of her skin being so bad (she has eczema), we don’t bathe her very often.

While I was trying to dry Jenny’s hair, Elias was standing diaper-less in the bathroom.  I moved my foot and found a puddle – he decided to pee on the floor!  What a nice boy.  Seriously, I can’t wait until he is potty trained. 

All of this and the mounting mess led me to my title.  I literally still don’t know whether I should laugh or cry right now.  If I laugh about it, I’ll end up crying anyway, so maybe I should just sit down and have a good cry to begin with.  But then I don’t really feel like crying is going to do me any good.  I guess if I feel like I’m on the verge of tears, I should take a nap.  It’s often a clue that I’m exhausted when I feel like I could cry at any moment. 

But if I sleep, I won’t get anything done. 

But then I’m not getting anything done right now, either.


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The baby who didn’t want to sleep, and other stories.

Okay, so Erik does want to sleep, but he doesn’t know it.  He is too involved with the world around him right now and so he takes a lot of convincing to get him to go to sleep.  Convincing, otherwise known as “the breast”. 

Yesterday, in my infected stupor, I really needed a nap.  It seemed as though I had just drifted off when he woke up crying.  I made a few trips back to the bedroom (I was sleeping on the couch) to put the soother back in his mouth (that’s a pacifier to all you Americans), but then just decided to ignore the crying and go back to sleep myself.  It worked.  Yesterday. 

I put him down just before I put the kids down, maybe forty minutes ago, and every time it seems he’s gone to sleep, he starts up again.  I’m afraid I’m made him too reliant on sucking to go to sleep, which is not such a good thing in my mind.  For the life of me, I can’t remember if we used a soother to make Elias sleep or not.  I just remember that he sucked his thumb really early.  Anyway, today I’m trying to ignore it, even though it seems he’s just going to keep it up.  I know that eventually he’ll have to go to sleep, just because he’s exhausted.

I’m not feeling so awful today, so I whipped up some muffins to take to Bible study tomorrow and I did a bit of lunch clean up (don’t worry, I didn’t do too much).  After the kids had been in bed for a while and I assumed they were asleep, Jenny surprised me by saying she had to go to the bathroom.  When I opened the door, she was stark naked.  Have I mentioned this new obsession?  Yeah, she likes to take her clothes off.  I’m not enjoying it very much, but at least she hasn’t done it in public yet.  It usually doesn’t happen during naps, so I was surprised by that also.  The most common time for stripping is at night – if she gets up in the middle of the night, she’s frequently naked or down to her underwear.  It’s summer, and often warm in the house, so I don’t really mind if she just sleeps in underwear, but I’m kind of down on her being entirely nude.

Since I’ve touched on two of my children, I’ll move on to the middle one.  The clingy, emotional, whiny, demanding, adorable, almost two year old boy.  It’s a good thing he’s so cute, because man, is he a cry baby.  I sincerely hope he grows out of this.  Things that happened today to demonstrate his personality: I put soup in the microwave to heat and he promptly burst into tears because he thought I was taking it away and not going to give him lunch.  He came in the kitchen to sit with me but was not being very nice, so I put him down, and he burst into tears.  I would not give him candy when he asked for it and..you guessed it – tears.  The hard thing is to be firm with him and not let him get away with things because he is so beautiful.  If he was our only child, he would be spoiled.  I can almost guarantee it.  The kid has huge dark brown eyes and long eyelashes and can give you a look that just melts you.  Of course, then he asks for “nandy” and you have to say no and those huge dark eyes fill up with tears and his cute pouting mouth opens wide with a near scream.  It’s not very pleasant.

Well, while I’m at it, I may as well say something about myself.  I went this morning for a barium x-ray to check out my esophagus.  My mom and her dad have a condition called either Shotsky’s Ring or Feline Esophagus, which basically makes it very difficult to swallow things unless they are very well chewed.  The esophagus gets narrow where it shouldn’t be with a Shotsky’s Ring, and if I remember right, with Feline Esophagus, the whole thing is bumpy..or something.  I seemed to have inherited one of these conditions as well, but the x-ray will show us how bad it is.  My mom used to have her esophagus stretched, but there are other procedures now that could help me to avoid the pain that comes with getting food stuck in my throat.  It’s not choking, but it hurts pretty bad and it usually requires forced vomiting, which then makes people think you’re bulimic.  I’m not, by the way, in case you ever follow me to the bathroom in a restaurant and hear me puking.  I’m either pregnant or have something stuck.

The irony of it is that I went for my x-ray on an empty stomach (it’s required) and went for some breakfast on my way to pick up the kids.  Two bites into my Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwich, it got stuck.  Badly.  So badly that I had to pull the van over and throw up in a cup.  Sorry.  I hope you’re not eating right now.  I am…man, these muffins are amazing.

Okay, I’ve touched on the kids and myself, how about Mike?  All I can say about Mike right now is that he loves his job and has been working a lot of overtime.  He’ll be working Saturday again, but since we need the money, I don’t mind very much.  I’ll take the good job and required overtime over a job that he hates.  If he hated his job (or just didn’t like it much), it would be hard to ask him to work overtime, even if we needed the money.

On another, completely unrelated note, we’re going south next month.  More than likely around the 23rd, although I haven’t spoken to my sister, so I can’t be completely sure.  I want to know if she wants us there before her wedding so that I can help her a bit, or if it doesn’t matter.  If it doesn’t matter to her, I think we’ll go just before that weekend and stay into the next week, although I don’t know how long yet, either.  Mike is going to find out how much time he can have off before we finalize anything.  If I only had one kid to travel with, I’d consider going down with him and then taking the bus back home, but I can’t imagine doing it with all three by myself.  And anyway, then we’d have the cost of bus tickets and the cost of gas for the van both ways.  And gas is not cheap right now.

I had other things to say, but forgot most of them.  I was going to mention that I feel like painting, and since I bought canvas last night and some crackle medium, I may just do that.  Or maybe I should take a nap, instead.

If it’s not too much trouble, I do have one request of my readers.  If you read this, could you post a comment for me?  I’m wondering how many people are actually reading and how many people just stumble upon the blog because they were searching for “pictures of messy housewives” – something I never intended with my title.  I know I have at least one person who reads most of what I write, but I’d love to know it if there are others who read regularly.  If you don’t mind saying – tell me where you’re from, too.  I know that I read a number of blogs (yes, mostly food blogs) and they’re all over the world, and I rarely post comments (like, I did it twice, I think), so the blogger would have no idea that they have a reader in Northeastern British Columbia.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Oh, and for those who need convincing on the “Elias is cute” subject, here he is:

Elias in all his ruddy boyhood


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Something unrelated to housekeeping.

Things my three year old has been saying lately:

When asked to do something she’s just not ready to do (go to bed, come to the table, clean something up, etc.):  “But, Mama, I have some things I have to do.”  Generally she can’t tell you what those things are, but she’s busy, one way or another.

About her new baby brother: “Oh, he’s very, so so sweet.”  The “very, so so” thing can begin almost any statement, such as “Oh, I’m very, so so tired.”  Or, “Oh, I love you very, so so much.”

When she notices something new, and sometimes completely at random: “I can’t believe it!”

When she’s really mad about something, especially when she is watching a movie or playing and she has to go to bed and doesn’t want to: “Oh, I never, ever get to ______(watch a movie, play with my toys, etc.)!”  Usually this is followed up by another string of, “never, ever, ever!” and is accompanied by a very pained expression and plenty of tears.

This was just for a laugh.  Really, just as much for me as for anyone else.  I’m sure if you have or have ever had a three year old, you can relate.

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Moving, Weddings and Houseguests

Well, apparently, it’s been quite a while since I last wrote.  How do I let it get so bad?!  Life, I suppose, keeps me from staying on top of most things. 

My house has gone the way of six months ago…my husband’s grandmother moved south and basically cleared out half of her possessions and either gave them to family or threw them away.  So we came home with a number of new things for our house, many of which don’t actually fit in our house.  For instance, we inherited an upright freezer.  Thankfully, it can be kept on the back porch…all the food Grandma was giving away has to fill my kitchen, though.  She decided not to take any food at all with her.  No spices, no canned food, no nothing.  So we came home with an awful lot – which is great for us – but we hardly have room for it all.  I had to reorganize a few things to fit most of it, then ended up getting even more when she cleaned out her fridge just before moving.  My refrigerator is packed at the moment, mostly with things like teriyaki sauce and mustard.  

Add to all of that the fact that I agreed to help bake for my sister-in-law’s wedding this coming Saturday.  My mother-in-law called me one day last week and said she was coming over with supplies for lemon squares.  The perk was that I got to keep everything I didn’t actually use for the lemon squares.  Quite convenient since I was nearly out of sugar and unbleached flour before she brought them to me.  It’s not so bad now that the six trays have been baked, sugared and frozen in the back porch freezer, but for a while it looked like I was attempting to start up a bakery in my little kitchen.  I still have a few things left to do in the kitchen before Thursday, but then, I swear I’m not touching a whisk or mixing bowl for two weeks.  (I’m also pretty certain that I’ll go back on that word)

Again, another wrench is that my dad is coming up for the wedding and staying with us Friday night through Tuesday afternoon.  We have no guest room and no basement and the mattress on our sofa bed is rather uncomfortable, so my dad will be sleeping on our extra bunk bed mattress in the middle of the living room floor.  This requires re-arranging of furniture because one of the things we acquired is a locking video cabinet, which is currently taking up space that we don’t really have.  A bit of moving around and I think we’ll be okay…but first I have to feel up to doing all that moving around…and, you guessed it – cleaning up. 

The FlyLady system has a term for what lurks in every corner of my house: Hot Spots.  My desk is a pretty bad one, and the plastic organizing towers to each side of the desk.  The table by the front door is a catch all and at the moment is hard to even see under all the junk mail, library books, church bulletins and shopping bags destined for return to the car.  My dresser top can be a pretty bad one, too, but I usually get to it before it is totally covered.  At the moment, I would love to have a day without my kids so that I could run through the house cleaning up all this mess.  Jenny is at the age where she greatly enjoys getting into things she knows she shouldn’t, and Elias has picked the last two weeks to be incredibly clingy.  I try to clean or bake or re-arrange while they are awake, but it’s futile.  And then I’m worn out from chasing or intervening or chastising by the time they have their naps that I don’t feel like doing what needs to be done.  Laziness?  Perhaps. 

Mike has a hockey game tonight at 10:45, which means he will be gone from 10:15 to sometime after midnight.  My body would greatly appreciate it if I went to bed, but I may have to take the opportunity to clean up after everyone’s mess.

Well, off I go…to attempt to do something productive.  Hmm…maybe if I just shut them in their room to play, they’ll leave me alone..Jenny doesn’t know how to open her door yet.

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