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Sweet cold air and bright blue sky.

Today is the kind of day that helps me to remember why I fell in love with the north.  The sky is a vibrant blue without a cloud in sight, the trees are frosty, the ground is covered in white, and the air is icy cold and fresh.  Yes, it is -27°C outside, but it is absolutely lovely.  There must have been many days like this during the three months I spent on outreach in ’02/’03 – here and farther north, all the way to eight miles inside the arctic circle – because it was then that I knew I wanted to come back and never leave.  Fort St. John is temporary, although we could still be here for ten years for all we know, as it is Whitehorse that really calls to us.  And from there, who knows – maybe we’ll end up back in the far reaches of North America where you can experience the midnight sun in summer and temperatures below -40° regularly during the winter.  That part is all up to God, but for now, I need to remember to look around me and appreciate the beauty we have right here.


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