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At the moment, my head and heart actually feel quite peaceful.  My kids are all in their room playing nicely together and they had a big breakfast which means they won’t be begging for lunch for another hour or two.  Tomorrow afternoon, Mike and I are dropping the kids off at his parents, checking into a hotel and having nearly twenty-four hours alone!  So I’m feeling pretty good.  But I know if I turn around, my stomach will flip.  My house is a DISASTER!  And it’s an uphill battle – just last weekend, we actually had it looking pretty good.  The toys were cleaned up and the kids room was spotless on Friday, I vacuumed the living room and dining area thoroughly a few days after that.  Mike had picked up all the garbage, recycling and dirty clothes and put them where they belonged.  And now, you’d never know any of that had been done.  I hardly know where to start!!  I felt like cleaning yesterday but I only made it as far as doing dishes and folding laundry.  My desk needs to be cleared off and the floors desperately need sweeping and mopping.  Most of all, I need organization.  And space.  The organizing will take work, but the space is all used up.  The best thing I can do is to look around and try to figure out what can be moved, what I can get rid of, what I can pack away in the shed. 

Things I can pack away:

English Corner stuff.  We gave it up when no one came forward to help but we were first given all the materials and they are all sitting by my front door still, taking up precious space.  It will either go in the shed or go to the church to be stored.

Kids clothes.  I have one bin of Jenny’s too-small clothing and one or two of Erik’s that have no business being in the house.  Out they (should) go.

Unused household items.  Like my waffle maker.  The one that was last used by my father when he was here visiting in 2005.  The one I had never used before.  Also the rice cooker (I cook my rice on the stove and it works just fine!), mini food processor and probably a dozen other small things that I imagine must be packed in the back corners of my cupboards.  I know they are in there, but I have no idea what they might be because I haven’t seen them since we moved in four years ago.

Unused books that I’m not quite willing to part with.  This one is iffy.  I don’t really want boxes of books in my shed.  But my bookcase is totally full and I really want to clear the books out that are in the open window of the dividing wall between the living room and kitchen.  Some can certainly be given away and some even thrown away – can you say 2007 Sears catalogue?  But some I know I will probably have to pack up and save.

Things that can be given away, thrown away or recycled:

The growing pile of junk in my bedroom that is destined for the thrift store.  The one I started in June.

The masses of recycling all over the house.  This part is hard and is worth explaining.  The recycling depot here is in a not so nice part of town.  During the day, they are open to take things inside and recycle.  This requires all sorts of sorting – separating different kinds of paper, cardboard, plastic and tin.  If you wait until that part is closed – around six o’clock – you can use the outside bins which do not require so much sorting.  The other downside of having to go inside is that I nearly always have my children with me during the day.  I will not leave them in the vehicle while I stand inside sorting things.  It’s illegal.  And I don’t feel like having my children taken from me because I was sorting recyclables.  So, the answer is to go at night by myself.   The trouble with that is that now it’s dark at six o’clock.  The last time I dropped things off at night during the winter I was totally creeped out the whole time I was there.  So, there lies the reason that I have so much recycling lying around.  We’re talking two full small blue bins, two full diaper boxes of paper and cardboard, three full garbage bags of plastics and tin and one large blue bin full of the same.  It’s pretty bad.

Things that can be moved:

The nightstand sitting in the living room.  It should probably go into our bedroom, even though there is no room for it by the bed.  I don’t mind our bedroom being crowded as we mostly just sleep there and don’t generally invite our friends over to hang out there.  However, I greatly mind our living room being stuffed full of furniture. 

The masses of paperwork, books, craft supplies and goodness knows what else on the table by the front door, the dining room table, the kitchen counter and my desk.  It might not  all be destined for the garbage, but it does need to find a better home.

So, that’s about it.  I’m quite sure there’s more, but my mind is cluttered now and I can’t think of anything else.  There goes the peaceful feeling.

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The rut strikes again

Yes, that’s right.  I’m in a rut.  If I made a list of all the things that need doing around the house, it would be pretty long.  Wait, why don’t I just do that?  Then you can either feel sorry for me or you can think terrible things about my housekeeping skills.  Whichever you like, really.

Kitchen – desk needs de-cluttering, floor needs sweeping and mopping, recycling needs to be taken out, counters need cleaning and organizing, fridge could use cleaning pretty badly, plus a few other small jobs here and there

Living room – de-cluttering, more recycling to go out (we have a huge bag that wouldn’t fit in the kitchen anymore sitting by the front door), fortunately not much else; it’s my cleanest room

Bathroom – shower and tub need a really good scrub, floor needs cleaning

Master bedroom – needs a total cleanup and de-cluttering, vacuuming, sorting clothes, etc.

Kids room – also needs total cleanup and de-cluttering, shelves need to be put up (still), top bunk needs to be cleared and set up for sleeping

Laundry room – top to bottom cleaning and clearing out needed…it’s really bad.  I just try to keep a path to the backdoor visible.

If I really started looking, there would probably be more jobs to do, but this is pretty thorough as it is.  I also have lots of excuses and really, I think most people would be okay with me using them.  Let me describe my summer to you:

June: pregnancy, bad cough/cold, Erik’s birth, cough lasts at least a week after Erik is born.

July: cold is gone for a short time, trying to get used to three kids and get into a good routine, hit with series of breast infections and then the flu.

August: first week is ridiculously hot, so housework feels impossible, weather cools down and I promptly get a nasty cold that has now turned into a sinus infection.

Add to this the fact that we’re taking a trip south next week so I feel that leaving the house in this state would be awful and the pressure is just mounting!  Also, Mike started working Saturdays in July and Sundays are usually spent with his family, so I have had hardly any time with him at home when he could actually help me with a few of these projects (I can’t put up those shelves by myself, which means I can’t clear off the kids’ top bunk and de-clutter their room).

I do have a cunning plan for the kids room, though.  I’m going to pack up nearly every toy they own.  I will leave a few favourites and some books (like less than ten of each), but everything else is going in a big box for awhile.  I suppose after awhile, I’ll switch out the ones that are out, but the main reason I’m doing this is because my kids seem to be trashing their room because they are so bored with too many toys.  It feels like any time I clean everything up, they just throw it all around the room again.  Elias has decided that his favourite thing to do to a clean room is to throw all of the books onto the floor from the bookcase.  These books then get spread around, creating the first top-layer of stuff over the floor, followed by stuffed animals, dolls, Little People, parts of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, blocks, and various other small toys.  It gets old.  They’ve now gotten so tired of it that Jenny is climbing on top of the bunk to see what she can find there.  A few days ago, I went in to get them and found that she had thrown a whole file of literature and newsletters onto the floor from a box on top of the bed.  So obviously, those need to go right away.  Also, if she’s ready to sleep on the top bunk, she needs to have it cleared off.  I thought it was a great idea – using the top bunk for storage.  But now I’m dreading going through everything and organizing.

It all comes down to the same thing – I really hate cleaning.  So if I can watch movies, read books, sleep, bake, etc. I will instead of cleaning.

Same old thing, I know, and more complaining.  My apologies.  I’ll try to get better. 😉


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“Overwhelmed” doesn’t even begin to describe it…

I am so tired.  I have been sick since before Erik was born and my kids have been sick off and on since then, too.  Erik was safe for awhile, but caught the cold as well around the ninth or tenth day after he was born.  I haven’t been eating well, either, due to a stand still in the kitchen brought on by extreme exhaustion and laziness.  Most of my nights recently have been spent with Erik sleeping next to me or in my arms because he won’t sleep otherwise.  I’m too tired to stay awake long enough to get him to sleep, so he stays with me instead.  I could lie down right now and be out in about a minute, I would guess. 

As for my house (since I’m back to being a messy housewife and not a pregnant one anymore) – it’s a wreck.  I mention this to people and they tell me to let it go, get my rest instead of letting it bother me, it will still be there when I’m better, and so on.  This is a very nice thing to hear, but if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, aside from Mike emptying the dishes and taking out the garbage.  The kitchen floor will not be swept or mopped unless I do it, the laundry will not be done unless I do it, etc. etc.  Today, in my stupor (that’s really how tired I feel..seriously), I emptied the dishes and swept the floor in the kitchen.  I want to mop (well, okay, I need to mop..I never want to clean anything) but the best time to do it is when the kids are napping, and as soon as they are in bed today, I’m going to bed.  If I don’t have a nap today, I might not make it through the evening without having a nervous breakdown.

The good news/bad news is that tomorrow is Canada Day.  Good news because Mike has the day off and because I will probably have opportunity to nap even when the kids are awake.  Bad news because just like weekends, the house will probably just get worse tomorrow.

Bah.  I could sleep sitting here at the computer.  I think I’d better lie down or something. 

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